Control Difficulty: Very Easy for loose bonds; Easy for hand binder; Moderate for serious restraints; Difficult to Heroic for maximum
security (varies at gamemaster’s discretion, depending on security measures)

Required Powers: Concentration, control pain, enhance attribute

Effect: The character may escape bonds by contorting in painful and difficult (but still physically possible) ways. By stretching, twisting, and dislocating joints a Jedi can escape almost any physical restraining device. While this is indeed a painful procedure, Jedi are trained to block out the pain and focus on the task at hand.

Background: Contort/Escape was a Force power that allowed a Force user to escape from binders and other restraints by contorting the body in physically possible but painful ways, using the Force to suppress the painful effects of the procedure. One example was to dislocate both the thumb and pinky finger to reduce the width of a hand to slip out of binders; a trained Jedi could use the Force to withstand the pain and negate damage to muscles and ligaments.

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