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AB-75 Bo-Rifle

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Model: Lasan-Malamut Firearms Corporation AB-75 Bo-Rifle
Type: Melee weapon/blaster pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee; Blaster
Ammo: NA; 50 (power packs: 25)
Cost: 900 credits
Availability: R
Fire Rate: 1
Difficulty: Moderate; by range
Range: Melee; 3-30/120/350
Damage: STR+2D Stun; 4D+1

Background: The AB-75 bo-rifle was a model of bo-rifle manufactured by the Lasan-Malamut Firearms Corporation. Bo rifles had a long tradition in the Lasat culture and were used exclusively by the Lasan High Honor Guard. Since the destruction of Lasan by the Empire, bo-rifles were rarely seen anywhere in the galaxy. The rebel Garazeb Orrelios wielded a bo-rifle. They strongly resembled electrostaffs when in their extended state. ISB Agent Alexsandr Kallus used a similar J-19 bo-rifle, which he was given by a defeated foe during the Siege of Lasan.

The AB-75 bo-rifle was a multi-purpose weapon that weighed 19 kilograms and cost 900 credits.

Appearances: Rebels

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