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Canyon Krayt Dragon

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Species: Canyon Krayt Dragon
Planet of Origin: Tatooine


Special Abilities:
Claws: 8D damage

Teeth: 15D damage

Motion Tracking: The Krayt Dragon tracks its prey by detecting motion. The dragon receives +1D to Perception to detect targets that are moving. Characters that make a successful Difficult sneak roll can stand still enough to fool the Krayt Dragon.

Move: 15
Size: 10 meters tall, 15 – 30 meters long

Background: The Canyon Krayt Dragon was the smaller and more common species of Krayt Dragon, a predatory reptile from Tatooine. As its named suggested, it dwelled in rock caves and canyons. Canyon Krayt Dragons had brown skin and yellow eyes, and their head was covered with a multitude of horns. One such beast had taken up residence in the Laguna Caves by the time of the Invasion of Naboo. As a young boy, Luke Skywalker once fell into the lair of a Canyon Krayt Dragon in one of his daring outings.

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