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 LS-757, or L-S-Seven-Five-Seven, was a male Imperial stormtrooper who was stationed in Sector 5-1-5 on the planet Lothal during the Rebel Alliance’s attack on Lothal. He survived the assault on the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera and served Thrawn as one of his Night Toopers on Peridea before being bested by Ezra Bridger moments before the return trip home.

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Lothal City

Capital City, also known as Lothal City, was the main population center and capital of Lothal, a planet in economic disrepair that had invited the Galactic Empire in return for prosperity and security. During the Imperial Era, Capital City became the center of Imperial power on Lothal and housed the Imperial Command Center and the Academy for Young Imperials. Despite the Imperial presence, various rebel and criminal groups such as the Spectres rebel cell, the Lothal resistance group, and the Gray Syndicate also operated in Capital City.

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