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Species: Brith
Planet of Origin: Dantooine


Special Abilities:
Slamming: Brith can slam against an opponent, doing STR+2D damage.

Move: 8 (flying)
Size: 1-3 meters wingspan
Orneriness: 1D

Background: The brith were a species of large, flying creatures that were indigenous to the grassy Outer Rim world of Dantooine. Their fin-like wings gave them the appearance of swimming through the air. The brith were similar in both appearance and behavior to the Felucian flying manta and, to a lesser extent, the thrantas of Alderaan.

Brith were characterized by their large pectoral fins and the twin lobes that projected anteriorly on either side of their broad head. They had smooth skin, a broad, rectangular terminal mouth located at the front of the head, and a thin tail. Their two eyes were located laterally, while their gills were located ventrally. Their coloration was green on the dorsal side with purple margins, and mostly white on the ventral side.

The Royal Family on Plazir-15 were known to keep Brith as pets.

Appearances: The Mandalorian

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