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The Eras of Play

The Star Wars Roleplaying Game supports adventures and campaigns set in many different eras.

Era Modifiers

Technology advances a lot over a thousand years. While a blaster has been a blaster as far back as anyone can remember, the shields used to deflect it and the armor used to absorb it have advanced considerably over the 25,000 years of known galactic history.

For this reason, an optional rule exists to reflect the difference in build strength and technological development between different time periods. When comparing two technological values from items of differing eras – say, a starfighter’s blaster and a ship’s hull, or a lightsaber blade and a suit of armor – refer to the following chart and subtract the difference between the two eras’ die codes from the older item’s roll.

EraDifferenceCost Multiplier
Dawn of the Jedi (37,000-25,000 BBY)-3D-1x100
Early Republic (25,000-5,000 BBY)-3Dx50
Tales of the Jedi (5,000-4,000 BBY)-2D+2x30
Jedi Civil War (4,000-3,956 BBY)-2D+1x11
Great Galactic War (3,956-3,653 BBY)-2Dx10
Middle Republic (3,653-1,000 BBY)-1D+2x8
The High Republic (1,000-22 BBY)-1D+1x2
Clone Wars (22-19 BBY)-1Dx1.5
Empire (19-5 BBY)-0D+2x1.2
Pre-Rebellion (5-0 BBY)-0D+1x1.1
Rebellion (0-5 ABY) 0Dx1
New Republic (5-30 ABY) +0D+1x0.9
Resistance (28-35 ABY) +0D+2 x0.8
Rise of the First Order (33-35 ABY) +0D+2 x0.8
New Jedi Order (35-? ABY) +0D+2x0.8

For example, Eran is flying a Rebellion era YT-850 freighter (0D) against a vintage Clone War era ARC-170 fighter (-1D). If the ARC-170 were to fire its laser cannon at the YT-850, the older ship would subtract 1D from its laser’s damage roll against the YT’s newer hull, to represent the relative difference in armor strength. Consequently, were the YT to return fire, the ARC-170 would be at a -1D penalty for its Hull strength roll against the newer ship’s lasers. However, neither ship would be at a penalty when rolling their piloting skill and adding their ship’s Maneuver dice, as the rolls are not directly against one another.

Note that Era Modifiers are NOT applied when a living being’s Strength rolls are involved. As there is little to no advancement in the biology of a being from era to era, a blaster bolt is just as damaging to living tissue regardless of which era it was made in. Era Modifiers are used only to represent differences in manufacturing and technology relative to each other.

Cost Modifiers

Similar to technology differences from century to century, the previous table also lists a price modifier for each era. As with the previous codes, the difference in the price modifiers is applied to an item from a previous era being sold in the current era. This multiplier represents the rarity, collectibility, and scarcity of such items.

For each item, apply the difference in cost modifiers to the object’s base cost, and multiply against the item’s Availability code. The rarer the object in its own time, the more expensive it will be down the line…

For example, Ryloh is attempting to sell a Clone War era Delta-7 Aethersprite fighter to the local resistance to make some quick credits. In her time, the Aethersprite had a cost of 145,000 credits used. During the Rebellion era, Ryloh should be able to get 1.5 times that price, or 217,500 credits, from the right collector.

Note that the multiplier is NOT allied to an item which is naturally occurring and has no appreciable difference in value to a collector. For example, a cylinder of Tibanna gas is the same in every era, and even being 25,000 years old, has virtually no value difference to a prospective buyer. It will merely end up in the same place as every other canister – a blaster pack. As the saying goes, “no one pays a premium for old Tibanna.”

Decay Modifiers

Separate from the Era Modifiers representing relative technological improvement over time, sometimes you will need to reflect the simple effects of aging on an object – be it a blaster or a starship.

To show the effect neglect and decay have had on an object, consult the following chart and roll the listed damage a number of times consistent with the object’s location and the duration of its stay. This represents the damage to various components that may occur over time – the damage, if it occurs at all, might heavily impact just one system, or be spread out over multiple systems.

Roll Damage For

VacuumEvery 1,000 years
Light environment (orbit)Every 500 years
Moderate environment (atmosphere)Every 100 years
Dense environment (high gravity)Every 50 days

Amount of Damage

Trace gases2D+2
Standard atmosphere3D
Heavy atmosphere/fluid4D
Corrosive atmosphere/particulate (blowing sand/ice, asteroids)*5D
Heavy gravitic/tectonic stresses *6D
These conditions roll a minimum of once, at -1D, as long as the
object has been sitting for at least a year.

For example, Kon, a pirate in the Rebellion era, has run across a derelict Defender-class transport in deep space. Floating abandoned on the edge of a nebula, the ancient transport looks almost intact… What condition might it be in after all these years? Kon’s player consults the chart and determines that the Defender is 3,600 years old, and has been floating in a near-vacuum with trace gases. Accordingly, he rolls the 2D+2 damage for atmospheric conditions, three separate times (once for each 1,000 years of decay).

Around the same time, Blick discovers an aging Clone War era Jedi Interceptor fighter abandoned in the deserts of Tatooine, near the Jundland Wastes. It looks as though someone tried to cover the vintage vessel with disguise netting, but the harsh winds and desert heat have worn away the cover. Blick’s player consults the chart, and finds that, although the ship has not been sitting long enough in a standard atmosphere to warrant a damage roll (every 100 years), the fact that the atmosphere is corrosive and/or particulate-filled (the desert sands of Tatooine are notorious for damaging vehicles), he rolls the minimum damage of 4D (5D-1D).

Eras of Play

This is a timeline of galactic history—a chronological record of events relevant to the galaxy. This timeline uses the three galactic standard calendar dates, which are expressed in terms of years before (BBY) and after (ABY) the Battle of Yavin, before (BGC) and after (CG) the Galactic Calander, and the Coruscant Reckoning Calendar (CRC).

Dawn of the Jedi (37,000-25,000 BBY) The Pre-Republic Era, also known as the Early Hyperspace Age, was the period before the formation of the Galactic Republic. It included the formation and evolution of all the species of the galaxy, the dawn of their civilizations and their first developments in space travel, and ended in approximately 25,053 BBY, when the Republic was founded. This period saw the first Jedi appear in the galaxy.

Early Republic (25,000-5000 BBY). The Early Republic was a time of Expansion in the galaxy as the Republic grew from the beyond the Core Worlds and into the Mid Rim.

Tales of the Jedi (5,000-4,000 BBY) The time of the Great Hyperspace War and the first encounter with the Sith.

Jedi Civil War (4,000-3956 BBY) The Jedi Civil War, also known as the Second Sith War, the Old Republic Insurrection, the Malak War, and by the Mandalorians as the War of the Star Forge, was a devastating conflict that began when the Jedi Knight Revan, who had led the forces of the Galactic Republic to victory in the Mandalorian Wars, founded his own Sith Empire and declared himself the Dark Lord of the Sith. This is the era of the Knights of the Old Republic.

The Great Galactic War (3956-3653 BBY) The Great Galactic War, known as the Great War during the conflict and in the years afterward, was a war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic lasting for a total of 28 years.

Middle Republic (3653-1000 BBY) The great exploration of the galaxy as hyperspace lanes are charted to the far reaches of the galaxy and the Outer Rim is beginning to be explored and the first exchange with the Hutts and the Republic. This era of democracy would introduce a many new species to the Republic and eventually lead to a new formation of government in 1000 BBY (0 Galactic Calendar).

Galactic Republic (1000-22 BBY / 0-978 GC) From the formation of the Republic to the Clone Wars this is the peak era for the Jedi Order. Take a step into the past set two hundred years before the events of the Skywalker saga and eight hundred years after the fall of the “Old Republic”. Following the introduction of a new form of healing called Bacta, the Republic seeks to expand it’s reach into the Outer Rim. This opens the door to new threats and the Great Disaster, when a ship was destroyed while in hyperspace, resulting in pieces of it threatening to destroy an entire system and Jedi rushing to save billions of lives. The events of this era surround the opening of Beacon Space Stations that provide communication from the Core to the Outer Rim and allow the Republic to police the Outer Rim.

Clone Wars (22-19 BBY / 978-981 GC) You can set your campaign in the time of the prequel movies (Episodes I-III) and the TV Series The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch take place. Also known as the Rise of the Empire era, this is a period when the Republic’s power is waning, war grips the galaxy, and the Jedi Council still holds sway over ten thousand Jedi Knights. This time period predates the Empire but includes the tumultuous Clone Wars.

Imperial (19-5 BBY / 981-995 GC). Or, you can go forward in time to the classic period of galactic civil war and play in the Rebellion era, when the power of the Empire is supreme and those capable of using the Force are few and far between. This is the time that the series Rebels, Solo, Rogue One, and the classic Star Wars films (Episodes IV-VI) took place.

Pre-Rebellion (5-0 BBY / 995-1000 GC) The beginning of the end for the Empire as the galaxy begins to resist against the might of the Imperial Fleet and Army. Small insurrections begin and Planets push out Imperial Forces. Rebel cells begin to organize and fight back.

Rebellion (0-5 ABY / 1000-1005 GC) The Galactic Civil War begins with the Battle of Yavin IV and the destruction of the first Death Star. This is the classic era of Star Wars that includes A New Hope, Rogue One, Rebels, The Empire Strikes Back, Shadows of the Empire, and Return of the Jedi.

New Republic Era (5-30 ABY / 1005-1030 GC) Step into the Era of the New Republic as the galaxy begins to heal after the fall of the Empire. Explore the post-Endor lives of your Star Wars heroes. Live the thrills and triumphs that took place surrounding the Mandalorian Din Djarin, or delve into the political tumult that is the New Republic itself. Luke Skywalker attempts to reform the Jedi Order but ultimately fails as Ben Solo gives into the Dark Side and becomes Kylo Ren. He will destroy the Jedi Temple and kill off most of the new Jedi before joining the First Order.

Resistance (28-33 ABY / 1028-1033 GC) The Remnant of the Empire is stirring and the New Republic is blind to the threat. Led by Leia Organa the Resistance is made up of brave soldiers and pilots who understand the threat that is coming. Underfunded and against all odds they will keep an eye on the looming threat coming from the future.

Rise of the First Order (33-35 ABY / 1033-1035 GC) Thirty four years after the Battle of Yavin is your opportunity to participate in the events surrounding the rise of the First Order. Follow the last ditch effort of the Sith to bring back the Empire. Follow Rey, Finn, and Roe as the galaxy is faced with a new threat of oppression and the eventual rebirth of the Galactic Republic. This is your opportunity to create an original story that surpasses the films of this era.

New Jedi Order (35 ABY – ?) After the events of The Rise of Skywalker in which Rey embarks reforming the Jedi Order to bring peace back to the galaxy.

Other Eras. In addition, the rules in this book can be used to support campaigns set in other eras. It is up to you to decide where and when your story takes place. This includes the Legends Era of books from the 1990s. Ignore The Force Awakens era and forge your own path in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

To help with what is going on throughout the time line of events during Star Wars here is a breakdown of events, births, deaths, and battles.

Prehistory: Eons Era – 25 Millennia BBY – 37,000 BBY (25M – 36,000 BGC)

25,000,000 – 100,000 BBY (24,999,999 – 99,000 BGC)

– Midi-chlorians are birthed from the Wellspring of Life.
– The Father, the Son, and the Daughter exist as powerful Force wielders who come to live in the ethereal realm of Mortis.
– Force-attuned kyber begin to infuse into the rock walls on the planet Ilum
– Mount Dagger erupts on Dagobah and allowd for the flourishing of non-sentient life.
– The Dathomiri build a reflex point on the planet Seatos which pointed the way to the extragalactic planet Peridea.
– A star map pointing the way to Peridea’s galaxy was also stored inside a former Nightsister stronghold on Arcana.

100,000 BBY (99,000 BGC)

– Construction of the first city levels of Coruscant begins

57,000 BBY (56,000 BGC)

– Utapau is settled by colonists who eventually evolve into the Pau’an and Utai species.
– Batuu, a planet on the edge of the Outer Rim Territories, is colonized millennia after a great cataclysm resulted in the planet’s giant trees being destroyed and eventually petrified.
– The Hyperdrive is invented after studying the hyperspace-traveling purrgil, opening up the galaxy for exploration.

Dawn of the Jedi: 37,000 – 25,000 BBY (36,000 – 24,000 BGC)

30,000 BBY (29,000 BGC)

– Devaronians, naturally adept as scouts, become active as galactic explorers from their native planet Devaron, independently developing their own hyperdrive.
– The Outer Rim planet Benetage is abandoned.

27,000 BBY (26,000 BGC)

– Felucia is colonized by Gossam Courivers
– Human civilization had developed on Empress Teta

Early Republic: 25,000-5,000 BBY (24,000 – 4,000 BGC)

Expansionist Period 25,000 – 22,000 BBY (24,000 – 21,000 BCG)

– The First Galactic Republic is formed by the Core Founders, twenty-two Core Worlds
– The Dai Bendu, the religious group that is the precursor to the Jedi Order, create the first holocrons
– The Prime Jedi founds the Jedi Order on Ahch-To
– Ilum is discovered by a Jedi scout through Force-assisted hyperspace navigation
– The First Jedi Temple and village is constructed on one of many rocky islands of Ahch-To.
– The Corellian Run is charted which helps the formation of the Corellia system.
– The Corellian Trade Spine and the Perlemian Trade Route are charted.
– Duros explorers discover and colonize the planet Neimoidia
– The planet Cato Neimoidia joins the Republic
– The Jedi destroy the comet Kinro before it collides with several planets in the the Core Worlds

Growth of the Republic 22,000 – 5000 BBY (21,000 – 4,000 BGC)

21,032 BBY (20,032 BCG)

– The Blood Monarchy is established on Thisspias

15,000 BBY (14,000 BGC)

– Rodia officially joins the Galactic Republic
– Duros subspecies on Neimoidia develop into the Neimoidians

12,000 BBY (11,000 BCG)

– Settlers from Corellia colonize a planet that becomes an Ordance/Regional Depot known as Ord Mantell
– As credited by the Jedi, The planet Ossus comes to be a Jedi cultural center
– The ice moon Mesula is shattered

11,999 – 8,000 BBY (10,999 – 7,000 BCG)

– The first Grand Zigoth of Utapau, Krynbalt Kyr, dies
– The Temple of the Kyber is constructed on the cold, desert moon of Jedha
– Hylemane Lightbringer is born
– Hylemane Lightbringer is bludgeoned to death by a chair, disproving the myth that “mortal weapons could not kill him.”
– Jedi Knights defeat the Zygerrian Slave Empire
– A group of Dark Jedi split from the Jedi Order during the schism known as the Hundred-Year Darkness, becoming the rivalling Sith. Defeated, they are exiled by the Jedi Order and flee from known space to Moraband
– Massive Sith temples and tombs are built on Moraband in a location known as the Valley of the Dark Lords
– Over time, the Sith Empire, with the use of slaves, vies for control of the galaxy. Battling the Jedi, they build gargantuan superweapons powered by kyber crystals
– Lady Shaa trains Momin, kills his Sith Master and travels the galaxy honing his craft. He and his acolytes are slain by a pair of Jedi during his destruction of a city through the use of a superweapon, although his spirit survives through his mask. His story is deemed heretical by the Sith and is suppressed
– Lady Corvax uses the artifact Bright Star in an attempt to use it in a ritual to resurrect her love on Mustafar. The planet is pushed out of orbit in the process creating a volcanic wasteland
– Radaki leaves the Jedi Order and becomes Sith Lord Darth Krall
– Darth Krall leads a Sith victory at the Battle of Wasted Years
– The Ordu Aspectu is formed. Led by Rur and related to the Massassi, the Jedi splinter group come into conflict with Jedi orthodoxy with their experiments on immortality, beginning the Entruvia Conflict
– A dating system based on the signing of the Domancion Accord is used around this time
– The Conflict is ended with a Jedi—Ordu Aspectu peace treaty. Per the treaty’s terms, Jedi inspectors arrive at the Citadel of Rur, and, believing they intend to deactivate him, an artificial intelligence made of Rur’s knowledge seizes control of the Citadel’s droids and slaughters its inhabitants. Rur sacrifices himself to deactivate the machine, hyperspace-jumping the Citadel across the galaxy in an event that became known as the Doom of the Ordu Aspectu.
– The Corsair Wars occur
– In the aftermath of the Corsair Wars, the Jedi begin to study a pre-emptive methods of dealing with threats to galactic peace
– The carbonite mines of the Empress Teta system are conquered by a group known as the Krath

7,977 BBY (6,977 BCG / 0 CRC)

– The C.R.C., also called the Hosnian Reckoning, dating system is introduced

6.000 BBY (5,000 BCG / 1977 CRC)

– Civilization on Bardotta begins when the Frangawl Cult reigned over a militant society

5,500 BBY (4,500 BGC / 2,477 CRC)

– A super-hyperroute named the Rimma Trade Route is established

Tales of the Jedi: 5,000-4,000 BBY (4,000 – 3,000 BGC / 2977 – 3977 CRC)

5,000 BBY (4,000 BGC / 2977 CRC)

– The Hyperspace War

Jedi Civil War: 4,000-3,653 BBY (3,000 – 2,653 BGC / 3977 – 4324 CRC)

4000 – 3996 BBY (3000 – 2996 BGC / 3977 – 3981 CRC)

– The Great Sith War
– Raid on the Iziz Royal Palace
– Binding Ceremony of Oron Kira and Galia
– Battle of Iziz

3700 BBY (2700 BGC / 2277 CRC)

— Ord Mantell becomes a trading post for spacers.

