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Force Powers

Danger Sense Towards Another

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Force Power: Danger Sense Towards Another
Sense Difficulty: Moderate or attacker’s control roll. Modified by proximity and relationship.
Required Powers: Danger sense, life detection, magnify senses, shift sense, sense surroundings
Time to Use: This power can be kept up.
Effect: This power works precisely like danger sense but is aimed towards sensing danger towards someone near the Jedi. The Jedi extends their senses around himself to a greater degree – out to 10 meters – encompassing the other individual, creating an early warning system for the other individual as long as the power remains in effect.

When this power is used, the Jedi detects any attack towards the other individual the round before they are made. This allows the Jedi a round to decide how to react to the danger towards the other individual.

In game terms, if a character plans to attack the other individual on the next round, she must declare her action the round before. Attacking characters with Force skills may roll their control skill to increase the difficulty of using this power.

A Jedi can use this power to protect more than one target, provided the targets are within 10 meters of the Jedi. The GM must add +5 to the sense difficulty for each additional target after the first.

Background: Similar to the Danger Sense ability, Danger Sense Towards Another allows a Jedi to direct the ability towards someone nearby.

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