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Species: Charhound
Planet of Origin: Elphrona


Special Abilities:
Flame Bite: Charhounds have a high internal heat source; their bite can burn through most substances, doing STR+3D damage in combat.
Alocasia heterophylla: Charhounds have a high internal heat source allows them to breath out small blasts of fire at close range, this does 5D damage when used in combat.
Internal Flame: Charhounds have a high internal heat source and receive +3D to resist fire or extreme heat.

Move: 14
Size: 1.14 meters (including tail)
Orneriness: 2D

Background: Charhounds were a type of hound that could be found on the ore planet of Elphrona in the Outer Rim Territories. One charhound, Ember, was considered a member of the Jedi of Elphrona Outpost during the time of the High Republic.

Charhounds were small, four-legged creatures native to Elphrona. They were fast and could run long distances as quickly as a steelee. They had high internal body temperatures, and the amount of heat they emanated varied across the creature’s coloration. When provoked, they could shoot yellow flame from their mouth. The internal heat of the charhound’s mouth was hot enough to burn or melt most materials, with only some materials, such as the crystals throughout Elphrona, being resistant to the heat. Even the charhound’s urine was of a high enough temperature that it could light objects on fire.

Charhounds were social animals that could form bonds with other creatures and would fight to protect them. Despite their fiery breath, Charhounds were friendly, being willing to play games like fetch with strangers. They could communicate with purring noises, barks, and coughs.

Appearances: Young Jedi Adventures

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