Great Galactic War: 3,956-3,653 BBY (2,956 – 2,653 BGC / 4021 – 4324 CRC)

3999 BBY (2999 BGC / 3978 CRC)

— Nomi Sunrider becomes Thon’s apprentice after the death of her husband Andur
— Vici Ramunee reaches the end of her training as a Padawan under Jedi Master Tannis

3998 BBY (2998 BGC / 3979 CRC)

— Funeral of Amanoa/First Battle of Onderon
— Second Battle of Onderon

3997 BBY (2997 BGC / 3980 CRC)

— Krath Holy Crusade begins
— First Battle of Iridonia
— Battle of Toprawa
— Empress Teta uprising
— Battle of Koros Major
— Conclave on Deneba
— Battle of Deneba
— Mission to Empress Teta
— First Duel in the Iron Citadel
— Second Battle of Empress Teta
— Second Duel in the Iron Citadel
— Battle of Ko Vari

3996 BBY (2996 BGC / 3981 CRC)

— Krath Holy Crusade ends
— Dark Reaper campaign
— Duel on Kuar
— Battle of Foerost
— Battle of Coruscant
— Jedi pogrom
— Duel in the Senate
— Battle of Kemplex IX
— Battle of Ossus
— Battle of the Al’Har system
— Third Battle of Onderon
— Battle of Yavin 4
— Recapture of the Empress Teta system
— Great Sith War ends

3995 BBY (2995 BGC / 3982 CRC)

— Great Hunt begins
— Cleansing of Onderon
— Cleansing of Yavin 4
— Cleansing of Tython

3994 BBY (2994 BGC / 3983 CRC)

— Carth Onasi is born on Telos IV.
—- Ulic Qel-Droma revisits Yavin 4 to learn what had happened to Exar Kun, but is unable to learn anything as to his former comrade’s fate.
—- Revan is born on an unknown planet, believed to be somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories.

3993 BBY (2993 BGC / 3984 CRC)
— Cleansing of Tatooine
— Cleansing of Kashyyyk
— Cleansing of Korriban
— Cleansing of the Nine Houses
— Great Hunt ends

3988 BBY (2988 BGC / 3989 CRC)

— The Arkanian Offshoot Edessa is born on Osadia. Wyrick believes her to be his greatest success in the New Generation Project, and her name—Edessa, or “triumph”—reflects that.
— Krynda Draay receives a Force vision that becomes known as the Prophecy of the Five. The prophecy foretells five individuals—one for the light, one for the dark, one for the dark in the light, one for the light in the dark, and one who stands alone—that will play pivotal roles in the next great conflict in which “all that has been built will fall.”

3986 BBY (2986 BGC / 3991 CRC)

— Nomi Sunrider, by now the head of the Jedi Order, calls a conclave of the Order on Exis Station. However, the conclave is interrupted when Nomi’s daughter Vima steals an ion mining vessel and is nearly killed before Tott Doneeta rescues her. Vima seeks out Ulic Qel-Droma on Rhen Var and becomes his student, studying the ways of the Force.
— The Cathar Jedi Sylvar tracks down Ulic on Rhen Var and attacks him for his crimes and the death of her master Crado during the Great Sith War. Their duel ends when Qel-Droma refuses to fight, freeing Sylvar from the grips of her rage; however, the spacer Hoggon shoots Qel-Droma moments later in hopes of gaining fame.
— Conclave on Exis Station

3985 BBY (2985 BGC / 3992 CRC)

— The Coruscant Financial Exchange Establishment act speeds the restoration of the devastated Galactic Republic by allowing corporations to invest in the government’s infrastructure in return for guaranteeing safe passage through increasingly treacherous hyperspace routes.

3984 BBY (2984 BGC / 3993 CRC)

— Darth Xedrix begins to serve on the Dark Council.

3982 BBY (2982 BGC / 3995 CRC)

— Zayne Carrick is born on Phaeda.

3980 BBY (2980 BGC / 3997 CRC)

— Vima Sunrider makes an entry in the Great Holocron regarding Ulic Qel-Droma’s redemption and death.

3978 BBY (2978 BGC / 3999 CRC)

— Mandalore the Ultimate is influenced by an agent of the Sith Empire into waging war on the Republic.

3977 BBY (2977 BGC / 4000 CRC)

— The planet Vortex is inducted into the Republic.
— Zayne Carrick is discovered by the Jedi Order and brought to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

3976 BBY (2976 BGC / 4001 CRC)

—- The Mandalorian Wars begin with the Battle of Althir.
—- A gang war erupts between the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkars, two swoop gangs on Taris.

3973 BBY (2973 BGC / 4004 CRC)

— Cassus Fett leads the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders in the Battle of Cathar—Fett’s forces wipe out over 90% of the Cathar population on their homeworld.

3970 BBY (2970 BGC / 4007 CRC)

— Mission Vao is born on an unknown planet.
— Argazda’s Provisional Governor Myrial declares the Kanz sector independent, renaming it the Argazdan Redoubt and instigating the bloody Kanz Disorders.

3969 BBY (2969 BGC / 4008 CRC)

— The First WatchCircle of the Jedi Covenant—Feln, Lucien Draay, Q’Anilia, Raana Tey, and Xamar—are assigned five Padawans: Oojoh, Zayne Carrick, Shad Jelavan, Kamlin, Gharn. The five Padawans are transferred to the Jedi Tower on Taris, where their new Jedi Masters are stationed.

3968 BBY (2968 BGC / 4009 CRC)

— The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania begins offering “genetic solutions” to Arkanian Offshoot employees.

3967 BBY (2967 BGC / 4010 CRC)

— The Jedi Knight Jelph Marrian is expelled from the Order after alienating the Jedi Council, and he joins the Jedi Covenant as a Shadow.

3966 BBY (2966 BGC / 4011 CRC)

— The planet Taris is admitted to the Republic after a number of corporations, including Lhosan Industries, successfully bribe Senators into admitting their world.
— The parents of Shad, Shay, and Shel Jelavan are killed in an accident in the Middle City of Taris.
— Galactic travelers navigate hyperspace using hyperspace sextants.
— Sith accounts describing the kyber weaponry built by Darth Tanis within the Sith temple on Malachor are made.
— Eventually, a cataclysmic event at the Battle of Malachor, later known in legends as the “Great Scourge of Malachor,”
— Jedi Knights of the Old Republic era uncover the battle station and confront the Sith. All participants are petrified by the superweapon, including a witch who led the Sith forces, although an entity known as the Presence remained in a Sith holocron within the Malachor temple. Afterwards, Jedi are forbidden from traveling to Malachor, and data on the location is removed from the Jedi Archives.

3965 BBY (2965 BGC / 4012 CRC)

— The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders first begin to combat the Republic Military as they move closer and closer to the Republic’s edge, thus beginning the “False War.”
— Mission Vao and her brother, Griff, stow away on a ship to Taris.

3964 BBY (2964 BGC / 4013 CRC)

— The Mandalorians clash with the Republic at the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line for several weeks.
— The First WatchCircle of the Jedi Covenant commits the Padawan Massacre, the murder of their five Padawans on Taris, after the Rogue Moon Prophecy foretells a dark figure who will bring destruction to the galaxy—a figure they believe is one of their Padawans. The Padawan Zayne Carrick arrives late and escapes with the con man Marn Hierogryph, but is framed for the Massacre.
— Carrick escapes from the Jedi Tower after his capture, and his escape sparks rioting and mass panic across Taris as the public loses faith in the Jedi. Mandalore the Ultimate views this as a signal to attack and takes the planet Vanquo just as the year ends.

3963 BBY (2963 BGC / 4014 CRC)

— The Mandalorians break through the Republic lines and begin the Taris Siege, and proceed to invade the Republic through three separate corridors in what becomes known as the Onslaught. One of those corridors sees the nuclear devastation of Serroco, though the Mandalorians’ offensives are all halted by the end of the year.
— Q’Anilia commits suicide after being led to believe that her mentor and mother figure, Krynda Draay, had died.
— The Revanchists, a group of young interventionist Jedi led by a charismatic Knight known as “the Revanchist”, uncover evidence of the Battle of Cathar. In light of the Mandalorians’ actions, the Jedi Council begrudgingly sanctions the Revanchists’ entrance into the Mandalorian Wars, and the Revanchist adopts the name Revan.
— A Yuuzhan Vong scout arrives in Wild Space.

3962 BBY (2962 BGC / 4015 CRC)

— The Mandalorian launch a Coreward campaign known as the Mandalorian Triumph that sees them breach the Core Worlds as far as Duro. However, Revan and his friend Malak arrive at the Battle of Duro with a fleet of Interdictor-class cruisers, preventing the Mandalorians from escaping with war matériel. As a result, Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa appoints Revan the Supreme Commander of the Republic Military.

3961 BBY (2961 BGC / 4016 CRC)

— Over the course of this and the next year, Revan leads the Republic in rolling back the Mandalorians’ advances, though often at the cost of civilians thanks to “moral shortcuts.”
— Lillia Venn becomes Grand Lord on Kesh.

3960 BBY (2960 BGC / 4017 CRC)

— The Mandalorian Wars come to an end at the Battle of Malachor V, where Revan kills Mandalore the Ultimate and the Mass Shadow Generator wipes out most of the Mandalorian and Republic fleets while destroying the planet’s surface.

3959 BBY (2959 BGC / 4018 CRC)

— The Jedi Civil War begins.
— Turned to the dark side by the Sith Emperor, Revan and Malak find the Star Forge and, after breaking free of the Emperor’s control, form their own Sith Empire to invade the Republic.
— The assassin droid HK-47 is constructed.
— Battle of Foerost.
— Bombing of Telos IV.

3957 BBY (2957 BGC / 4020 CRC)

— Revan is captured onboard his flagship, after Malak turns against him. Bastila Shan brings Revan back to the Jedi, who use the Force to strip his memories and create a new identity for him.

3956 BBY (2956 BGC / 4021 CRC) Knights of the Old Republic

— Destruction of Taris, which results in most of the planet being destroyed.
— Revan and Bastila, along with their companions, begin to look for the Star Maps spread across four planets (Korriban, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and Manaan) after finding one on Dantooine.
— Attack on Dantooine.
— At the Battle of Rakata Prime, Revan kills Malak in a lightsaber duel, and the Republic Fleet destroys the Star Forge.
— End of the Jedi Civil War.
— The Sith Civil War begins.
— The Order of Shasa is founded on Manaan.

Middle Republic: 3,653-1000 BBY (2,653 – 0 GC / 4024 – 6977 CRC)

3955 BBY (2955 BGC / 4022 CRC)

— Sith Lords, formerly loyal to Darth Revan and Malak, begin breaking the Sith Empire into smaller domains, declaring themselves sovereign warlords.
— The Sith Triumvirate is formed.
— First Jedi Purge begins.
— Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa starts the Telosian Restoration Project, for which the Aratech Repulsor Company launches the G0-T0 droid series.

3954 BBY (2954 BGC / 4023 CRC)

— Sith assassins, under orders from Darth Sion, begin a widespread assassination campaign against the Jedi, who soon are all but wiped out.
— The remnants of the Sith Empire are mostly unified by Darth Traya, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus.
— Vaner Shan is born.
— Darth Xedrix is killed by Lord Scourge.

3952 BBY (2952 BGC / 4025 CRC)

— The Conclave on Katarr is called to discuss the future of the Jedi Order.
— Vandar Tokare dies.
— The Sith Lord Darth Nihilus uses his massive Force powers to feed on the life on Katarr, destroying all life on the planet (except for the Miraluka Visas Marr) and virtually wipes out the Jedi Order.

3951 BBY (2951 BGC / 4026 CRC) Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

— Canderous Ordo, known as Mandalore the Preserver, reunites the Mandalorian clans and aids in the fight against the remnants of the Sith Empire.
— The Czerka Corporation, though not entirely legal means, attempts to take control over the Telosian Restoration Project.
— Meetra Surik is discovered aboard the Ebon Hawk by Kreia.
— Lonna Vash dies.
— Battle of Khoonda.
— Kavar dies.
— Zez-Kai Ell dies.
— Vrook Lamar dies.
— Blockade of Onderon.
— Second Battle of Onderon.
— Battle of Telos IV.
— Darth Nihilus dies.
— Meetra Surik reestablishes connection to the Force, then kills Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion and Darth Traya, who have spent the last five years assassinating Jedi.
— Battle of Malachor.
— Darth Sion dies.
— Kreia dies.
— First Jedi Purge ends.
— End of the Dark Wars.

3701 BBY (2701 BGC / 4276 CRC)

– Darth Malgus is born.

3699 BBY (2699 BGC / 4278 CRC)

– Satele Shan is born.

3681 BBY (2681 BGC / 4296 CRC)

– The Great Galactic War begins / The Sith Onslaught
– Skirmish in the Tingle Arm. Imperial victory.
– Assault on the Aparo Sector. Imperial victory. Aparo abandons the Republic and joins the Empire.
– The Tingel Arm Campaign. Imperial victory.
– The first Battle of Korriban (” Return” cinematic trailer). Imperial victory.
– The Battle of Sluis Van. Imperial victory. Republic shipyards destroyed.
– The Blockade of the Rimma Trade Route. Imperial Victory. Republic supply lines strangled and political tensions rise.
– Battle of Eliad. Imperial invasion halted.
– The Minos Cluster Campaign. Imperial victory. Number of successful Imperial operations.
– Darth Vich discovers Rattatak and proceeds to build an army.

3680 BBY (2680 BGC / 4297 CRC)

– The First Battle of the Seswenna Sector. Imperial victory.
– The Second Battle of Seswenna Sector. Rimma Trade Route blockade broken.
– Darth Vich’s insurrection is thwarted. Rattataki introduced to the Empire.

3678 BBY (2678 BCG / 4299 CRC)

– Massacre on Lenico IV. Exal Kressh learns of the Emperor’s Children. Ortolan tribes massacred.
– Hunt for Exal Kressh. Exal Kressh executed.
– Invasion of Begeren. Imperial victory.
– Engagement in the Mid Rim. Imperial victory.

3674 BBY (2674 BCG / 4303 CRC)

– Battle of Bomodon. Republic victory.

3671 BBY (2671 BCG / 4306 CRC)

– Third Battle of the Seswenna Sector. Imperial victory.
-The First Battle of Bothawui. Republic Victory.
-The Second Battle of Bothawui. Draw.

3670 BBY (2670 BCG / 4307 CRC)

– Battle of Balmorra. Imperial victory.
– Republic Resilience

3668 BBY (2668 BCG / 4309 CRC)

– Capture of the Dread Masters. Republic victory.
– The Dread Masters imprisoned on Belsavis.
– Engagement over Belsavis. Republic victory. Fatality crashes into Section X.

3667 BBY (2667 BCG / 4310 CRC)

– Battle of Alderaan. Republic victory.
– Alderaanian government pledges military support to Republic.
– Campaign near Gell Mattar. Republic Victory.

3665 BBY (2665 BCG / 4312 CRC)
– Battle of Hoth. Imperial victory.

3661 BBY (2661 BCG / 4316 CRC)

– Blockade of the Hydian Way. Mandalorian victory.
– Republic supply crisis.
– Battle near Devaron. Mandalorian victory.
– Jedi unable to break Hydian Way blockade.

3660 BBY (2660 BCG / 4317 CRC)

– Battle of the Hydian Way. Republic victory attributed to Hylo Visz. Republic supply lines restored.
– Battle of Ord Radama. Republic victory.
– Occupation of Balmorra. Imperial strengthens its hold on the planet.
– Third Battle of Korriban. Republic withdraw.
– Battle of Ziost. Imperial victory.
– Battle of Ashas Rae. Imperial victory.
– Battle of Serenno. Imperial victory.
– Reconquest of Ord Radama. Imperial victory.

3658 BBY (2658 BCG / 4319 CRC)

– Defeat of the Imperial Seventh Fleet. Republic victory.

3653 BBY (2653 BCG / 4324 CRC)

– Battle of Rhen Var. Republic victory.
– Battle of Drunkenwell. Imperial victory.
– The Sacking of Coruscant
– Imperial occupation of Coruscant.
– Alderaan Peace Conference.
– The Cold War between the Republic and Sith Empire begins
– The Republic is forced to sign the Treaty of Coruscant.
– The Great Galactic War ends. Imperial victory.
– The First Battle of Dantooine. Republic victory.
– Attack on the Envoy. Imperial victory.
– Bombing of the Senate Tower. Treaty of Coruscant supporters assassinated.
– The Second Battle of Dantooine. Imperial victory.

3651 BBY (2651 BCG / 4326 CRC)
– Jostling for Advantage period begins
– Attack on Mindor. Destruction of Chagrian colony.
– Satele Shan rediscovers Tython.

3649 BBY (2949 BGC / 4328 CRC)

— Imperial Attack on Voss. Voss victory.

3648 BBY (2948 BGC / 4329 CRC)

— Taris Resettlement Initiative.
— Raid on Ilum.

3643 BBY (2943 BCG / 4334 CRC) Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)
— SWTOR class stories begin

3642 BBY (2942 BGC / 4335 CRC)

— Collapse of Peace
— The Battle of Balmorra. Republic victory.
— Invasion of Taris. Imperial force raze Republic Restoration Project.
— Battle of Taral V. Heroes of the Republic assist Jedi Master Oteg.
— Battle of the Maelstrom. Heroes of the Republic assist Jedi Master Oteg.
— Attack on the Dorin’s Sky. Champions of the Empire infiltrate the Dorin’s Sky.
— Battle of the Foundry. Champions of the Empire secure the Foundry.
— Quesh War. Imperial forces attempt to disrupt Republic operations. Ongoing.
— Battle of Hoth. Republic, Imperial, and Pirate Confederate forces fight for control of the Star Ship Graveyard.
— The Cold War ends

3641 BBY (2941 BGC / 4336 CRC)

— The Galactic War begins.
— Battle of Belsavis. Empire discovers Belsavis. Ongoing.
— Battle of Rabaan. Imperial victory.
— The Battle of Corellia. Republic victory.
— Battle of Kalandis. Imperial withdraw.
— The Battle of Ilum. Republic victory. Jace Malcolm promoted to Supreme Commander.
— Attacks on Hutt Spaceby unknown forces are presumed to be the work of the Republic and Empire.
— Hutts annex neutral systems to regain lost territory, headed by Karagga.
— The Battle of Karagga’s Palace. Karagga is prevented from becoming a third combatant in the war.
— The Battle for Black Hole. Occupational skirmishes persist on Corellia.
— The First Battle of Denova. Kephess claims Denova.
— The Second Battle of Denova. Republic Heroes and Champions of the Empire engage Kephess.
— The Battle of Kaon. Evolved forms of Raghouls eradicated.
— Mission to Ord Mantell. Sannus Lorrick defeated.

