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B’omarr Monks

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Type: Modified Arakyd Industries BT-16 Perimeter Droid
Degree: Fourth-degree Droid
Class: Security Droid
Sensor Color: Black
Plating Color: Black
Gender: None
Personality Module: Complex


Equipped With:
• Arakyd vocabulator
• Imperial standard comlink
• Sensor package
• Carbanti motion sensor
• Fabritech seismic sensor
• Six leg locomotion
• TranLang I Communication module
• Video sensor
• Brain jars (B’omarr version only)

Move: 8
Size: Medium
Cost: 4,100 credits

Background: The BT-16 perimeter droid, also known as the VT-16, was a bulbous, spider-like droid manufactured by Arakyd Industries. The BT-16 came equipped with highly sensitive sensor packages, including a Fabritech seismic reader and a Carbanti motion detector. It was armed with a Taim & Bak repeating blaster cannon. The droid also featured a TranLang I Communication module and a vocabulator, though it was only able to speak droid languages.

The B’omarr Order, which consisted of B’omarr monks, was a religious order that believed in isolating themselves from all physical sensation to enhance the power of their minds. To that aim, enlightened monks had their brains transplanted into nutrient-filled jars. Whenever they wanted to move, those bottled-brains used spider-like droid walkers. Older monks using four-legged walkers, while more recent ones using a six-legged variant.

The order possessed multiple regeneration gems, which at the time of Jabba the Hutt were stored underground behind triple doors.

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