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All Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP)

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Craft: Rothana Heavy Engineering All Terrain Attack Pod
Type: Tripod walker
Scale: Walker
Length: 10.97 meters tall
Skill: Walker operation: AT-AP
Crew: 2, gunners: 1
Cargo Capacity: 200 kilograms
Cover: Full, 1/2 to top blaster gunner
Cost: Not available for sale
Maneuverability: 1D
Move: 21; 60 kmh
Body Strength: 6D

Heavy Projectile Launcher (50 shells carried)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Vehicle blasters
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 200-800/1.8/3.5 Km
Damage: 6D

Game Note: If fired while moving, driver must make a Very Difficult walker operation check and gunner’s difficulty is doubled. To avoid this, the walker must be stationary and extend its third leg. Extending and retracting the third leg are free actions that take one round.

Heavy Blaster Cannon
Fire Arc: Turret
Scale: Speeder
Crew: 1 (0D fire control and front arc only if fired by pilot)
Skill: Vehicle blasters
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50-300/500/1 Km
Damage: 5D

Medium Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Front/left/right turret
Skill: Vehicle blasters
Fire Control: 3D
Range: 75-400/750/1.5 Km
Damage: 3D

Background: The All Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP), also referred to as the AT-AP self-propelled artillery walker and nicknamed the “sniper tank,” was a tripedal pod walker used for long-range artillery strikes by the Grand Army of the Republic during the latter part of the Clone Wars. During the Galactic Civil War, they were used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire.

The All Terrain Attack Pod, also referred to as the AT-AP self-propelled artillery walker or AT-AP, was a small tripedal walker manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards and was developed from the AT-PT and the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer. The AT-AP had an angular hull that was situated above two multi-jointed legs and had a smaller, retractable third leg that was mounted in front of the two main legs, and was deployed to steady the vehicle when moving over rough terrain and to brace for the recoil when it fired its primary weapon. The AT-AP, as such, was well balanced and was no more vulnerable to stability issues than other bipedal walkers, despite its appearance. The AT-AP’s profile was stated to resemble that of the forward hull section of an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.

The AT-AP’s primary weapon was a powerful long-range heavy mass-driver cannon that was located in the forward hull. The cannon launched a solid durasteel penetrator at hypersonic speeds over extreme distances, and was able to strike targets beyond visual range with proper targeting data. In order to keep the cannon accurate and precise, the AT-AP was equipped with a sophisticated targeting and data-relay suite that worked in conjunction with integrated recoil compensation and gyrostabilization systems. Because of its deadly accuracy displayed during the Clone Wars, it was nicknamed the “Sniper Tank” by its users.

In addition to the mass-driver cannon, the AT-AP was equipped with a heavy laser cannon situated in an open-topped dorsal-mounted turret that served in a short-range anti-vehicle capacity and was manned by a gunner, and an underbelly heavy repeating blaster for protection against infantry forces. The AT-AP was operated by a total crew of three, including one pilot and two gunners. The Rebel Alliance modified their AT-APs significantly, including the removal of the ventral heavy repeating blaster. The Rebel Alliance utilized Enhanced AT-AP Walkers, which were equipped with more advanced systems and appeared different to the standard model.

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