3640 BBY (2940 BGC / 4337 CRC) SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel

— The First Battle of Leritor. Republic victory.
— The Second Battle of Leritor. Imperial victory. Darth Karrid becomes head of the Sphere of Technology.
— Battle of Boranall. Imperial victory. Republic publicly held responsible for orbital bombardment.
— Darth Karrid killed during the Battle of Duro as a result of Operation Endgame.
— Battle of Asation. Heroes of the Republic and Champions of the Empire assist the Gree.
— Conquest of Makeb. Hutts negotiate settlement with the Republic. Empire secures Makeb mining operations.
— Raid on Arcanum. Lord Tagriss steals several Sith relics.

3639 BBY (2939 BGC / 4338 CRC)

— Seizure of CZ-198. Rebellious entities of Czerka Arms is subdued. Republic and Empire vie for assets. Ongoing
— Dread War. Republic and Imperial forces engage the Dread Masters on Oricon.
— The Battle for Kuat. Imperial forces attempt to seize the planet’s shipyards from Republic defenders. Ongoing.
— The Shroud’s analysis of the Current State of the Galaxy.

3638 BBY (2938 BGC / 4339 CRC) SWTOR Forged Alliances

— Assault on Tython. Republic victory. Jedi Archives razed.
— Korriban Incursion. Imperial victory. Dark Council chambers razed.
— Mission to Manaan. Genetics Laboratory G-1 destroyed.
— Raid on Rakata Prime. Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok killed by traitors Theron Shan and Lana Beniko.

3637 BBY (2937 BGC / 4340 CRC) SWTOR The Shadow of Revan, Eternal Empire Conquest, and Knights of the Fallen Empire

— The Battle of Rishi. Draw. Republic and Imperial forces temporarily cease fire to address the threat of the Order of Revan.
— The Battle of Yavin 4. Order of Revan defeated. Temporary alliance between Satele Shan’s and —- Darth Marr’s personal fleets to confront Revan.
— The Invasion of Ziost. Vitiate consumes all life on the planet.
— Sith Empire outposts in Wild Space destroyed by unknown culprits.
— Arcann and Thexan lead raids against the Core Worlds; Korriban is the most notable world to be defeated.
— First Skirmish with the Eternal Fleet. A joint-expedition of Imperial and Republic ships is led by Darth Marr to pursue Vitiate into Wild Space. All forces considered MIA/KIA.
— The Outlander is placed in carbonite.
— Emperor Arcann declares the Core Worlds responsible for Valkorian’s death, and declares war against Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.
— Within three months, the Eternal Fleet claims naval superiority, having destroyed all major shipyards. Ships powered by Isotope-5 are discovered to be the most effective means of evading Eternal Fleet vessels.

3636 BBY (2936 BGC / 4341 CRC)
— Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, and all major trade routes are blockaded by the Eternal Fleet.
— The Dark Council is practically disbanded and Supreme Chancellor Saresh is removed from office.
— Emissaries, Senator Evran and Darth Vowrawn, agree to a ceasefire, imposing armament restrictions and mandatory tributes from both the Republic and Empire to Zakuul.
— The Galactic War ends. Zakuul victory.
—- Darth Acina declares herself Sith Empress, and Senator Madon succeeds Leontyne Saresh as Supreme Chancellor.
— The Galactic Republic and Sith Empire continue to actively engage in war with one another.
— Emperor Arcann forgoes army occupation by installing Star Fortresses over hundreds of worlds.

3632 BBY (2932 BGC / 4345 CRC)

— Revolt Against the Eternal Empire
— Lana Beniko and her team Rescue the Outlander from the Spire.
— The Gravestone is rediscovered in the swamps of Zakuul.
— The Outlander meets with Heskal and the Scions of Zakuul.
— The Outlander allies with the Lady of Sorrows.
— The Battle of Asylum.
— The Alliance is formed, and the Outlander is named its Commander.
— Raid on Overwatch. The Outlander and Firebrand collect schematics of the Spire for the Alliance.
— Joint operation between the Outlander and Havoc Squad wiretaps a Zakuul Knight outpost.
— Raid on the Gilded Star. The Outlander empties the treasury ship of the Eternal Empire.

3631 BBY (2931 BGC / 4346 CRC)

— Raid on Darvannis. The Outlander and Mandalorian forces seize GEMINI Prime.
— The GEMINI trap. The SCORPIO betrays the Outlander and captures the Eternal Fleet for herself.
— Battle of Odessen. Alliance victory. Vaylin allies with SCORPIO to take the Eternal Throne.

3630 BBY (2930 BGC / 4347 CRC)

— Invasion of Voss. Eternal Alliance Victory planet side. Imperial Victory in orbit. The Empire joins the Alliance against Zakuul.
— Assault on the Gravestone. SCORPIO takes the Gravestone and Eternal Fleet to Iokath.
— Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin. Vaylin flees Zakuul. Zakuul’s population turns against its Empress.
— 2nd Battle of Odessen. Alliance Victory. Death of Vaylin.
— Battle of Zakuul. Alliance captures the Eternal Throne and forms the Eternal Alliance. Vitiate is finally destroyed.
— Battle for Iokath. The Eternal Alliance and their allies dominate the majority of – – Iokath. Attempted assassination of the Outlander.
— Crisis on Umbara. Theron Shan revealed to be the traitor.
— Mission to Copero. Theron Shan escapes with location of a superweapon.

3629 BBY (2929 BGC / 4348 CRC)

— Battle for Iokath. The Eternal Alliance and their allies dominate the majority of Iokath. Attempted assassination of the Outlander.
— Crisis on Umbara. Theron Shan revealed to be the traitor.
— A Traitor among the Chiss: Mission to Copero. Theron Shan escapes with the data about the Superweapon.

3628 BBY (2928 BGC / 4349 CRC)

— The Nathema Conspiracy – Conclusion of the Theron Storyarc. Theron returns to the Republic after the reveal that he staged his betrayal in order to serve the Republic and obtain vital information.
— Jedi Under Siege: The Ossus events. The Republic rushes to evacuate from Ossus as the Empire is preparing to attack the ancient Jedi world. Darth Malgus returns.

3627 BBY (2927 BGC / 4350 CRC) SWTOR Onslaught

— Sith attack on Republic shipyard at Corellia
— Task Force Nova formed
— Mandalorian Civil War begins
— Satele Shan’s derelict ship discovered
— Spirit of Vengeance II attacked
— Darth Malgus discovered on Dantooine

2320 BBY (2320 BGC / 5657 CRC)

— Taanab is colonized by settlers who introduce transplanted farmstock to the world, transforming it into an agricultural outpost.

2082 BBY (2082 BGC / 5895 CRC)

— The citizens of Begamore had begun to live in peace.
— The Heaven system comes under Corporate rule, Fire space station built.

2019 BBY (2019 BGC / 5958 CRC)

— Bardotta’s Jour-un becomes a trading hub and the planet’s major spaceport.
— The Cron Drift asteroid field is established in the Auril sector, preventing expeditions to the ancient Jedi world of Ossus.
— Iktotch is incorporated into the Galactic Republic.
— Weik is colonized by sentients.
— The Klorri-clan battle shield is introduced.

2000 BBY (1000 BGC / 5977 CRC)

— Gree civilization construct a hypergate for their exodus from the wider galaxy.
— Boothi XII is settled by farmers.
— The Jedi code is last used by the Force wielders on Mortis.
— The Dagoyan Order takes hold of Bardotta after a series of successful and strategic small-scale wars; the once ruling Frangawl Cult goes into hiding.
— The Arakein Monks set in stone a clock atop Mount Arakeirkos.

1300 BBY (300 BGC / 6677 CRC)
—Following the B’ankora homeworld cataclysm, Republic Chancellor Chasen Piian grants the B’ankora survivors sanctuary on Coruscant.

1100 BBY (100 BGC / 6877 CRC)
— Momin is trained by Lady Shaa.
— Momin kills his Master and travels the galaxy honing his craft.
— Momin and his acolytes are slain by a pair of Jedi during his destruction of a city through the use of a superweapon, although Lord – Momin’s spirit survives through his mask. His story is deemed heretical by the Sith and is suppressed.

1050 BBY (50 BGC / 6927 CRC)
— The first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla, creates the Darksaber.

Dawn of the Galactic Republic: 1000 – 500 BBY (0 – 500 GC / 6977 – 7477 CRC)

1000 BBY (0 GC / 6977 CRC)

— The Galactic Calendar (GC) dating system is introduced to mark the foundation of the Galactic Republic.
— Tar Vizsla creates the Darksaber
— Zorba Desilijic Tiure is born on Nal Hutta.
— Aruk Besadii Aora is born on Nal Hutta.
— Darth Bane founds the Order of the Sith Lords, a new Sith Order with only one master and one apprentice at a time, also known as the Rule of Two. Each subsequent Sith would bear the title Darth.
— Chancellor Tarsus Valorum presides over the Ruusan Reformation, which dismantles the Republic’s central authority, abolishing the Republic’s standing armed forces and reorganizing its millions of sectors into 1,024 regional sectors, each represented by a single Senator.
— The Gran settled on Malastare and established the Gran Protectorate.
— The Chiss Ascendancy reaches its largest extent of twenty-eight colony worlds.

973 BBY (27 GC / 7004 CRC)

– Maz Kanata born

896 BBY (104 GC / 7081 CRC)

– Yoda born

867 BBY (133 GC / 7082 CRC)

– Naboo joins The Republic

832 BBY (168 GC / 7145 CRC)

– Theed Founded on Naboo
– General Jafan ends Naboo’s longstanding Time of Suffering and restores peace to the planet.

800 BBY (200 GC / 7177 CRC)

– Kuat Drive Yards purchases the planet Rothana, eventually leading to the establishment of Rothana Heavy Engineering.

797 BBY (203 GC / 7180 CRC)

– Yoda begins Jedi Training

782 BBY (218 GC / 7195 CRC)

– Sky Three is first manufactured by North River Freight.

620 BBY (380 GC / 7357 CRC)

– The Antarian Rangers are founded to assist the Jedi Order as a security force on Antar IV.

600 BBY (400 GC / 7377 CRC)

– Jabba “The Hutt” Desilijic Tiure born

532 BBY (458 GC / 7435 CRC)

– The Ikkrukkian Porter Engle, later known as the Blade of Bardotta, is born. A few centuries before the launch of Starlight Beacon, Engle witnesses people thinking only of survival, the galaxy just pulling itself together.

522 BBY (478 GC / 7455 CRC)

– The Citadel Prison Built for Rogue Jedi

519 BBY (481 GC / 7458 CRC)

– The Archaeological Research Council of Kallidah establishes a Research Base on one of the largest fragments of ancient Polis Massa.

511 BBY (489 GC / 7466 CRC)

– The planet Jelucan is colonized by off-worlders exiled from another world for not breaking allegiance to their king.

509 BBY (491 GC / 7468 CRC)

– Yaddle born

501 BBY (499 GC / 7476 CRC)

– Sabine Wren’s armor forged

High Republic: 500 – 32 BBY (500 – 968 GC / 7477 – 7945 CRC)

500 BBY (500 GC / 7474 CRC)
– The Everon Exodus occurs.

483 BBY (517 GC / 7494 CRC)
– The Path of the Open Hand is formed.

482 BBY (518 GC / 7495 CRC)
– Jedi Barnabas Vim performs a mission to Angcord

407 BBY (593 GC / 7570 CRC)
– The Ikkrukkian Porter Engle and the Kage Barash Silvain train as Jedi younglings.

400 BBY (600 GC / 7577 CRC)
– Rumors persist of Planet X.
– Thomas Toov is born.

392 BBY (608 GC / 7585 CRC)
– Republic and Jedi pathfinder teams start exploring the Outer Rim.

387 BBY (613 GC / 7590 CRC)
– The Forever War between Eiram and E’ronoh begins.

383 BBY (617 GC / 7594 CRC)
– The Great Hyperspace Rush occurs, making hyperspace travel safer.

382 BBY (618 GC / 7595 CRC)
– The Convocation of the Force has been established on Jedha.
– The Children of the Open Hand steal the Rod of Seasons.
– Jedi Zallah Macri and Kevmo Zink investigate the Path of the Open Hand on Dalna in search of the Rod of Seasons.
– The Ambush on Thelj occurs.
– The Path of the Open Hand leaves Dalna for Jedha.
– The Chancellors of the Republic negotiate peace between Eiram and E’ronoh during a summit aboard the Paxion.
– The Wedding of Phan-tu Zenn and Xiri A’lbaran, the heirs of Eiram and E’ronoh, respectively, occurs.
– Jedi Masters Porter Engle and Barash Silvain undertake a mission to Gansevor. Silvain blames herself for the losses at the siege there, led by General Viess, and vows to distance herself from the rest of the Jedi Order, including her brother, Engle. Engle later breaks the siege of Bardotta, earning the nickname “Blade of Bardotta.”
– A summit is held on Jedha for the Eiram–E’ronoh peace treaty to be signed.
– The summit is bombed.
– The Temple of the Kyber is bombed.
– The Battle of Jedha occurs.
– The Path of the Open Hand retreats to Dalna, and some of its members undertake a mission to Planet X to retrieve the Nameless, a creature that fed on Force-sensitives.
– While the Jedi investigate the Path of the Open Hand on Dalna, they found the Path of the Closed Fist and attack the investigators.
– The Jedi defeat the Path on the Night of Sorrow. Jedi Azlin Rell falls to the dark side after devoting his life to studying the Nameless after encountering them during the battle.
– The Path of the Open Hand is dissolved.
– Marda Ro founds what will become the Nihil pirate organization.

350 BBY (650 GC / 7627 CRC)
– Neimoidians found the Trade Federation.

332 BBY (668 GC / 7645 CRC)
– The Jafan family led a people to colonize what became known as the planet Jafan in the Chommell sector. The Jafan family rules the planet until at least 32 BBY.
– The mining industry on Elphrona, a world located on the edge of the Unknown Regions in the Outer Rim, is established.

319 BBY (681 GC / 7658 CRC)
– The third volume of the Aionomica book is subject to a forgery scandal.
– Mustafar comes into the possession of the Techno Union. The Union charges the native Mustafarians rent whilst providing the technology for them to mine their mineral-rich world. The natives’ labor serves to pay their rent, and the planet becomes known for its mining activities.

318 BBY (682 GC / 7659 CRC)
– The modern Chiss Syndicure is formed, ending an era where armed conflicts between rival Chiss families was common.

272 BBY (728 GC / 7705 CRC)

– Invaders surface on Pamarthe for the last time
– Lourna Dee is born.

265 BBY (735 GC / 7712 CRC)

– Faddaff Davenspon born

262 BBY (738 GC / 7715 CRC)

– Avar Kriss is born

257 BBY (743 GC / 7720 CRC)

– T-1 shuttle sees action in the Eiram–E’ronoh crisis.
– Fillithar Jedi Master Simmix is killed

255 BBY (745 GC / 7722 CRC)

– Lourna Dee is rescued by Oppo Rancisis and joins the Carida military academy.

252 BBY (748 GC / 7725 CRC)

– Innamin is born

250 BBY (750 GC / 7727 CRC)

– Pra-Tre Veter joins the Jedi High Council
– The conflict between the Scalvi and the Crulkon is resolved peacefully by Yoda
– Bell Zettifar is born

249 BBY (751 GC / 7728 CRC)

– Affie Hollow and Reath Silas are born

248 BBY (752 GC / 7729 CRC)

– Vernestra Rwoh born

247 BBY (753 GC / 7730 CRC)

– Bell Zettifar joins the Jedi Order
– Lourna Dee saves Asgar Ro from an assassination attempt and is promoted to Tempest Runner.

244 BBY (756 GC / 7733 CRC)

– Sedri Minor colony established
– Avon Starros born

242 BBY (758 GC / 7735 CRC)

– Serj Ukkarian is born

240 BBY (760 GC / 7737 CRC)

– Dez Rydan becomes a Jedi Knight

234 BBY (766 GC / 7743 CRC)

– Lina Soh is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

232 BBY (768 GC / 7745 CRC) Young Jedi Adventures

– The Jedi had stopped a droid uprising on Kligson’s Moon.
– A peace treaty is signed between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari
– Elphrona Jedi Outpost created
– Lina Soh is the Republic Chancellor
– Bacta Invented on Thyferra
– Outer Rim Trade Routes Created
– Starlight Beacon Built
– A raid on Hap’s Sap Tap takes place on Tenoo.
– The Kublop Springs festival occurs.
– The Skirmish in Kublop Springs marketplace occurs.
– The Kublop Classic occurs.
– The Search for the Star Seeker occurs.
– The Search for the Yara leaves occurs.
– A Wellagrin migration occurs on planet Andraven.
– The Jellyfruit Festival occurs.
– A Discovery of burrowberry bird occurs.
– The Test flight on Dedoon occurs.
– The Search for Figgles occurs.
– The Outer Rim now contains few well-mapped hyperspace lanes that allow those seeking adventure and those seeking to evade the Republic’s laws to do so.
– Republic Chancellor Lina Soh envisions a galaxy of Great Works that range from infrastructure to culture to expand the Republic’s reaches, better connect the peoples of the galaxy, and bring inspiration and peace to all citizens.
– Dez Rydan to request a transfer to the Starlight Beacon
– Vernestra Rwoh, having been the Padawan of Stellan Gios, is made a Jedi Knight at the age of sixteen
– The Steady Wing is sabotaged by the Nihil stranding Vernestra Rwoh and Avon Starros on a jungle moon
– The Great Hyperspace Disaster
– The Legacy Run destroyed
– Jedi Wayseeker Orla Jareni led several Jedi to take refuse on Amaxine Station
– Jedi save the Hetzal System
– Republic closes Hyperspace Routes
– Emergencies appear in various regions of space
– Nihil attack Trymant IV
– Drengir crisis begins
– The Drengir released from stasis
– Berenko is kidnapped on Naboo
– The Jedi High Council convenes to discuss the threat of the Nihil
– Nihil conduct a raid on Elphrona
– Loden Greatstorm and Ottoh Blythe kidnapped
– Ottoh Blythe killed by Nihil
– Republic confronts The Nihil at the Battle of Kur
– Jedi Master Sskeer loses his left arm
– Jedi Master Jora Malli killed
– Kassav Milliko killed
– Hyperspace Routes reopened
– Peace treaty between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari
– Vernestra Rwoh becomes Jedi Knight
– Dez Rydan transfers to Starlight Beacon
– Keeve Trennis becomes Jedi Knight / Marshal of the Starlight Beacon
– Starlight Beacon dedication ceremony occurs
– The Drengir abduct children on Sedri Minor
– The Mission to Sedri Minor occurs
– The Nameless threaten the prosperity of the Jedi and the Republic
– Nihil raiders torch the paradise planet Nelgenam
– Padawan Klias Teradine discovers the forbidden Bogan Collection and is exiled from the Jedi Order

