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Type: Herd animal
Planet of Origin: Tatooine


Special Abilities:
Horns: STR-1D damage
Trample: STR damage

Move: 5
Size: 2-3 meters at the shoulder
Orneriness: 2D

Background: Banthas were a species of large, hairy mammals with sharp, spiraling horns. They inhabited the desert planet Tatooine, though they were bred on many worlds throughout the galaxy. They were social herd animals, and were often domesticated, and used prominently, by Tusken Raiders as mounts and companionship—though they never killed them for their food or hide, a use utilized by many other species for products such as bantha steak, butter, clothes, or furniture.

Banthas were easily domesticated, and were bred on many worlds throughout the galaxy. They were widely used as mounts. Their milk, which was distinctively blue, was drunk plain as well as being used in yogurt, ice cream, and butter. Their meat was used for dried jerky, steak, and burgers, and their dung was used as a fuel. Bantha-blood fizz was a sparkling drink made from purified bantha blood. Bantha hide could be mashed with grains to make Ardees, also known as Jawa juice. Their hide was also tanned and turned into clothes or furniture. Young banthas were known as calves.

The Tusken Raiders of Tatooine tamed and domesticated banthas, and they shared a close, almost mystical bond. Every boy had a male bantha and every girl had a female one. When Sand People married, their banthas also mated, and, should its rider die, their bantha usually perished shortly after. If a bantha died before its rider, its remains were placed in a large graveyard, which was treated with great respect by Tuskens and other banthas. Tuskens never harmed or ate banthas, though they rode the creatures into battle. In Tusken, the B’Thazoshe Bridge was named after banthas; “B’Thazoshe” translated to “bantha horn turned to stone” in Basic.

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