Force Repair

Force Power: Force Repair

Control Difficulty: Easy for wounded characters, Moderate for incapacitated characters, Difficult for mortally wounded characters.

Alter Difficulty: Moderate

Required powers: Telekinesis, concentration

Time to Use: Special

Effect: This is a very rare power only available to an extremely small group of Force sensitive individuals of the Shard species. The Shards, being a silicone based-life form in a crystalline form, have a unique and curious connection to the Force to match their unique and curious existence. Because Shards live most of their lives within droid-like bodies, they have an insight to these bodies not available to any engineer in the universe. Through their connection to the Force, they are even able to reach out and make subtle changes to the state of their droid housing, even allowing the damaged droid body to heal. In game terms, when damaged, the Shard may spend time in dedicated concentration to make natural healing rolls for damage done to the droid body.

Once the power is successfully activated, the gamemaster should consult the charts and guidelines on the natural healing chart. However, instead of the resting prescribed by page 98, the Shard must spend its time in dedicated meditation, slowly using the Force to mend the broken connections within its body. Further, instead of rolling the droid body’s Strength attribute, the Shard must use its control roll to see if it successfully heals.

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