231 BBY (769 GC / 7746 CRC)

– An attack on Cyclor occurs
– The Valo Republic Fair is held
– Jedi Council member Stellan Gios, Ty Yorrick, and Padawan Bell Zettifar face Nihil marauders
– Second attack on Cyclor
– Attack on Grizal
– Sylvestri Yarrow and Jordanna Sparkburn fall in love on Tiikae, but they are forced to separate as Sylvestri leaves the planet with her mother, Chancey Yarrow
– Chancey is believed by her daughter to have been killed during a Nihil raid on their ship, the Switchback. Chencey had been presented an opportunity to pursue her personal gravity well projector project by the Nihil Lourna Dee with the help of Mari San Tekka, a hyperspace navigator held captive by Marchion Ro
– Jedi Cohmac Vitus, Vernestra Rwoh, Reath Silas, and Imri Cantaros assist in repelling the Nihil attack on Tiikae
– Genetian civil war
– Nihil raiders torch the paradise planet Nelgenam
– The Nameless threaten the prosperity of the Jedi and the Republic
– Padawan Klias Teradine discovers the forbidden Bogan Collection and is exiled from the Jedi Order
– Ady Sun’Zee overcomes her fear at the Batuu Jedi temple with the help of Grand Master Yoda
– The Jedi abandon the Jedi outpost on Elphrona
– The Nihil attacks the Republic Fair on Valo
– Kufa killed
– Udi Dis killed
– Sarn Starbreaker killed
– Mantessa Chekkat killed
– Vam Targes killed
– Mikkel Sutmani killed
– Chell Trambin killed
– Quin Amarant killed
– Loden Greatstorm killed
– Thaddeus Wolk killed
– Mari San Tekka killed
– Urk Panga killed
– Keefar Branto killed
– Lalutan killed

230 BBY (770 GC / 7747 CRC)
– Attack on Port Haileap
– Mission to Dalna
– Dalnan evacuation
– Battle in the Nefitifi system
– Raids on the Ocktai system
– Eiram celebration
– Attack on Aleen
– Attack on Japeal
– Attack on Tais Brabbo
– Attack on Yeksom
– Attack in the Echerta system
– Destruction of Starlight Beacon by the Nihil
– Attack on the Jedi temple at Chespea
– Battle on Corellia
– Nihil celebration
– Marchion Ro’s broadcast
– Regald Coll killed
– Orla Jareni killed
– Nib Assek killed
– Estala Maru killed
– Werrera killed
– Cale killed
– Leyel killed
– Koley Linn killed
– Chancey Yarrow killed
– Stellan Gios killed
– Imgree killed

229 BBY (771 GC / 7748 CRC)

– A civil war occurs on Corellia.

220 BBY (780 GC / 7757 CRC)

– Ady Sun’zee and Nooa train on Valron.

200 BBY (800 GC / 7777 CRC)

– Chewbacca born

196 BBY (804 GC / 7781 CRC)

– Vaale’s sewers were used for the last time
– The landing pads of Basteel’s Eladro City is carved
– The Jowloon community settle on Jaresh

162 BBY (838 GC / 7815 CRC)

– Con Star Mining Corporation establishes mining colonies on Parnassos

150 BBY (850 GC / 7827 CRC)

– The Chiss Ascendancy’s Syndicure removes the Coduyo family from the Ruling Families, demoting them to a Great Family

132 BBY (868 GC / 7845 CRC) The Acolyte

– A former Jedi Padawan reunites with her Master to investigate a series of crimes.

131 BBY (869 GC / 7846 CRC)

– B’ankora Cataclysm

119 BBY (881 GC / 7858 CRC)

– The Skree space station is established within a nebula
– Xu Bo is born

116 BBY (884 GC / 7861 CRC)

– Kedpin Shoklop is born on Werma Lesser

112 BBY (888 GC / 7865 CRC)

– Nan Yujin, the younger brother of Nan Heli, becomes friends with Nan Qiwen
– Nan Zaizhou begins to work under Nan Heli as the latter’s secretary

106 BBY (894 GC / 7871 CRC)

– Janyor is born on Garel

104 BBY (896 GC / 7873 CRC)

– Ramil is born on Serenno
– Li Qiong is born

102 BBY (898 GC / 7875 CRC)

– Dooku born
– Sifo-Dyas is born
– Arath Tarrex is born
– The Blue Dragon pirates had begun wrecking significant damage on Fire, remaining the single most destructive force to plague the station for the next twenty years.
– Zhang Jincheng begins to ascend the hierarchy of Fire, the city in the Heaven system
– Jamie Brasen becomes the President of Begamor and is elected to represent the planet as a senator of the Republic Senate
– Ma, an executive of the Heaven-earth corporation that rules the Heaven system, dies of suspicious circumstances

101 BBY (899 GC / 7876 CRC)

– Loth-wolf goes extinct on Lothal

99 BBY (901 GC / 7878 CRC)
– Sean is born
– Zhuang Yuanying is born
– Wat Tambor acquires the Triple-Zero protocol personality matrix with the intent to study it, becomes frightened and sends it to quarantine.
– Iakar begins to be visited for interstellar trade, with pharmaceutical corporations being drawn to the world’s valuable organic compounds

94 BBY (906 GC / 7883 CRC)

– Nan Moyou is born

93 BBY (907 GC / 7884 CRC)

– Meggone is born

92 BBY (908 GC / 7885 CRC)

– The Knights of Silver Dawn begin to clash with the Blue Dragon.
– Li Qiong begins working for the Nan family of the Heaven system, becoming a loyal handmaiden to Nan Heli’s daughter, Nan Moyou.
– Marino Pomana begins working for Jamie Brasen as his chef.
– President Brasen begins the construction of the Begamor barrier

91 BBY (909 GC / 7886 CRC)

– Maz Kanata stores a Jedi holocron that won’t be found again for 125 years

90 BBY (910 GC / 7887 CRC)

– Jedi High Council members Yula Braylon, Tera Sinube, and Yoda visit a festival on Serenno.
– Dooku discovers his heritage after meeting Jenza, his sister, during the festivities.
– The Great Assembly House is destroyed in a groundquake during the Serennian festival.

88 BBY (912 GC / 7889 CRC)

– Trennis leaves the Jedi Order

87 BBY (913 GC / 7890 CRC)

– A Mandalorian is employed as a gatekeeper at Jamie Brasen’s Presidential manor.
– Huang begins paying off his debts to Li Yu by working as a member of Li’s Knights of Silver Dawn.
– Zhang Jincheng ascends to the position of the Fire station’s manager.

86 BBY (914 GC / 7891 CRC)

– Members of the Hawkbat Clan undergo their Initiate Trials
– Tera Sinube takes Zang Arraira as his Padawan, Lene Kostana takes Sifo-Dyas as hers, and Yoda takes Dooku as his

85 BBY (915 GC / 7892 CRC)

– Jedi Master Mostema takes Sean as her Padawan learner.
– The Devaronian Begamor underworld–serial killer Bellon is offered a shelter by Jamie Brasen, who hires Bellon as one of his chefs.
– Protobranch is devastated by a solar storm.

84 BBY (916 GC / 7893 CRC)

– Sheev Palpatine born
– Gretz Droom is born
– Pell Baylo is born

83 BBY (917 GC / 7894 CRC)

– The Knights of Silver Dawn clashes with the Blue Dragon
– Nan Moyou and Nan Heli go on a short vacation at the Nan family villa.
– Mostema and Sean study the Outer Rim’s sectors, including Oplovis sector. In particular, the two Jedi study its Heaven system.
– The industrial output of the distant, loosely Republic-affiliated Heaven system exceeds that of the famous industrial world Metalorn.

82 BBY (918 GC / 7895 CRC)

– The funeral of Countess Anya and an ensuing mission to Asusto occurs.
– Jedi Mostema and Sean uncover the corrupt nature of Begamor’s President Jamie Brasen after several years of investigation by a top Republic agent.
– Sean had constructed his lightsaber with a crystal that he bonded with on Ilum leading to the number of Padawans traveling to Zoph for its Zophis crystal is decreased.
– Maarva Carassi Andor born
– The Jedi Council sends Mostema and Sean to the Heaven system to investigate the murder of Nan Heli who made extensive studies of the Force.
– Legends of Jedi using the Force to destroy entire planets have spread to Nan Heli’s star system.
– The Nihil are recalled by Sean as an illicit organization that once invaded the Republic.
– The Judicial Department’s peacekeeping fleet had been established as military arbiters of the Republic.
– The Mining Guild had been founded and operational
– Sean is separated from Master Mostema and is saved from the Vermilion Birds pirates by Li Yu.
– Li recruits Sean into the ranks of his Knights of Silver Dawn, a civil mercenary group mainly composed of his debtors that procures supplies for their own impoverished community on Wind, a planet of the Heaven system.
– Bacta had become a common medical substance in the Heaven system and human replica droids were invented.
– Sean is admitted to the Knights of Silver Dawn’s elite red apricot squad.
– A celebration of the tenth anniversary of the launch of the 74th generation of Irregular occurs in the city of Fire.
– Red apricot squad traces the enigmatic tenebrae to the Blue Dragon pirates.
– Red apricot squad forces the Blue Dragon to return the shipment of enigmatic tenebrae
– Sean hires his own squadmates out of his own expense to evacuate the slaves.
– Zhang helps Sean deduce that the Nan family was responsible for the attack on Nan Heli’s villa.
– The Silver Dawn ferries Nan Moyou to the Heaven system’s political capital.
– Nan Yujin returns to the capital from Muunilinst
– Sean discovers that Zhuang Yuanying of red apricot squad is a member of the native dragon people

80 BBY (920 GC / 7897 CRC)

– Qui-Gon Jinn born
– Ky Narec born

76 BBY (924 GC / 7901 CRC)

– Dannl Faytonni is born

72 BBY (928 GC / 7905 CRC)

– Mace Windu born

69 BBY (931 GC / 7908 CRC)

– Kallidahin researchers discover the ruins of Wiyentaah at Polis Massa
– Rahara Wick is born on Hosnian Prime

68 BBY (932 GC / 7909CRC)

– Kedpin Shoklop begins to sell vaporators for VaporTech
– Anglang Lehet begins working for the Cularin Syndicate
– Members of Jedi Councilor Tera Sinube’s Heliost Clan are selected to undergo their Initiate Trials.
– Droom is apprenticed to High Council member Jor Aerith
– Narec is apprenticed to Master Mana
– Jinn is apprenticed to Jedi Master Dooku

66 BBY (934 GC / 7911 CRC)

– The Radiant VII enters the service of the Republic Diplomatic Corps
– The Libertine is constructed by Guild d’Lanseaux

65 BBY (935 GC / 7912 CRC)

– Raddus born
– Theed power generator is built by Outer Rim Construction and Assembly

64 BBY (936 GC / 7913 CRC)

– Wilhuff Tarkin born

62 BBY (938 GC / 7915 CRC)

– Cad Bane born

60 BBY (940 GC / 7917 CRC)

– Pell Baylo establishes the Defiance Flight Training Institute
– Lemuel Tharsa, later named Denetrius Vidian, is born on Corellia

57 BBY (943 GC / 7920 CRC)

– Brookish Boon born
– Obi-Wan Kenobi born
– Obi-Wan Kenobi joins the Jedi Order

56 BBY (944 GC / 7921 CRC)

– Galen Walton Erso born

53 BBY (947 GC / 7924 CRC)

– Baze Malbus is born

52 BBY (948 GC / 7925 CRC)

– Chirrut Îmwe born

51 BBY (949 GC / 7926 CRC)

– Orson Callan Krennic born

50 BBY (950 GC / 7927 CRC)
– Babu Frik is born
– Réillata is born on Naboo

49 BBY (951 GC / 7928 CRC)

– Zodu Onglo is born

48 BBY (952 GC / 7929 CRC)

– A mutiny takes place aboard the cargo freighter Advent

47 BBY (953 GC / 7930 CRC)

– Lyra is born

46 BBY (954 GC / 7931 CRC)

– Wilhuff Tarkin participates in counterstrikes against the Greater Seswenna raids led by the pirate Q’anah
– Padmé Amidala (née Naberrie)
– Antoc Merrick is born
– Mon Mothma is born
– Tsabin, later known as Sabé, is born

45 BBY (955 GC / 7932 CRC)

– Cikatro Vizago born
– Davits Draven born

44 BBY (956 GC / 7933 CRC)

– Garazeb Orrelios born
– Pitina Mar-Mas Voor born

43 BBY (957 GC / 7934 CRC)

– Landonis Balthazar Calrissian born

42 BBY (958 GC / 7935 CRC)

– Gallius Rax born
– Ramil, the Count of Serenno, orchestrates an invasion of Serenno
– Ramil is killed and replaced by Dooku as the Count of Serenno

41 BBY (959 GC / 7936 CRC)

– Anakin Skywalker born
– Grogu born
– Rae Sloane born

40 BBY (960 GC / 7937 CRC)

– Galen Walton Erso joins the Republic Futures Program
– Kirames Kaj named Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic
– Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi mission to Pijal
– Qui-Gon Jinn turns down seat on the Jedi High Council
– Jedi Eno Cordova and Cere Junda sent by the Jedi Council to oversee the excavation of a temple on Ontotho
– Battle of Malastare Narrows
– Harch Admiral Trench is presumed dead
– Battle for Ontotho
– Depa Billaba joins the Jedi Order
– Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent to peacefully resolve a dispute on Bri’n.
– Qui-Gon Jinn realizes that the Jedi should pursue balance, for light to finds its way and live through the darkness, coexisting in harmony, through means beyond conflict and violence.
– Qui-Gon Jinn takes Obi-Wan Kenobi to a Wookiee Life Day celebration on Kashyyyk
– Qui-Gon Jinn is kidnapped along with several Wookiees by Trandoshan hunters
– Jedi Master Yoda rescues the Force-sensitive youngling Lo from the Flesh Mongers
– Yoda finds an embattled world of warring children powerful in stonepower, a Force power attained from connection to the Living Force–imbued blue stone
– Mandalorian Civil War begins
– Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are tasked to protect Satine Kryze, leader of the pacifist New Mandalorians
– Lor San Tekka born

– Yoda deemed the Deliverer, embarks on a journey of stone and human; fear and forgiveness; selflessness and selfishness

39 BBY (963 GC / 7938 CRC)

– Padmé Naberrie and her father helps relocate the entire populace of Shadda-Bi-Boran.

38 BBY (962 GC / 7939 CRC)

– Wald born
– Barriss Offee born
– Padmé Naberrie joins the Apprentice Legislature
– Gardulla Besadii the Elder loses her slaves Anakin and Shmi Skywalker in a bet to the junk dealer Watto

36 BBY (964 GC / 7941 CRC)

– Ahsoka Tano is born
– Maketh Tua is born on Lothal
– Orson Krennic and Galen Erso meet for the first time on Brentaal IV

35 BBY (965 GC / 7942 CRC)

– Lauren Mel Coelho born
– Tiaan Jerjerrod born
– Kaeden Larte born
– Wazellman born

34 BBY (966 GC / 7943 CRC)

– Padmé Naberrie joins the Legislative Youth Program
– Crix Madine born

33 BBY (967 GC / 7944 CRC)

– Caleb Dume (Kanan Jarrus) born
– Ahsoka Tano joins Jedi Order

32 BBY (968 GC / 7945 CRC)
– Wilhuff Tarkin becomes Governor of Eriadu
– Nute Gunray becomes Viceroy of the Trade Federation
– Padmé Naberrie Amidala becomes Queen of Naboo

Fall of the Republic 32-19 BBY (968 – 981 GC / 7945 – 7959 CRC)

32 BBY (968 GC / 7945 CRC)

– The Geonosian hives manufacture battle droids for the Trade Federation
– Wilhuff Tarkin had become the Governor of Eriadu with backing from Sheev Palpatine
– The Naboo Crisis is fermented as the Eriadu Conference occurs
– Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum survives an assassination attempt
– Trade Federation leadership and key executives of Kuat Drive Yards killed by the Nebula Front
– Nute Gunray ascends to the position of the Viceroy of the Trade Federation
– Darth Sidious deploys his Sith apprentice, Darth Maul, to wipeout witnesses of a pirate attack on a Trade Federation fleet
– Jedi liberate the child soldiers used by Hutt-assisted warlord Guattako on Oosalon
– Grandmaster Yoda asserts that the Jedi Order cannot interfere in local laws
– Maul recruits bounty hunters Cad Bane, Vorhdeilo, and Aurra Sing on Nar Shaddaa
– Eldra Kaitis is killed
– Xev Xrexus is killed
– Troo-tril-tek is killed
– FE-B3 is destroyed
– Maul begins to build his contacts in the criminal underworld
– Darth Sidious brings his apprentice to Malachor, where the ashes of the fallen Sith fuels Maul’s hatred for the Jedi
– The Millennial Celebration Invitation poster is commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum to celebrate one thousand years of peace since the founding of the modern Republic
– Prop 31-814D is passed by the Galactic Senate of the Republic and the Free Trade Zones are taxed
– Padmé Naberrie defeats the isolationist Queen of Naboo Sanandrassa in an election for the throne
– Padmé Naberrie adopts Amidala as her regnal name
– Queen Amidala hosts a summit on Naboo in hopes of rebuilding relations with worlds of the Chommell sector

