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Arro Basteren

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Name: Arro Basteren
Type: Rebel Alliance Marine
Species: Human
Homeworld: Ertegas
Gender: Male
Died: 0 BBY (1000 GC)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin: Light

Blaster: 3D+1
Brawling Parry: 3D
Dodge: 3D
Grenade: 3D+1
Melee Combat: 4D
Melee Combat: Zero G 5D+2
Melee Parry: 3D+2
Missile Weapon: 4D
Vehicle Blasters: 3D+2

Agriculture: 5D
Tactics: 3D+1
Willpower: 5D

Beast Riding: 3D
Capital Ship Gunnery: 2D+1
Energize Power Cells: 4D
Jet Pack Operation: 3D+1
Powersuit Operation: 3D+2
Starship Gunnery: 3D

Command: 3D+2
Hide: 4D
Search: 3D+1
Sneak: 4D

Brawling: 3D+2
Climbing/Jumping: 3D
Stamina: 3D
Swimming: 3D

Capital Ship Repair: 3D
First Aid: 3D
Security: 3D
Space Transports Repair: 3D

Special Abilities:

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 8
Move: 10

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (4D), A-300 blaster rifle (5D), 2 grenades (5D), Blast Helmet (+1 energy, +1D physical), Vest, Blast Helmet, Camouflage Poncho (+1D to Sneak), Q4-E quadnoculars, Space suit (+1D physical, +2 energy), vibroknife (STR+1D)

Background: Arro Basteren was a human male soldier who grew up on the planet Ertegas and joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic in their fight against the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. He became a member of the Marine Corps of the Rebel Alliance Special Forces and was a private, primarily serving as spotter to the sniper Serchill Rostok. Basteren was one of several soldiers recommended by General Davits Draven for possessing the fearlessness and self-awareness and considered by the general for a potential mission to raid the headquarters of Saw Gerrera’s Partisans on Jedha. Later, he and his fellow soldiers volunteered for an unsanctioned mission to steal the Death Star’s plans from the Citadel Tower on the planet Scarif in 0 BBY. Basteren perished in the battle that followed, helping to ensure that the plans were transmitted to the Alliance Fleet.

Appearances: Rogue One

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