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Species: Aggrocrabs
Planet of Origin: Unknown


Search 6D
Climbing/jumping 8D
Swimming 8D

Special Abilities:
Shell: Adds +1D to resist damage from energy and +2D to resist damage from physical attacks.
Bite: Does STR+2 damage.
Claws: Do STR+1D+2 damage.
Exceptional Reflexes: These Crab Creatures gain a +1D bonus to all Perception rolls made to determine initiative.
Pod Creatures: These Crab Creatures normally roam in pods of 5-12.

Move: 12
Size: 3 meters long

Background: Aggrocrab was a species that lived in the jungle, beaches, and waters of the tropical planet Aynaboni. They had a blaster-resistant shell covered in spikes and large pincers. Many of them were encountered by Clone Force 99 in 19 BBY during a mission to acquire a large crate.

Appearances: The Bad Batch

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