32 BBY (968 GC / 7945 CRC) The Phantom Menace
– Trade Federation blockades Naboo
– Invasion of Naboo
– The Capture of Theed; the Trade Federation Droid Army establishes itself at the Naboo capital and begins forcefully removing its citizens to prison camps
– Anakin Skywalker wins Boonta Eve Classicm freed of slavery by Qui-Gon Jinn
– Darth Maul attacks Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatooine, first Jedi encounter with a Sith since they were thought extinct nearly a millennium ago
– Naboo and Gungan alliance forged
– Battle of Naboo
– Anakin Skywalker deactivates the droid army by destroying the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship
– Qui-Gon Jinn Killed
– Vuutun Palaa destoryed
– Obi-Wan Kenobi promoted to Jedi Knight
– Anakin Skywalker becomes Obi-Wan’s Padawan
– Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas foresees an upcoming full-scale conflict, but is accused of war-mongering and removed from the Jedi Council
– Sifo-Dyas secretly commissions the Kaminoans to grow a clone army for the Republic
– Darth Sidious orders Dooku to arrange for Sifo-Dyas’ murder. Dooku fakes Sifo-Dyas’ death on Felucia during the tribal conflict there.
– Dooku turns his back on the Jedi Order, secretly killing Jedi Master Yaddle and becoming Darth Sidious’ Sith apprentice, Darth Tyranus.
– Hired by the Sith Lord Tyranus, the Pyke Syndicate murders Sifo-Dyas while Silman is secretly captured by the Pykes for leverage against Tyranus.
– Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic
– Funeral of Qui-Gon Jinn
– Victory parade at Theed
– Palpatine secretly takes control of the Clone Program
– Lord Tyranus hires bounty hunter Jango Fett as the Kaminoans’ clone template based on Fett’s reputation
– Dooku is sent by Darth Sidious to secure a business arrangement with the weapons-dealing Kaldana Syndicate on Sullust
– Under the control of the Sith, the clones from the template of Jango Fett had behavioral modification biochips inserted which would activate Protocol 66 under the command of the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.
– Jak’zin is killed
– Boba Fett born
– Omega is born
– Han Solo born
– Miara Larte born

31 BBY (969 GC / 7946 CRC)
– Disappearance of Doctor Nuvo Vindi
– Hetto begins working at World Window Plaza
– Lemuel Tharsa contracts Shilmer’s syndrome while inspecting the Introsphere refinery on Gorse
– Kaeden and Miara Larte move to the remote moon named Raada along with their parents
– Apailana born
– Paodok’Draba’Takat born
– Qi’ra born

30 BBY (970 GC / 7947 CRC)

– Padmé Amidala is re-elected Queen of Naboo
– Rinnrivin Di born
– Hunter is born in Nala Se’s genetics lab
– Wrecker is born in Nala Se’s genetics lab
– Tech is born in Nala Se’s genetics lab
– Crosshair is born in Nala Se’s genetics lab
– Rinnrivin Di is born

29 BBY (971 GC / 7948 CRC)

– Hera Syndulla born
– Obi-Wan and Anakin’s Mission to Dallenor

28 BBY (972 GC / 7949 CRC)

– Padmé Amidala steps down as Queen of Naboo
– Padmé Amidala becomes a Republic Senator
– Ryoo Naberrie born
– Bom Vimdin born
– Senator Padmé Amidala proposes the Mid Rim Cooperation Motion
– Theed Spaceport is developed with haste using Republic reparation money provided for the Trade Federation invasion

27 BBY (973 GC / 7950 CRC)

– The Zillo Beasts are believed to be extinct
– Enfys Nest born
– Enric Pryde born

26 BBY (974 GC / 7951 CRC)

– Lyra meets Galen Erso on Espinar
– Pitina Mar-Mas Voor is married off by her family to a male senator
– Cassian Jeron Andor born
– Numa born
– TK-462 born

25 BBY (975 GC / 7952 CRC)

– Bodhi Rook born
– Yendor born
– Lyra and Galen Erso Married

24 BBY (976 GC / 7953 CRC)

– Count Dooku delivers the Raxus Address, the Confederacy of Independent Systems is founded
– Separatist Crisis Begins fracturing the Republic
– The Separatist Senate is founded on Raxus Secundus
– Military Creation Act debated in Galactic Senate
– Chelli Lona Aphra born
– Han Solo joins the White Worms as a Scrumrat

23 BBY (977 GC / 7954 CRC)

– The Galactic Senate debates the Military Creation Act to determine whether the Galactic Republic should raise an army
– Dalven Kyrell born

22 BBY (978 GC / 7955 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 531 released
– Boba Fett thus begins to build his reputation by eliminating hunters who betrayed Jango Fett
– Border dispute on Ansion occurs
– Naboo Miners Strike
– Obi-Wan and Anakin practice a duel in the Jedi Temple, Obi-Wan is able to defeat Anakin

22 BBY (978 GC / 7655 CRC) Attack of the Clones / The Clone Wars

– Padmé Amidala assassination plot by Zam Wesell fails
– Zam Wesell is killed by Jango Fett
– Anakin is haunted by dreams of his mother dying
– Obi-Wan flies to Kamino and discovers the Clone Program
– Padmé and Anakin travel to Tatooine
– Shmi Skywalker killed
– Anakin Skywalker kills Tusken Raiders, not just the men, but the woman and children, too
– Anakin swears that he will never again be powerless in the face of death
– Chancellor Palpatine given emergency powers to raise the Grand Army of the Republic
– Geonosian accord officially founds the Confederacy of Independent Systems
– Obi-Wan Kenobi is captured on Geonosis whilst reporting his findings of the Trade Federation presence and the Separatists’ battle droid production
– Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala go to rescue Obi-Wan but are captured
– Mace Windu leads strike force of 200 Jedi Knights to rescue Obi-Wan
– Yoda leads strike force of Clone Troopers to secure Geonosis
– The Clone Wars Begin
– First Battle of Geonosis
– Sar Labooda killed
– Coleman Trebor killed
– Tan Yuster killed
– Jango Fett killed
– Majority of Jedi Strike Force killed
– Separatist Council escapes Geonosis
– Anakin Skywalker loses his right forearm to Count Dooku
– Geonosis occupied by The Republic Grand Army
– Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala married
– The Republic Grand Army assembles on Coruscant
– Kit Fisto is elevated to the Jedi High Council
– The 501st Legion is formed
– Onderon secedes from the Republic
– The Republic begins work on the Decimator, employing Wookiees to construct the machines. However, the finished vehicles are stolen by Sev’rance Tann, a Separatist general who uses them to take over Sarapin.
– Echuu Shen-Jon, the Padawan learner of Mace Windu, is dispatched to Sarapin to end the threat of the Decimators. Eventually pursing Tann to Krant, Shen-Jon is successful in destroying the Decimator factories and killing Tann.
– Count Dooku takes on former Nightsister Asajj Ventress as his personal assassin and informal apprentice.
– Republic forces under command of Obi-Wan Kenobi are dispatched to Muunilist to disable the InterGalactic Banking Clan’s droid factories. They also encounter the Gen’Dai bounty hunter Durge, who commands the droid forces. Kenobi eventually defeats Durge in single combat.
– Asajj Ventress lures Anakin Skywalker to Yavin 4, where the two engage in a grueling lightsaber duel. Skywalker seemingly emerges victorious after casting Ventress into a ravine, but she would survive.
– The Battle of Muunilist ends with a Republic victory, as well as the capture of Banking Clan Chairman and Separatist Council member San Hill.
– The Republic suffers a crushing defeat at the Battle of Hypori, with the Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, and K’Kruhk being the only survivors.
– Kaleesh cyborg General Grievous is revealed as the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies.
– Anakin Skywalker promoted to Jedi Knight
– Battle of Arantara
– Anakin Skywalker gains a scar by his right eye
– 501st Legion first battle assigned to Anakin Skywalker
– Battle in the Corvair sector
– Nexus trading post is destroyed
– Siege of Hisseen
– Grand Army of the Republic Clone Troopers begin painting their armor
– Battle of Christophsis
– The Invincible destroyed
– TI-99 destroyed
– TJ-55 destroyed
– Anakin Skywalker takes Ahsoka Tano as his Padawan
– Battle of Teth
– Clone Torrent Company wiped out
– 4-A7 destroyed
– Battle of Ryloth
– Dao killed
– Keeli killed
– Ima-Gun Di killed
– TX-20 destroyed
– Redeemer destroyed
– Defender destroyed
– Battlecruiser 17 destroyed
– Battlecruiser 19 destroyed
– Malevolence campaign begins
– Battle of Abregado
– Triumphant destroyed
– Battle of the Ryndellia
– Malevolence destroyed
– Battle of the Kaliida Nebula
– Matchstick killed
– Tag killed
– Battle of Mimban
– Laan Tik killed
– Battle of the Rishi moon
– The Obex destroyed
– CT-00-2010 “Droidbait killed
– CT-327 killed
– CT-782 “Hevy” killed
– Nub killed
– O Niner killed
– Battle of Falleen
– Republic Fleet destroyed
– Battle of Bothawui
– R2-D2 is captured by Grievous’ forces
– Anakin Rescues R2-D2 on Skytop Station
– Ketsu Onyo born

21 BBY (979 GC / 7956 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 532 released
– Rescue on the Tranquility
– Captain Argyus killed
– Tranquility crippled
– Mission to Florrum
– Kharrus killed
– Battle of Quell
– Battle of Orto Plutonia
– Chi Cho killed
– First battle of Felucia
– Cad Bane infiltrates the Jedi Temple stealing information on many Jedi younglings
– Battle of Devaron
– Denal killed
– Koho killed
– Bolla Ropal killed
– Felucia Medical Station HCTFF2 destroyed
– Rumi Paramita killed
– Battle of Malastare
– Zillo Beast incident on Coruscant
– Second Battle of Geonosis
– Archduke Poggle the Lesser captured
– The First Death Star begins construction over Geonosis
– Skirmish aboard TB-73
– Trap killed
– Battle of Saleucami
– TV-94 destroyed
– Sneak attack on Roche
– Deathwatch Bombing of the New Mandalorian Memorial Shrine
– Skirmish on Concordia
– Skirmish aboard the Coronet
– Redeye killed
– Mixer killed
– Tal Merrik killed
– Deathwatch Bombing on Kalevala
– Plot to assassinate Satine Kyze
– Aramis killed
– Davu Golec killed
– Boba Fett Plot to assassinate Mace Windu
– Endurance destroyed
– Mission to Vanqor
– R8-B7 destroyed
– Skirmish at the Sundari docks
– Balith civil war
– Alderaan Refugee Conference
– Battle of Kamino
– Colt killed
– Havoc killed
– 99 killed
– The KE-UW33 destroyed
– Blockade of Pantora
– Senate hostage crisis
– IG-86 destroyed
– Captain Jayfon
– Senator Philo
– Showdown on Teth
– Confederate–Republic peace initiative
– Sabine Wren born
– Jyn Erso born

20 BBY (980 GC / 7957 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 533 released
– Apailana is elected Queen of Naboo
– Battle of Sullust
– Resolute destroyed
– Devaron massacre
– Second Battle of Felucia
– Skirmish on Wasskah
– Kalifa killed
– Katt Mol killed
– Lika killed
– Morgo killed
– Vadoo killed
– Garnac killed
– Dar killed
– Lo-Taren killed
– Clutch killed
– Gilas killed
– Goron killed
– Lagon killed
– Ratter killed
– Socheck killed
– Battle of Mon Cala
– Riff Tamson killed
– Skirmish on Naboo
– General Roos Tarpals killed
– Minister Rish Loo killed
– Battle of Patitite Pattuna
– Battle of Umbara
– Hardcase killed
– Waxer killed
– Pong Krell killed
– Battle of Kiros
– Mission to Zygerria
– Miraj Scintel killed
– Battle of Kadavo
– Confederate–Republic peace conference
– Battle on Carlac
– Battle of Dathomir
– Savage Opress rescues Maul and helps him recover
– Massacre on Raydonia
– Onderonian Civil War
– Steela Gerrera killed
– King Sanjay Rash killed
– Negotiator destroyed
– Battle on Florrum
– OOM-87 destroyed
– D-Squad Assaults
– M5-BZ destroyed
– R2-D2 heavily damaged

19 BBY (981 GC / 7958 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 534 released
– Republic strategy conference occurs
– Finn Ertay killed by Maul
– Adi Gallia killed by Maul
– Shadow Collective Formed
– Oruba killed
– Shadow Collective takeover of Mandalore
– Mandalorian civil war begins
– Defense of Cato Neimoidia
– Maul adds Dryden Vos’ Crimson Dawn to the Shadow Collective’s ranks
– Asajj Ventress hires Boba Fett’s syndicate to assist her in the rescue of Quinlan Vos from Dooku’s Serenno fortress
– The rescue of Quinlan Vos occurs
– The destruction of the Vanqor listening post occurs
– A battle on Christophsis occurs; Asajj Ventress guides Quinlan Vos to return to the light with her sacrifice
– Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos brings the recovered body of Asajj Ventress to the Nightsister lair on Dathomir
– Jedi Temple Bombing
– The skirmish on Kardoa occurs
– Trial of Ahsoka Tano
– Battle of Ringo Vinda
– General Tiplar killed
– Fives Escape from Tipoca City
– Mission to Level 1325
– Fives killed
– Planet Mokivj accidently rendered lifeless by Anakin Skywalker
– Mission to Scipio
– Teckla Minnau killed
– Mission to Oba Diah
– Silman killed
– Lom Pyke killed
– Mission to Utapau
– Governor Torul Blom killed
– Endente killed
– Chong killed
– Outer Rim Sieges
– Bracca Invasion
– Battle of Anaxes
– Admiral Trench killed
– Insurrection on Yalbec Prime
– Battle of Zanbar
– Battle on Ord Mantell
– Third Battle of Mygeeto
– Stance killed
– Coburn Sear killed
– Siege of Mandalore
– Vaughn killed
– Almec killed

19 BBY (981 GC / 7958 CRC) Revenge of the Sith

– Battle of Coruscant
– Roron Corobb killed
– R4-P17 destroyed
– Count Dooku killed
– Invisible Hand destroyed
– Delegation of 2,000 formed
– Siege of Saleucami comes to an end
– Battle of Kashyyyk
– Gree killed
– Battle of Utapau
– General Grievous killed
– B1 2638 destroyed
– Fourth Battle of Mygeeto
– Ki-Adi-Mundi killed
– Battle of Felucia
– Aayla Secura killed
– Battle of Cato Neimoidia
– Duel in Palpatine’s office
– Kit Fisto killed
– Agen Kolar killed
– Saesee Tiin killed
– Mace Windu killed
– Anakin Skywalker is anointed Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.

19 BBY (981 GC / 7958 CRC) The Bad Batch

– Battle of Kaller
– Order 66 The Jedi Purge occurs
– Maul, Ahsoka Tano, and Rex escapes from the clone forces sent to Mandalore
– Tano and Rex fake their own deaths and part ways
– Caleb Dume escapes capture
– Depa Billaba killed
– Snoke, created by Darth Sidious

Imperial Era: 19 – 4 ABY (981 – 1004 GC / 7958 – 7981 CRC)

19 BBY (981 GC / 7958 CRC)
– The First Galactic Empire is formed
– The Republic Senate is renamed the Imperial Senate
– Poggle the Lessor escapes Geonosis
– Battle on Lokori
– Li-Tan killed
– Roman Herbane loses limb
– Darth Vader wipes out the Separatist leaders on Mustafar
– Emperor deactivates the droid army ending the Clone Wars
– Duel on Mustafar
– Anakin Skywalker gravely injured and burned
– Duel in the Galactic Senate
– Luke and Leia Skywalker are born
– Padmé Amidala dies
– Clone Force 99 is dispatched to end an insurgency on Onderon.
– Bail Organa adopts Leia
– Owen Lars adopts Luke
– Yoda goes into exile on Dagobah
– Obi-Wan goes into exile on Tatooine
– Ezra Bridger born
– Ahsoka Tano settles on Thabeska with the Fardi clan
– Clone Force 99 returns to Kamino and, with the exception of CT-9904 “Crosshair,” who remained loyal to the Empire, rescues Omega
– Celebration of the eradication of the Jedi Order occurs
– The Empire enforces chain codes on citizens as a identification marker that contained biographical information on an individual
– Clone Force 99 meet Cut Lawquane on Saleucami and assist in their escape.
–Project War-Mantle begins taking on conscripted human soldiers, a departure from the clone army of the Galactic Republic
– Elite Squad created
– Elite Squad wipes out civilians on Onderon associated with Saw Gerrera’s rebellion
– The Kaminoans hire bounty hunter Fennec Shand to track down Omega.
– Clone Force 99 escape Pantora and ask informant Cid to identify the hunter on their tail. In return, the clones retrieve the rancor Muchi for Cid, who in turn gives Muchi to Jabba’s majordomo, Bib Fortuna, for a payment.
– Clone Force 99 and the Martez sisters undertake a mission on Corellia. The clones later retrieve the lizard Ruby.
– Clone Force 99 have their inhibitor chips removed on Bracca
– The clones escape from Elite Squad on Bracca, but Omega is captured by Cad Bane, hired by the Kaminoans.
– Omega is rescued from Cad Bane by Clone Force 99 at Bora Vio
– Taun We is killed
– Attack on Brighthome
– Ding killed
– Kicker killed
– Mission to Al’doleem
– Colli killed
– Jogg killed
– Mareena killed
– Hunt for Jocasta Nu
– Galactic Empire begin enslaving entire world populations
– Clone Force 99 extract Senator Avi Singh from the Imperial-occupied Raxus Secundus, the former Separatist capital
– On Ryloth, Imperial Admiral Rampart frames the freedom fighter Cham Syndulla for attempting to assassinate Senator Orn Free Taa
– Clone Captain Howzer arrested by Imperials as the Syndulla family escapes from Ryloth.
– CC-1010 killed
– Beetoo destroyed
– Cator destroyed
– Jocasta Nu killed
– Cid and the Bad Batch steal sansanna spice from Roland Durand on Ord Mantell
– Rex sends the Bad Batch to rescue Gregor from an Imperial installation on Daro
– Hunter is captured on Daro.
– The Empire cancels all its contracts with the Kaminoans and mobilizes its clone forces for departure from Kamino
– Lama Su is killed
– Clone Force 99 rescue Hunter and confront Crosshair in Tipoca City.
– Crosshair informs CF99 that he had his chip removed and pledges to serve the Empire
– Tipoca City is destroyed
– AZI-3 joins Clone Force 99
– Secure as Emperor, Darth Sidious begins to delve deep into dark side arcana, including the hunt for immortality
– The celebration of the eradication of the Jedi Order occurs
– Darth Vader recaptures a starship gifted to him by the Emperor
– Vader’s attack on Brighthome occurs
– Vader’s mission to Al’doleem occurs
– The ambush in the Coruscant system occurs
– The hunt for Jocasta Nu occurs
– Empire begins enslaving various worlds

