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Species: Aleena
Home Planet: Aleen

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Nimble: Aleena are quite adept at avoiding danger in combat when they see it coming. They can choose to reroll any dodge check, but the result must be accepted, even if it’s worse.
Quick Energy: Once per encounter, an Aleena can gain a temporary boost to quickness and reflexes. When this ability is accessed the Aleena gains a +1D bonus to Dexterity-based skills and his Move score is increased by 2. The energy lasts for a number of rounds equal to the amount of Strength dice. When the energy is expended, the Aleena suffers a *1 penalty to all actions ntil he rests for 10 minutes.

Move: 6/8
Size: 0.8 meters tall on average

Background: A small reptilian species best known as galactic travelers. Their inborn curiosity coupled with strong dedication to family inspires them to tour most any part of the galaxy together. Aleena families show up even in the most unusual or dangerous locales, just to see the sights. However, although “galactic tourist” might be the Aleena stereotype, they also engage the galaxy in more civic ways. In the Republic, Aleena served in the Galactic Senate and as Jedi Knights and Masters. Squads of Aleen a scouts even helped to defend Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. In the Empire, the species has not garnered any special attention.

Aleena are quick and agile. Their metabolism allows them to burn a lot of energy in a short amount of time, giving them a significant boost to their speed and reflexes. Some Aleena use these natural skills as Podracers and pilots.

Aleena are adventurous and courageous. They have a great curiosity, which inspires them to travel extensively. They are quick in spirit as well as in body, and they do not let the fact that they are one of the smaller species in the galaxy inhibit or intimidate them.

An Aleena is a short, reptilian biped that has large eyes and a wide mouth with small, sharp teeth. Its head tapers back from a wide face. Aleena have long bodies in comparison to their short arms and stubby legs. They are typically blue-gray in color.

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