Name: Aganof
Homeworld: Kuras III

Attribute Dice: 11D

Special Skills:
Vibration Detection: Aganof use this skill to detect ground vibrations and determine the proximity of creatures and beings around them. The difficulty depends on the distance and type of vibration: They can also detect air vibrations, such as temperature change and movement, and thus can sometimes detect approaching flying creatures, or even sense incoming projectiles and dodge them. Aganof also use their hard shells and this skill for “speech” through ground vibrations, as naturally as humans use their mouths and sense of hearing for speech.

Special Abilities:
Blind and Deaf: Aganof cannot see in the way that humans can; they also cannot hear in the traditional sense, but they can detect intense air vibrations. Their prime external sense is touch and a sensitivity to ground vibrations. By judging the intensity and frequency of vibrations, in combination with the type of surface they are standing on, they can detect creatures near them.

Claws: Aganof can use their claws to inflict STR+1D+2 damage.

Move: 4/6
Size: 1.3-2.5 meters tall, 1.5-3.5 meters long

Background: Aganof were non-humanoid sentients native to the underground caves of Kuras III in Elrood sector. They had long bodies that moved low to the ground on rows of small “legs”. Their dorsal side was lined with heat-dissipating flaps and olfactory stalks. Beneath each flap was a small mouth that caught tiny creatures attracted to the flap’s heat. Each end of the Aganof body ended in a jointed limb tipped with a sharp claw. Blind and deaf, Aganof relied on vibrations and scents for communication.

Aganof were hermaphroditic: all Agonof could lay fertilized eggs in the spawning caves. While highly intellectual and philosophical, they knew little of the galaxy beyond their caves, and had little in the way of contact with the surface-dwelling Pulras and Hairy Savages.

They considered infectious moss a delicacy, and there was the possibility that an infected humanoid could persuade the Aganof to eat the moss off their bodies.

Distance from VibrationModifier
0-2 meters0
3-10 meters+5 to difficulty
11-30 meters+10 to difficulty
31+ meters+15 or more to difficulty
Strength of VibrationDifficulty
Light vibration (as made by a small creature)Difficult
Moderate vibration (as made by a creature 20-100 kilograms)Easy
Heavy vibration (such as made by a much larger creature)Very Easy
Soil TypeModifier
Loose soil, easily carriers vibration-5 or more
Packed soil, material that absorbs vibration0
Soils or materials absorbing virtually all vibration+5 or more

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