18 BBY (982 GC / 7959 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 535 released
– The Graf family is pursued by the Empire
– Rescue of Caleb Dume and he changes his name to Kanan Jarrus and begins a new life
– Darth Vader eliminates a Geonosian queen and her group of Geonosians who were attempting to sabotage the Empire’s Death Star project
– Bail Organa and Ahsoka Tano organizes the Fulcrum Rebel Network.
– Attack on Namzor, attack on Ahn Krantarium, and attack on Phelzepham; Darth Vader and Governor Ahr lead Imperial attacks on insurgents.
– Mon Mothma begins to organize military and intelligence movements for an anti-Empire coalition known then as the “Alliance”.
– Ahr is then killed
– Antar Atrocity occurs
– Campaign at Salient
– Occupation of Mon Cala
– Daren killed
– Orvek killed
– Nipaltoo killed
– Ferren Barr killed
– Ambassador Telvar killed
– Bergon killed
– Tenth Brother killed
– Infernum destroyed
– First Empire Day marking the Rise of the Empire
– Terraforming project on Ilum begins
– Uprising on Raada
– Sixth Brother killed
– Hoban killed
– Kolvin killed
– Neera killed
– Western Reaches pacification operations

17 BBY (983 GC / 7960 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 536 released
– The Erso family flees from Coruscant

16 BBY (984 GC / 7961 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 537 released
– Unkar Plutt born
– The Lars moisture farm is attacked by mercenaries

15 BBY (985 GC / 7962 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 538 released
– The Western Reaches pacification operations conclude
– Gallius Rax joins the Imperial Navy with the rank of commander

14 BBY (986 GC / 7963 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 539 released
– Fortress Vader begins construction on Mustafar.
– A mission to hijack an Imperial weapons shipment occurs
– Free Ryloth Movement hijack an Imperial weapons shipment at the Yaga Minor shipyards
– The Free Ryloth movement led by Cham Syndulla attempts to assassinate the two Sith Lords
– Xea dies of an incident caused by the rebel-conducted theft of an air scrubber farm on Eriadu
– Belkor Dray killed
– TK-462 dies
– Isval killed
– Berch Teller campaign
– Artoz killed
– Cala killed
– Anora Fair killed
– Knotts killed
– Salikk killed
– Hask Taff killed
– Truant destroyed
– Stellar Vista heavily damaged
– Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin enunciates the Tarkin Doctrine of rule by fear
– Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen named Deputy Director of the Imperial Intelligence’s Naval Intelligence Agency
– Admiral Nils Tenant is promoted to the Imperial Joint Chiefs
– Grand Moff Tarkin named the Governor of the Outer Rim Territories
– Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin enunciates the Tarkin Doctrine.
– The Death Star leaves Geonosis’ orbit and moves into deep space
– Secret mission to rebuild the Jedi Order
– The Inquisitorius discovers former Padawan Cal Kestis in hiding on Bracca
– Saw Gerrera and the Partisans attack an Imperial refinery on Kashyyyk
– The Bogano Vault is breached by the Second Sister, stealing Eno Cordova’s holocron for the Empire
– Berch Teller fails to assassinate Wilhuff Tarkin on Eriadu
– Xea joins the Junior Academy in Phelar, Eriadu
– The chain code of bounty hunter Boba Fett is encoded into a set of armor once worn by his father, Jango Fett

13 BBY (987 GC / 7964 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 540 released
– Orson Krennic kills Lyra Erso on Lah’mu and captures Galen Erso
– Jyn Erso is rescued by Saw Gerrera
– The relief mission to Ryloth occurs
– Han and Qi’ra attempts to escape from the Imperial-controlled Corellia
– Han enrolls in the Imperial Navy, takes on the last name Solo
– Han Solo trains alongside the brothers Lyttan and Tamu Dree, Kanina Nico, and Beilert Valance at the Imperial Carida Academy as TIE pilot cadets
– Han Solo disobeys Instructor Yurib Nakan’s orders to rescue Valance, saving his life
– The brother of Xea graduates from the Junior Academy to the Imperial Academy of Eriadu becomes the stormtrooper TK-462 and sent to Lothal

12 BBY (988 GC / 7965 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 541 released
– Lord Momin constructs Fortress Vader on Mustafar’s Gahenn Plains for Darth Vader
– Ephraim and Mira Bridger are captured by the Galactic Empire
– Hera Syndulla leaves Ryloth to fight against the Empire
– K-2SO is constructed on Vulpter

11 BBY (989 GC / 7966 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 542 released
– Lord Momin constructs Fortress Vader on Mustafar’s Gahenn Plains for Darth Vader
– Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues Luke Skywalker after a run in with Jabba the Hutt’s henchmen
– The Gorse conflict occurs
– Okadiah Garson killed
– Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus join forces
– Temmin Wexley born
– Enfys Nest becomes leader of The Cloud-Riders

10 BBY (990 GC / 7967 CRC) SOLO

– HoloNet News Vol. 543 released
– Jabba Desilijic Tiure sends Black Krrsantan to hunt down Obi-Wan Kenobi
– The Galactic Empire establishes the Imperial security complex on Scarif’s surface
– Han Solo is expelled from the Imperial Flight Academy for insubordination
– The Mimban campaign occurs; Han Solo meets his future lifelong friend Chewbacca and deserts from the Empire on Mimban to join Tobias Beckett’s gang.
– The Heist on Vandor occurs
– Rio Durant killed
– Val killed
– The raid on Kessel occurs and Han Solo makes the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs
– L3-37 destroyed
– The Showdown on Savareen occurs
– Dryden Vos killed
– Tobias Beckett killed
– Han Solo wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc on Numidian Prime
– The Death Star arrives at Scarif for final construction

9 BBY (991 GC / 7968 CRC) Obi-Wan Kenobi

– HoloNet News Vol. 544 released
– The Empire sterilizes Geonosis, eventually leaving Klik-Klak and Karina as the only remaining Geonosians on the planet
– Miara Larte is promoted to Captain
– Admiral Jyrom Ottdell killed
– ISB Agent Andressa Divo investigates the Malkite poisoners as a result of Jyrom Ottdell’s murder
– Jak born
– Mission to Tatooine occurs; Nari is hunted and killed by the Grand Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother, and Reva the Third Sister
– The kidnapping of Leia Organa occurs;
– Bail Organa travels to Tatooine and begs Obi-Wan Kenobi for help find her beloved stepdaughter.
– Mission to Daiyu occurs; Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues Leia but the hunt for Obi-Wan Kenobi begins:
– A bounty to capture Kenobi issued; all spaceports of Daiyu are closed
– Kenobi learns Anakin Skywalker is alive
– the Grand Inquisitor is stabbed by Reva
– Skirmish on Mapuzo occurs
– Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader confront each other on Mapuzo
– Kenobi, alongside Imperial Captain Tala Durith, infiltrate the Fortress Inquisitorius on Nur to rescue Leia.
– Attack on Jabiim occurs
– Tala Durith is killed
– The Third Sister betrays Vader but is defeated
– Reva learns the truth about Vader’s children.
– Obi-Wan Kenobi defeats Darth Vader in a duel on a barren moon
– Reva attacks the Lars Homestead
– Reva spares Luke Skywalker and redeems herself with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
– Obi-Wan Kenobi, having found his inner peace, is finally able to see and converse with the Force ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn

8 BBY (992 GC / 7969 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 545 released
– Keln, a loved one of Boushh’s, is born
– Jabba sends Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Greedo to travel to Corellia to recover the ashes of Krestrel D’Naran
– Han Solo meets his father, Ovan, after years of separation

7 BBY (993 GC / 7970 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 546 released
– Bodhi Rook enters the Terrabe Sector Service Academy to train to be a pilot
– Mission to Horuz
– Dorin Bell killed
– Un’hee born
– Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues 12-year old Luke Skywalker and his friend Windy after they are left unconscious during a sandstorm

6 BBY (994 GC / 7971 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 547 released
– The mission to Inusagi occurs
– Saw Gerrera’s Partisans infiltrate the Sakoola blossom festival
– Maia killed
– Malkhani Insurrections
– The Leonis family migrates to Lothal
– The Westhills massacre occurs
– Dhara Leonis is kidnapped by the Grand Inquisitor and forcibly inducted into Project Harvester

Galactic Civil War: 5 BBY – 5 ABY (995 – 1005 GC / 7972 – 7982 CRC)

5 BBY (995 GC / 7972 CRC) Rebels & Andor

– HoloNet News Vol. 548 released
– Preox-Morlana Raid on Ferrix in search of Cassian Andor
– Timm Karlo is killed
– Imperial Empire cracks down on Chandrilan finances.
– Cassian Andor leaves Ferrix with the help of Luthen Rael.
– Imperials occupy Ferrix
– Jyn Erso was abandoned by Saw Gerrera on Tamsye Prime
– Assisted by street orphan Ezra Bridger, Bossk is hailed as an Imperial hero on Lothal
– Bridger then finds Baron Valen Rudor suffering from a crash caused by the Ghost
– The Spectres raid an Imperial supply convoy and airfield on Lothal
– The Spectres conduct a heist in Capital City recruit Ezra Bridger
– A mission to steal Imperial weapons occurs.
– Mon Mothma meets with Chandrilan banker Tay Kolma
– Aldhani Raid occurs
– Luthan Rael meets with Saw Gerrera on Segra Milo
– The ISB imposes the Public Order Resentencing Directive (PORD)
– C-3PO and R2-D2 meet The Spectres on Lothal to disrupt the Imperial plan to mass-produce T-7 ion disruptor rifles
– Ezra and Garazeb steal an Imperial TIE fighter operated by Baron Valen Rudor
– An attack on Imperial Troop Transports occurs
– Cassian Andor, going by Keef Girgo, is arrested on Niamos and sentenced to six years in prison
– Merei Spanjaf stages a data breach at the Imperial Transportation Ministry on Lothal
– Cassian Andor arrives on the prison planet Narkina 5, meets Kilo Loy and Ruescott Melshi
– Mon Mothma meets with Davo Sculdun
– Maarva Carassi Andor dies
– Luthan Rael meets with Saw Gerrera on Segra Milo, escapes an Imperial Patrol
– Cassian Andor and Ruescott Melshi escape the prison on Narkina 5
– Imperial ambush of rebel leader Anto Kreegyr occurs on Spellhaus
– Uprising on Ferrix occurs
– The Spectres embark on a mission to destroy a kyber crystal with the assistance of Imperial cadet Zare Leonis
– An attack on an Imperial convoy occurs

4 BBY (996 GC / 7973 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 549 released
– The bombing at the Empire Day Parade on Lothal
– The Spectres disrupt the Empire Day celebration in Lothal’s Capital City, prompting an Imperial crackdown on Lothal
– TK-462 killed
– The rescue of Tseebo occurs
– Ezra Bridger constructs his lightsaber
– The mission to Lando Calrissian’s farm occurs
– Assault on the Gray Syndicate
– Yahenna Laxo killed
– Rosey killed
– The trap in the Old Republic Senate Building occurs
– The Spectors raid on Jalath
– The raid on the communications tower occurs
– Kanan Jarrus is captured by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin on Lothal
– Ezra sends out a message inciting rebellion which is heard on Lothal and in surrounding star systems
– Action at Mustafar first rebel victory of the Galactic Civil War
– The Spectres mount a rescue of Kanan Jarrus
– Grand Inquisitor killed
– The Sovereign destroyed
– The tribunal of Zare Leonis occurs
– The Rescue of Dhara Leonis occurs
– Beck Ollet killed
– Lieutenant Chiron killed
– The tribunal of Zare Leonis occurs.
– The Rescue of Dhara Leonis occurs.
– The mission to rescue Janard occurs.
– The Spectres conduct a mission to steal Imperial shield generators, where they are personally confronted by Darth Vader.
– Siege of Lothal begins
– Maketh Tua killed
– Phoenix Cell rebel fleet crippled
– Phoenix Home destroyed
– The Empire fails to capture the Spectres
– Darth Vader dispatches two Inquisitors—the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister—to hunt down the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra Bridger
– The assault on Seelos occurs
– Rex joins Phoenix Squadron
– The mission to Absanz occurs
– The blockade of Ibaar occurs
– Transport One destroyed
– Phoenix Leader killed
– A prototype B-wing created by Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie is given to Phoenix Squadron
– Battle with Phoenix Squadron
– Phoenix Three killed

3 BBY (997 GC / 7974 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 550 released
– Brene is exiled from the Ubese homeworld of Uba IV
– Leia Organa’s Day of Demand occurs
– Attack on Calderos
– The assassination of Quarsh Panaka by Saw Gerrera’s Partisans on Onoam
– Quarsh Panaka killed
– Dalné became Queen of Naboo
– The arrests on Christophsis occur
– The evacuation of Paucris Major occurs
– The mission to Garel occurs
– Inquisitors attempt to kidnap Force-sensitive younglings at Takobo but are stopped by the Spectres and Ahsoka Tano.
– The duel on Blizen occurs
– The skirmish on Imvur occurs
– Mira and Ephriam Bridger stage a breakout in an Imperial prison on Lothal
– Mira and Ephriam Bridger killed
– Battle of Garel
– The mission on Lothal occurs
– The dogfight over Concord Dawn occurs
– Phoenix Three killed
– Phoenix Four killed
– The mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn occurs
– Rediscovery of Lasat homeworld of Lira San
– The heist at the Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery occurs
– The mission to Ryloth occurs
– Spectres with the help of Ryloth freedom fighters led by Cham Syndulla hijack an Imperial bomber carrier
– The mission to Oliu occurs
– Ambush on an Imperial construction module above Geonosis
– Garazeb Orrelios and Agent Kallus form an unlikely friendship on Bahryn
– Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger are ambushed by two Inquisitors on Oosalon while scouting for a rebel base
– The rescue of Ezra Bridger occurs
– Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka Tano head to the Lothal Jedi Temple to seek guidance on from Master Yoda to defeat Darth Vader and his servants
– Attack on Phoenix Squadron
– Chopper and AP-5 helped the rebellion to discover the planet Atollon
– Phoenix Squadron establishes Chopper Base on Atollon
– Rex and the Spectres secure the base against Krykna
– The rescue of Ojo occurs
– The mission to Thune City occurs
– Mission to Malachor occurs
– Kanan Jarrus blinded by Maul
– Ahsoka Tano confronts Darth Vader
– Fifth Brother killed
– Seventh Sister killed
– Eighth Brother killed
– Destruction of the Malachor Sith temple
– Jarrus, Bridger and Chopper escape back from Vader and the exploding temple to Atollon
– Ahsoka Tano is saved from Vader by Bridger through the World Between Worlds
– Ahsoka Tano embarks on a spiritual journey
– Ahsoka Tano finds Morai who leads her down into another portal of the World Between Worlds

2 BBY (998 GC / 7975 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 551 released
– Brene joins Boushh’s crew
– ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen, Thrawn and Eli N. Vanto foil the anti-Imperial efforts of “Nightswan”
– Thrawn, Eli Vanto, and Arihnda Pryce resolve the Batonn insurgency
– Pryce rises to the rank of Governor of the Lothal sector
– Thrawn is promoted by the Emperor to the rank of Grand Admiral and is given command of the Imperial Starfleet’s Seventh Fleet
– Eli Vanto and Thrawn discover that a steady stream of Imperial transports containing Wookiee slaves continually traveled to an unknown location.
– Thrawn also discovers that extremely large amounts of Imperial resources have disappeared and been pooled into an unknown project
– Thrawn sends Eli Vanto to Admiral Ar’alani of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet to assist the Chiss in return for his services to the Empire
– Governor Pryce solicits the services of Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet in dealing with the growing rebellion on Lothal
– Rescue of Hondo Ohnaka
– Raid on Reklam Station
– Reklam Station destroyed
– Maul kidnaps the crew of Ghost
– The Phantom destroyed
– The Teralov Massacre
– Skystrike Academy Infiltrated
– Rake Gahree killed
– Sabine Wren recruits Wedge Antilles and Derek “Hobbie” Klivian into the Rebellion
– The second mission to Ryloth occurs
– Assault on Agamar
– The second mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn occurs
– Skirmish over Mykapo
– Blockade of Synistahg
– A mission to loot an Imperial cargo ship occurs
– Lothal Imperial Armory Infiltration
– The skirmish on Dathomir occurs
– The rescue of Ketsu Onyo occurs
– The rescue of the argora occurs
– The mission to investigate Geonosis occurs
– EXD-9’s infiltration of Chopper Base occurs
– Sabine Wren undergoes training with the Darksaber
– The skirmish on Krownest occurs
– The rescue of Alexsandr Kallus occurs
– Morad Sumar killed
– Operation Handoff
– Chandrila Mistress destroyed
– Declaration of the Rebel Alliance
– Alliance to Restore the Republic formed
– The mission to recover Imperial codes occurs
– Obi-Wan and Maul Dual on Tatooine
– Maul killed
– Battle of Atollon
– Alliance High Command sets up base on Yavin 4
– Thrawn attacks Chopper Base and forces the Rebels to retreat to Yavin 4
– Jun Sato killed
– Orion destroyed
– Vanguard destroyed
– P2 destroyed
– Phoenix Nest destroyed
– Rebel Alliance intelligence agent Captain Cassian Andor meets the Imperial security droid K-2SO
– K-2S0 leads a Rebel Alliance group to infiltrate an Imperial facility on Mustafar
– Andor and K-2SO embark on a raid on an Imperial freighter where they free three Wookiees

1 BBY (999 GC / 7976 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 552 released
– Darth Sidious dispatches Darth Vader and Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn to investigate a disturbance in the Force on Batuu
– Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger assault the Imperial prison on Mandalore to rescue Sabine’s father, Alrich Wren
– Bo-Katan Kryze receives the Darksaber, becomes the Mandalorian leader
– Tiber Saxon killed
– Mission to Jalindi
– Brom Titus killed
– Marauder destroyed
– The mission to Jalindi occurs
– The mission to Faos Station occurs
– Imperial forces led by Vader and Thrawn battle the Grysk Hegemony
– Vader makes recommendations on Thrawn’s TIE Defender program
– Old Jho is killed
– Imperial Baron Valen Rudor takes over Old Jho’s Pit Stop
– The Spectors steal a TIE Defender Elite
– Ezra sees a Loth-wolf, the first sighting of one in over 100 years
– The hijacking of Crawler 413-24 occurs
– Hera Syndulla leads the attack on Lothal TIE Defender factory
– Hera Syndulla is captured
– Grand Moff Tarkin informs Thrawn that his TIE Defender program has been halted in favor of Krennic’s Project Stardust
– Thrawn leaves Lothal to the incompetence of Governor Pryce to plead his case to Emperor Palpatine
– Thrawn agrees to handle a gralloc problem for Krennic’s Project Stardust in return for the continuation of funding for the TIE Defender program
– Thrawn reunites with the Chiss as well as Eli Vanto
– Thrawn finds Un’hee, a Chiss girl who was kidnapped by the Grysk for her Force-sensitivity and was forced to serve as a navigator
– To be rid of troublesome Imperial officer Brierly Ronan, Thrawn sends him and Vanto to investigate Haveland’s Aloxor system
– Dayja Collerand joins Vanto on Aloxor
– Processing gathered intelligence, Thrawn deduces that Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit was responsible for stealing supplies from Project Stardust in the guise of grolloc infestations
– Grand Admirals Thrawn and Savit thus commit their forces in a non-lethal battle
– Savit is defeated and captured by the Chimaera
– With the help of Thrawn’s TIE Defenders, the Chiss defeat the Grysks
– Kanan Jarrus mounts a rescue of Hera Syndulla
– Kanan Jarrus killed
– Cleat killed
– Duke killed
– R3-A3 destroyed
– Vult Skerris killed
– Lothal City fuel depot destroyed
– Ezra Bridger enters the World Between Worlds and saves Ahsoka Tano from Darth Vader’s blade at Malachor
– Ronan gives an unfavorable report of Thrawn to Governor Tarkin, and Project Stardust becomes the sole recipient of funding over the TIE Defender program until Stardust is completed
– Vader is assigned to protect Stardust
– Thrawn returns to Lothal with the escort of Captain Pellaeon aboard the Harbinger
– Thrawn convinces Ronan to travel with Ar’alani back to the Chiss Ascendancy
– Thrawn also recommends Commander Faro to take command of the Eleventh Fleet
– Palpatine orders Thrawn to reconstruct a part of the Lothal Jedi Temple within the Chimaera to tempt Ezra Bridger

0 BBY (1000 GC / 7,977 CRC)

– Liberation of Lothal
– Gregor killed
– Grand Admiral Thrawn captured by Ezra Bridger
– Ezra Bridger is reported missing in action
– Jacen Syndulla is born
– Farnay’s mother dies
– Armitage Hux born
– Rebel Infiltration of Iakar
– Battle of Ferrok Pax
– Battle of Allst Prime
– Battle of Mygeeto
– Battle of the Tower
– Pira Ten killed
– Bansu Ro sets off to train at the Imperial Academy on Carida
– Grand Moff Tarkin sends his protégé, Ellian Zahra, to assassinate the warlord Burnium Ro, who has connections with the Nihil of old

0 BBY (1000 GC / 7977 CRC) Rogue One

– Death Star existence revealed to Rebel Alliance
– Captain Cassian Andor Ring of Kafrene Mission
– Tivik killed
– Liberation of Jyn Erso on Wobani
– Vigilant destroyed
– Saw Gerrera’s Partisans attack Imperial forces on Jedha
– Jimmon Arbmab killed
– Operation Fracture
– Saw Gerrera killed
– Sirro Argonne killed
– Galen Erso killed
– Rasett Milio killed
– Vlex Onopin killed
– Ames Uravan killed
– Feyn Vann killed
– Imperial defector Bodhi Rook captured
– Holy City of Jedha destroyed by Death Star
– Battle of Scarif
– Death Star Plans captured
– Raddus killed
– Jyn Erso killed
– Baze Malbus killed
– Chirrut Îmwe killed
– Cassian Andor killed
– Bodhi Rook killed
– Antoc Merrick killed
– Pedrin Gaul killed
– Profundity destroyed
– Lightmaker destroyed
– Rogue One destroyed
– Orson Krennic killed
– Intimidator destroyed
– Persecutor destroyed
– Planetary base destroyed by Death Star
– The Tantive IV escapes with the vital information for Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine
– The Tantive IV hyperdrive malfunctions allows The Devastator to trace it’s course

0 BBY (1000 GC / 7977 CRC) New Hope

– The Tantive IV is intercepted by The Devastator over Tatooine
– R2-D2 and C-3PO escape with the Death Star Plans and land on Tatooine
– Leia Organa is captured
– Raymus Antilles killed
– Imperial Sandtroopers begin tracking the path of R2-D2 and C-3PO
– R2-D2 and C-3PO captured by Jawas
– Jawas sell R2-D2 and C-3PO to Owen Lars
– Imperial Sandtroopers attack Jawa’s in the Dune Seas
– R2-D2 escapes Lars Homestead
– Luke Skywalker and C-3PO search for R2, are attacked by Tusken Raiders
– Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues Luke, R2-D2 and C-3PO
– Luke Skywalker acquires his Anakin Skywalkers Lightsaber from Obi-Wan
– Imperials attack and destroy the Lars Homestead
– Owen and Beru Lars killed
– Greedo killed by Han Solo
– Obi-Wan Kenobi hires Han Solo and Chewbacca to transport them to Alderaan
– Luke Skywalker leaves Tatooine and begins training to become a Jedi
– Leia Organa is taken to the Death Star, where she is interrogated by Darth Vader and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
– The Imperial Senate is dissolved
– Alderaan is destroyed by the Death Star
– Battle on Vir Aphshire
– Alderaan Vigil Rioting on Coruscant
– Leia Organa is rescued from the Death Star
– Obi-Wan Kenobi purposely dies in a duel with Darth Vader and transforms into a Force spirit
– Shann Childsen killed
– The Battle of Yavin
– Jek Tono Porkins killed
– John Branon killed
– Jon Vander killed
– Dex Tiree killed
– Davish Krail killed
– Garven Dreis killed
– Theron Nett killed
– Puck Naeco killed
– Biggs Darklighter killed
– Grand Moff Tarkin killed
– Death Star destoryed
– Royal Award Ceremony on Yavin 4 occurs
– Caluan Ematt contacts the Alliance on Yavin 4 for help as he travels to Cyrkon
– Evacuation of Yavin IV
– Leia Organa sends Han Solo and Chewbacca to extract Ematt
– Cyrkon Extraction occurs
– Against Jan Dodonna’s orders, Leia Organa and Evaan Verlaine leave Yavin 4 overnight search the galaxy for surviving Alderaanians
– Han Solo and Chewbacca successfully conduct the Cyrkon Extraction, earning the trust of Caluan Ematt
– The Battle of Vrogas Vas occurs
– Karbin killed
– Solo is given his seventeen thousand credits by the Rebellion as promised by the late Obi-Wan Kenobi, though he loses it during a mission done as a favor for Luke Skywalker.
– Solo is then continually redirected by rebels across the galaxy to save lives.
– The Empire garrisons Basteel with a token presence in response to rumors of a resistance movement there.
– Chewbacca accidentally crashes his A-wing on Andelm IV
– Chewbacca is persuaded by a local girl named Zarro to free Andelm IV from slavery
– Chewbacca and Zarro are captured by Imperials and escape
– Chewbacca gives Zarro the medal he himself earned at the Battle of Yavin.
– Chewbacca proceeds to Kashyyyk to return the bandolier of a fallen Wookiee before leaving with the Millennium Falcon
– Skirmish over Llanic
– Luke Skywalker undertakes a mission to Rodia and a mission to Fex
– After a mission on Denon, Skywalker and Nakari Kelen go on a mission to Pasher
– Han Solo and Chewbacca take a step back from the rebel cause and return to smuggling
– Solo agrees to rescue Alliance intelligence chief Airen Cracken’s rebel spies
– Anno leads her people from between the seams of time and space to attack the Imperials pursuing the Dragon Void racers, allowing the latter to escape
– Solo returns to the Rebellion and realizes that he could not lie to himself and deny reality any longer
– The wedding of Famma and Yendiv Bensek occurs
– The mission to the Tellik Four Station occurs
– The infiltration of the Dreamers occurs
– The mission to Affadar occurs
– The mission to Anukara occurs
– The mission to neutralize blackmailers occurs
– Assault on Cymoon
– Skirmish over an unidentified green planet
– Attack on an unidentified pirate base
– Theft of the Triple-Zero protocol personality matrix
– Secret mission to Geonosis
– The skirmish in Cylo’s research base occurs
– The duel in Ben Kenobi’s home occurs
– The first attack on the Son-tuul Pride occurs
– The Son-Tuul Pride robbery occurs
– The mission to the Anthan system occurs
– The mission to Rion occurs
– Solo wins the Rion Swoop race
– The mission to Shu-Torun occurs
– The mission to Tibrin occurs
– The escape from the Monsua Nebula occurs
– The rescue of Luke Skywalker occurs
– The Battle of Vrogas Vas occurs

1 ABY (1001 GC / 7978 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 554 released
– The Arrth-Eno Mission occurs
– The assault on Sunspot Prison occurs
– The war on Shu-Torun occurs
– A battle at a delving citadel occurs
– The attack on the ancestral retreat occurs
– The Battle at Rubix’s Citadel occurs
– The hijacking of the Executor occurs
– The skirmish on the Ghost Moon occurs
– The hijacking of the Harbinger occurs
– The siege on Tureen VII occurs
– The escape from Skorii-Lei occurs
– Luke Skywalker undertakes a mission to the stonepower-strong world
– The raid at the Great Temple occurs
– The twilight of the Ordu Aspectu occurs
– Chelli Aphra obtains the Rur crystal, which contains the artificial intelligence of Rur
– Aphra and Luke Skywalker embark on a mission to Ktath’atn
– The Queen of Ktath’atn was an abersyn symbiote who leached upon the life force of her subjects.
– Aphra’s auction of Rur occurs
– The artificial intelligence of Rur, the self-proclaimed “Eternal Rur,” escapes from captivity
– The Imperial skirmish aboard the Sorca Retreat occurs
– Wealthy and influential parties are slaughtered by Rur and Imperial forces
– Darth Vader confronts Rur as Aphra escapes
– The escape from an unidentified ocean planet occurs
– The mission to Akiva occurs
– The mission to Horox III occurs
– R2-D2 concludes his successful mission to rescue C-3PO
– Arrests on Zeitooine
– Evacuation of Ivarujar
– The battle for Jedha occurs
– Mission to Crait
– Assault on the Mako-Ta Space Docks
– The Republic is destroyed
– Bandwin Cor killed
– Jan Dodonna killed
– Davits Draven killed
– Bob Hudsol killed
– Lajaie killed
– Vanden Willard killed
– The Heroes of Yavin are stranded on Hubin; they eventually escape, leading to an attack on an Imperial Impound Yard
– The rebels conduct a mission to Shu-Torun where Leia Organa plans to bring the traitor, Queen Trios, to ruin
– Rebel Alliance deploy to Echo Base on Hoth
– Undead Troopers Invasion

2 ABY (1002 GC / 7979 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 555 released
– Poe Dameron born

3 ABY (1003 GC 7980 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 556 released
– The Rebel Alliance launch the Mid Rim Offensive campaign
– Attack on Haidoral Prime
– Battle in the Kontahr sector
– Apailana’s Promise destroyed
– The Coyerti campaign begins
– The Hidden Hand crime syndicate puts together a crew to hunt for Vader. The crew fails with the betrayal of Dengar and the Hidden Hand is silenced
– Valance arranges for his people on Chorin, including his lover, Yuralla Vega, to be sheltered by rebels on Lowik in exchange for supplying the Hand’s weapons to the Rebellion
– Luke Skywalker begins to fly snowspeeders with Dak Ralter at Hoth’s Echo Base
– Death Squadron is misled in their search for the Rebellion’s main base of operations by Chelli Lona Aphra to the long-lost Jedi world of Tython.
– With the Empire redirected from probing Hoth, the Rebel Alliance is given an extra few weeks to prepare for an imminent Imperial intrusion
– Desperate for supplies, the Sixty-First make a raid on an Imperial heavy freighter in the Redhurne system
– Lando Calrissian freed the slaves held at the Fantanine mining colony

3 ABY (1003 GC / 7980 CRC) The Empire Strikes Back
– Imperial Viper Droid lands on Hoth
– Luke Skywalker attacked by a Wampa
– Imperial Fleet arrives in the Hoth System
– The Battle of Hoth
– General Philap Bygar killed
– K-3PO destroyed
– Derek Klivian killed
– Dak Ralter killed
– Zev Senesca killed
– Kit Valent killed
– Beak killed
– Micha Evon killed
– Purpruff killed
– Roja killed
– Tyrant disabled
– Admiral Ozzel killed
– Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia, and C-3PO escape capture and hide in the Hoth System Asteroid Belt
– Prelate Verge of the Imperial Ruling Council continues to hunt down the Sixty-First, commanding the unsuccessful infiltration of the rebel vessel Thunderstrike
– Darth Vader hires bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, IG-88B, Zuckuss and 4-LOM to track down the Millennium Falcon, which travels across the Anoat sector, eventually reaching Bespin’s Cloud City from the Hoth asteroid belt
– Luke Skywalker meets Yoda on Dagobah
– Duel on Cloud City
– Luke Skywalker loses a hand
– Han Solo captured by Boba Fett
– Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 escape from Cloud City, which is occupied by Imperial forces
– Darth Vader embarks on a quest for revenge against those who hid his son Luke Skywalker from him
– With the forensics droid ZED-6-7, Vader returns to the Lars moisture farm and later to Padmé Amidala’s apartment on Coruscant for clues
– Battle at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three
– Tyvarex destroyed
– Darth Vader orders that Luke Skywalker is not to be harmed
– Skywalker meets Verla, a former disciple the Jedi Ferren Barr
– Darth Vader discovers the truth of Padma’s death
– “The Contessa” is faced with rebuilding her rebel Corona Squadron after it fought at the Battle of Hoth and regrouped aboard the Liberty
– Under Commander Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron foils the plans of a group of hostile pirates
– Dengar gambles with and is indebted to the Ohnaka Gang, whose original leader, Hondo Ohnaka, had been replaced by Skragg
– Having cracked the Rebel Alliance’s codes the Empire tracks down rebels regrouping from the Battle of Hoth who initiated communications with other Alliance divisions
– The Falcon arrives at a battle at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three. The new arrivals aid in the rebels’ escape from Imperial forces led by Ellian Zahra
– After taking a fork-nosed ice worm fossil from Imperial forces on Hoth to sell to the Shadow University through Sava Estat, Chelli Lona Aphra embarks on a job to find the Rings of Vaale
– Tagge’s mercenaries trace Aphra’s crew to Vaale, taking the Ring of Fortune before destroying the city of living bone with Aphra and her crew captured
– Nakano Lash resurfaces near Kessel
– Leaving her lover, Losha, and her peaceful life on the Moon of Logal Ri behind, T’onga pursues Lash to avenge the death of her brother
– Amanaman agrees to notify Lando Calrissian should Boba Fett appear at Jabba’s Palace. Jabba himself forces Calrissian to agree to spy on the Rebellion on his behalf with the threat of death
– The Millennium Falcon leaves the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Redemption at Backup Rendezvous Point Gamma-Nine to return to Cloud City.
– Corona Squadron undertakes a series of reconnaissance missions for the Rebellion, charting the planet D’Qar shortly before the Battle of Endor
– Luke Skywalker seeks and fails to find his lost lightsaber
– Leia Organa infiltrates and is captured by the local Imperial garrison in her quest to learn more about the carbon-freezing mechanism.
– Lando Calrissian finds his friend Lobot and sabotages the surrounding area of refined tibanna
– Skywalker lets go of his search for his father’s lightsaber following a vision through the Force
– Luke SKywalker joins with Calrissian and Lobot to rescue Leia Organa from the Empire
– The Bespin Wing Guard join the Rebel Alliance
– Luke Skywalker meets Verla, a former disciple the Jedi Ferren Barr who rejected the Jedi, the Sith, and the Force in order to live her own life
– Verla gives Luke the location of a yellow-bladed lightsaber for him to claim for the extinct Jedi Order
– After a duel of wills against the phantom Grand Inquisitor, Skywalker asserts his understanding that the Jedi believed in self-sacrifice; compassion—dying for a greater cause
– Darth Vader and ZED-6-7 trail a transmitter from Padmé Amidala’s apartment and travel to Vendaxa after being led to a false finding of Luke Skywalker
– On Vendaxa, Vader encounters a group of Amidalans—individuals seeking to avenge the mysterious death of Padmé Amidala
– Darth Vader and his droid find Sabé, a handmaiden of the late Padmé Amidala
– Sabé joins Vader and leads him to Naboo, where she had hidden the security recordings taken from Amidala’s apartment
– Darth Vader meets Naboo Captains Gregar Typho and Tonra who attempt to ambush him.
– Vader then leads his death trooper unit to battle the Amidalans, who guarded the tomb of Padmé Amidala under the leadership of Ric Olié
– Darth Vader and ZED-6-7 trace a med implant at Amidala’s tomb to Polis Massa, which had been attacked and abandoned
– Finding a holorecording of his wife’s death, Vader destroys ZED-6-7 in his rage hearing Padmé’s last words that there is still good in him
– Mourner’s Wail kills Unbroken Clan soldiers in a bombing on Chorgad.
– Ooris Bynar is killed
– Vukorah finishes purging those loyal to the old line of the Unbroken Clan and hires Zuckuss and 4-LOM to hunt down Valance and Cadeliah to secure her own place as leader of the clan
– Remy delivers a replica of the Nihil Path engine to De’Rruyet Industries on Corellia before assisting Sana Starros with a drop-off on the world
– The Gortus 4 colony signs over rights to their moon, prompting the Tagge Construction Division to be tasked with establishing an ore factory within a week
– The strikes on the Keshk lunar colony continue for the eighth day as a result of wage disputes with the Keshk Corporation
– Beol De’Rruyet reveals that his De’Rruyet Industries has found a way to replicate the Nihil Path engine with the potential to completely change the galactic economy or end the galactic war
– Lucky reports Ronen’s fall to Lady Domina Tagge, who captures Aphra to Tagge Space after bounty hunter pursuits through Taris, Burnin Konn, and Arveesh Station
– Aphra enlists the help of Sana Starros to gain an audience with Lady Proxima at the Den of the White Worms on Corellia, who directs them to the Unbroken Clan
– Working alongside “Just Lucky” in Canto Bight, Ariole Yu offers to let Koz go if the latter pays his debt to Wen Delphis, leader of the Sixth Kin, although Kin enforcers are ambushed by traitors
– Emperor Palpatine instructs Domina Tagge to capture Beol De’Rruyet’s Nihil Path engine replica
– Aided by Lapin, Domina Tagge discovers that slicers had stolen confidential data from TaggeCo as well as its competitors
– Vader is deposited by Darth Sidious to the black sands of Mustafar, on the spot where the Sith apprentice was immolated decades prior
– To turn Vader’s anger back into fear and the fear into pain, Sidious sends Ochi of Bestoon, assassin of the Sith, as a reminder
– The Eye of Webbish Bog calls out to Vader, reminding the cyborg of his inner conflicts between his personal desire for power, his current servitude to the Sith and destined servitude to the Force, and his personal needs for family
– Darth Vader and Ochi reach the vicinity of Exegol, where they fly through an Imperial blockade led by Administrator Sly Moore as well as a creature of a summa-verminoth sub-species
– After receiving a vision of his son, Luke Skywalker, striking him down and taking his place at the Emperor’s side, Vader makes a forbidden use of the Force to subdue the beast, thereby violating his master’s command
– Through fear of the Emperor’s plans, Vader had become angered and was fueled by hatred, leading to a demonstration of power whereby the cyborg gained control over the beast and rode it to Exegol’s Sith Citadel
– Vader confronts his master but is subdued by pain. Vader’s beast lies dead, and Ochi loses his eyes
– The Rebellion’s Fourth Division joins forces with the Seventh Division after battling Ellian Zahra’s assault group at Elessia
– Operation Starlight begins
– The Pathfinders of the Rebel Alliance conduct a heist at Coruscant’s Imperial Museum to steal the Autonomous Translator Module, Mark II droid
– The Fourth and Seventh Divisions establish new secret communications with other rebels
– Starlight Squadron is established
– Starlight Squadron finds the ruins of the Sixth Division instead and is ambushed by Imperial probe droids.
– Lobot dies
– Aphra, Starros, and the Unbroken Clan attempt to seize the replica Path engine on Midarr
– Valance and Cadeliah flee to a rebel outpost on Lowik
– Bib Fortuna and Bossk join the Great Hunt of Malastare
– The Hunt for Han Solo begins
– Crimson Dawn resurfaces under Lady Qi’ra
– Boba Fett loses Solo to mysterious figures on Nar Shaddaa
– Jabba places a large bounty on Boba Fett, believing that he had betrayed him by selling Solo to another party
– Valance battles Skragg’s Ohnaka Gang, saves the rebel transport and secures the rebel locations for the Rebel Alliance’s Private Blanch Sproull
– Vader, believing that any attempts to rebel against the Emperor are futile, changes his strategy of keeping Luke Skywalker and his friends alive
– Vader decides that killing his son is the only way, and sets out to hunt for Han Solo using the services of Bokku the Hutt and Ochi of Bestoon
– Aboard Jabba’s yacht, the Star Jewel, alongside Bib Fortuna, Bossk learns of Jabba’s bounty on Boba Fett
– Intent on killing Fett and rescuing Solo, Valance is tracked down by Zuckuss and 4-LOM in the Y’Toub System
– Dengar arranges a deal between the four of them to postpone pursuing the Unbroken Clan’s bounty on Cadeliah and instead hunt down the wanted Fett
– Boba Fett is confronted by Zuckuss and 4-LOM. They are defeated and left for dead on Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine, respectively
– Chewbacca hears from Sagwa a lead on Han Solo’s location
– Working with Dengar to trail Boba Fett, Valance seeks to help Han Solo since the latter saved his life and run into Chewbacca and C-3PO on Nar Shaddaa.
– Chewbacca warns Valance not to cross paths with him again on their search for Solo, and they part in peace
– Valance and Dengar learn from Devono Vix that Crimson Dawn had returned and stolen Solo from Fett, but Vix is immediately killed by the assassin Deathstick.
– Valance and Dengar are pursued by Deathstick at Qi’ra’s behest.
– Valance and Dengar quietly escape to Canto Bight
– Dengar reclaims his ship, the Punishing One
– Dengar promises to give Deathstick the location of Cadeliah
– Crimson Dawn attacks the Mourner’s Wail
– T’onga and Losha recruit gladiator champions Tasu Leech and Zuckuss
– On Nar Shaddaa, General Vukorah is invited to the Crimson Dawn gathering by Deathstick
– R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Sagwa are ambushed by the Kanji gang on Nar Shaddaa and escape aboard the Falcon
– R2-D2 informs Skywalker of the locations of dozens of Jedi outposts
– Sagwa joins the Rebellion
– Sly Moore and her court hire IG-88 to destroy Vader in the fear that he could overpower the Emperor
– After defeating IG-88 at Zee-Nine City Seven in Hutt Space, Vader, Ochi, and Bokku find a Crimson Dawn lead to Han Solo. Bokku is tasked by Vader with obtaining Solo, as is Sly Moore
– Bounty hunter Boushh and his crew, hired by Crimson Dawn, attempt to assassinate the corporation’s executive board
– Amilyn Holdo informs Leia Organa that Solo was no longer with Fett, and is instead held at an auction hosted by Crimson Dawn
– Luke Skywalker and Starlight Squadron rescue the Eleventh Division at Ab Dalis, saving High Command’s Admiral Gial Ackbar and Alliance Chancellor Mon Mothma
– Lando Calrissian agrees to help rescue Solo
– Calrissian vows to revive Lobot
– On Jekara, Boba Fett leaves Bossk for dead after the Trandoshan attempted to capture him for Jabba
– Fett infiltrates the auction venue, and Jabba successfully outbids everyone for Solo with one million credits
– Crae battles Ariole Yu and Lucky. Darth Vader arrives claiming Solo as his own
– Qi’ra duels Lord Vader while Imperial General Romodi takes Han Solo aboard an Imperial shuttle headed for the Executor
– Wishing to maintain the Hutts’ relationship with the Empire, Jabba lets his prize go before leaving the auction halls himself
– Bokku leads dissident Hutt Council members to take back Solo from Romodi’s Imperial shuttle with a Hutt fleet
– Wishing to save Han Solo, Valance teams up with his hated rival, Boba Fett, to pursue the same shuttle aboard Slave I, leaving Dengar stranded on Jekara
– Vader, sensing the presence of Luke Skywalker above Jekara, pursues the Jedi trainee in orbit
– Chelli Lona Aphra and Sana Starros steal a Black Sun necklace containing data crystals from the Crimson Dawn gathering and make their escape
– Crae is killed
– Ariole Yu and Lucky are stranded at the Crimson Dawn venue by Aphra and Starros
– General Vukorah remains with Crimson Dawn, impressed with their confrontation with Vader
– Dengar is rescued by Deathstick, to whom he hands the location of Cadeliah
– Qi’ra continues pulling her strings as Crimson Dawn’s leader, anticipating the coming of the “end” while holding the Sith Holocron
– Crimson Dawn, the rebels, and Boba Fett depart Jekara
– Crimson Dawn also arranges for the crew of the Millennium Falcon to board the Executor and rescue Solo
– Boba Fett steals Solo and shoots Valance leaving him for dead aboard the Executor
– Working for Crimson Dawn, Deva Lompop has IG-88 restored to take Solo back from Boba Fett
– IG-88 retreats to a junk world in order to bide his time and improve his systems
– Boba Fett sells Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, where Fett remains
– Declaring the success of the “dawn,” Qi’ra gathers warriors such as Ren’s Knights of Ren in preparation for the reign of her organization
– Ochi apprehends Sly Moore
– Vader lets Moore go to fulfill his next mission from the Emperor: to hunt down Crimson Dawn’s operatives within the Empire
– Ochi kills his fellow master assassins to free an imprisoned Lady Qi’ra
– Operation Ringbreaker begins
– Rebels attack Imperial forces on Mardona III
– Siege of Inyusu Tor on Sullust occurs
– Shadow Wing reclaims the Kudo system from the defecting Admiral Gratloe’s private faction

4 ABY (1004 GC / 7981 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 557 released
– Leia Organa travels to Ord Mantell to find Maz Kanata for assistance in rescuing Han Solo
– Boushh killed
– Leia Organa acquires Boushh’s armor
– Leia Organa, disguised as Boushh, rescues Lando Calrissian from bounty hunters on Arkanis
– Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca arrive at Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine
– Dogfight in the Hudalla system
– Bothan operatives obtain footage of a second Death Star at Endor
– Smikes killed
– Rebel intelligence chief and general Airen Cracken’s men report a confirmed sighting of Boba Fett’s ship over Tatooine
– Luke Skywalker constructs a new lightsaber
– Captain Volk Aymeric’s rebel convoy protecting Princess Leia Organa withstands an attack by Imperial forces
– Mon Mothma orders members of Rebel High Command to convene on Zastiga
– Nien Nunb transports Leia Organa, Caluan Ematt, and C-3PO from Aymeric’s ship to Zastiga, where they join with Luke Skywalker and R2-D2
– Battle of Taanab
– Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Nien Nunb meet for a discussion of how Nunb saved Antilles at Hagar Secundus
– Skywalker also tells Leia Organa of his need to master patience to become a Jedi
– Organa proposes Operation Yellow Moon to buy much-needed time for the Rebellion and the galaxy at the risk of her life
– Operation Yellow Moon begins
– Rebels acquire the stolen Imperial shuttle named Tydirium
– Aboard the shuttle Tydirium, Leia Organa, Nien Nunb, and Kidi Aleri reach Kothlis, where they join Luke Skywalker
– Skywalker reports that they had gathered that Han Solo is still in carbonite, held at Jabba’s Palace
– Lynnta killed
– Death Squadron is ordered to move to the far side of Endor
– With his green-bladed lightsaber, Luke Skywalker leads a raid at Imperial Refining Platform M36 to secure an entire year’s worth of fuel supplies for the Rebel Alliance
– The Battle on Mordal
– An Imperial armada launches a surprise attack on the Core Worlds, though it is defeated at the border of the Hosnian system

4 ABY (1004 GC / 7981 CRC) Return of the Jedi

– Rescue of Han Solo
– Jabba the Hutt killed
– Salacious B. Crumb killed
– Barada killed
– Kithaba killed
– Pote Snitkin killed
– Pagetti Rook killed
– Velken Tezeri killed
– Vedain killed
– Klaatu killed
– Wooof killed
– Ree-Yees killed
– Hermi Odle killed
– Pateesa killed
– Boba Fett is heavily injured, and loses armor
– Yoda dies on Dagobah
– Luke Skywalker tells Leia Organa that they are siblings and that Darth Vader is their father
– A strike team led by Alliance General Han Solo lands on the Forest Moon of Endor with the shuttle Tydirium.
– Rebels gather Ewok allies from Bright Tree Village
– Departing the Sullust system, the Alliance Fleet flies into the trap set for them by the Emperor in the Endor system
– Battle of Endor
– Han Solo’s strike team and Ewok allies destroy the Death Star’s shield generator, allowing rebel starfighters to infiltrate the Death Star’s reactor core
– Anakin Skywalker kills Darth Sidious fulfilling the prophecy of the Chosen One and bringing balance to the Force by destroying the Sith
– Anakin Skywalker killed
– Adon Fox killed
– Arvel Crynyd killed
– Kokely killed
– Sila Kott killed
– Grizz Frix killed
– Ekelarc Yong killed
– Keir Santage killed
– Gureni Telsij killed
– Liberty destroyed
– Nautilian destroyed
– Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod killed
– Admiral Firmus Piett killed
– Admiral Jhared Montferrat killed
– Commander Gradd killed
– Death Star II destroyed
– Executor destroyed
– Pride of Tarlandia destroyed
– Devastator destroyed
– Harbinger destroyed
– Vehement destroyed
– Battle of the Hosnian system
– Accordance destroyed
– Coruscant Civil War
– Rorak killed
– Han Solo and Leia Organa married
– Leia Organa begins Jedi training on Ajan Kloss
– Battle of Cawa City
– Operation Cinder launched
– Torment destroyed
– Liberation of Sullust
– Battle of Malastare
– Jordan Karls
– Cutter Poole

New Republic Era: 4 – 34 ABY (1004-1034 GC / 7981 – 8011 CRC)

4 ABY (1004 GC / 7981 CRC)

– The Rebel Alliance officially reorganizes into the New Republic

5 ABY (1005 GC / 7982 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 558 released
– The New Republic restores the Galactic Senate on Chandrila, its capital
– Battle of Naalol
– Rebellion on Akiva
– Grand Moff Valco Pandion killed
– Arsin Crassus killed
– Ascent destroyed
– Vigilance destroyed
– Golden Harp destroyed
– Battle of Var-Shaa
– Var-Shaa dockyard destroyed
– Project Starhawk launched
– Shara Bey and Kes Dameron move to Yavin IV
– Skirmish on Takodana
– Lando Calrissian liberates Cloud City
– Battle of Nag Ubdur
– Siege of Arkanis
– Battle for Kuat Drive Yards
– Liberation of Kashyyyk
– Lozen Tolruck killed
– Urian Orlan killed
– Vitiator destroyed
– Imperial-New Republic peace talks
– Attack on Chandrila
– Windom Traducier killed
– Hostis I killed
– Adea Rite killed
– Naboo invasions
– Confederacy of Corporate Systems formed
– New Separatist Union formed
– New Republic moves capital to planet Nakadia
– Brin Izisca becomes the leader of the Church of the Force
– Senator Tolwar Wartol is arrested for attempting to assassinate Mon Mothma
– Battle of Jakku
– Kyrsta Agate killed
– Starlight Wanderer destroyed
– Freedom’s Dawn destroyed
– Amity destroyed
– Concord destroyed
– Brentin Lore Wexley killed
– Mister Bones destroyed
– Gallius Rax killed
– Groff killed
– Garrick Versio killed
– Ravager destroyed
– Eviscerator destroyed
– Inflictor destroyed
– Interrogator destroyed
– Punishment destroyed
– Steadfast destroyed
– Spectral destroyed
– The New Republic and Galactic Empire cease hostilities
– Imperial remnant enters Unknown Regions
– The Ryloth Insurgency ends
– Ben Solo born
– Luke Skywalker begins searching the galaxy for lost lore of the Force
– Tamara Ryvora born
– T-70 X-wing introduced

6 ABY (1006 GC / 7983 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 559 released
– Paige Tico is born

7 ABY (1007 GC / 7984 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 560 released
– Second skirmish in the Mesulan Remnants Belt
– Fyzen Gor killed
– Dozen killed

8 ABY (1008 GC / 7985 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 560 released
– Poe Dameron starts pilot training

9 ABY (1009 GC / 7986 CRC) The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka

– HoloNet News Vol. 561 released
– Gideon’s Imperial remnant issues a bounty to multiple hunters on Grogu
– Din Djarin rescues Grogu on Arvala-7
– Din Djarin kills Mudhorn with assistance from Grogu
– Din Djarin upgrades armor, frees Grogu on Nevarro
– Skirmish on Sorgan
– Hunt for Fennec Shand
– Toro Calican killed
– Fennec Shand saved by Boba Fett on Tatooine
– Attack on the Tribe on Nevarro
– Rescue of Qin
– Q9-0 destroyed
– Davan killed
– Skirmish on Nevarro
– Kuiil killed
– IG-11 destroyed
– The Client killed
– Din Djarin recovers Boba Fetts armor on Tatooine
– Din Djarin joins the Nite Owls in a mission to steal weapons from Gideon’s Imperial remnant
– Second skirmish on Nevarro
– Din Djarin and Grogu travel to Corvus to meet Ahsoka Tano
– Morgan Elsbeth killed
– Lang killed
– Boba Fett regains his Mandalorian Armor
– Din Djarin conducted a mission against Imperial remnants on Morak
– Din Djarin defeats Moff Gideon to claim the Dark Saber
– Jedi Luke Skywalker reveals his identity and beckons Grogu to come with him with Din’s permission
– Djarin travels to Corvus along with Grogu, meeting Ahsoka Tano.
– Tano sees that she could not train Grogu, as Djarin had formed a paternal bond with the child, and in turn suggests that Djarin take Grogu to Tython, where the child could find his path in the Force.
– Boba Fett and Fennec Shand attack Jabba’s Palace, replacing Bib Fortuna’s place as master of the palace
– A gang war erupts on Tatooine, with Daimyo Boba Fett’s Fett gotra defeating the Pyke Syndicate presence in the world and emerging as its leading criminal syndicate
– Luke Skywalker builds a Jedi Temple on Ossus using ant droids
– Din Djarin and Bo-Katan bath in the Living Waters of Mandalore beneath the Ruins of Sundari
– Kryze Castle was bombed by Imperial Forces on Kalevala
– New Republic erases the mind of Dr. Penn Pershing using a Mind Flayer
– Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren begin their search for Ezra Bridger
– Bo-Katan leads twelve spies to Mandalore to scout out the Great Forge
– A skirmish erupts on Mandalore with a Mandalorian victory over the Imperial Remnant
– The Darksaber is heavily damaged
– Moff Gideon killed on Mandalore
– Mandalorians led by Bo-Katan retook the planet Mandalore with Bo-Katan as their leader.
– Ahsoka Tano conflicts with Force users Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati.
– The Eye of Sion intergalactic transport is completed over Seatos.
– New Republic General Hera Syndulla defies orders to help Tano and Wren in their pursuit on Seatos
– Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano, and Ezra Bridger reunite on Peridea
– The Dathomiri Great Mothers help Thrawn’s forces with their return to the known galaxy, arriving at Dathomir.
– Baylan Skoll leaves Hati, who leads a band of nomads, to attend to the mysteries of the Force on Peridea.
– Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano, and Huyang remain on Peridea, Ezra Bridger returns to the New Republic.

10 ABY (1010 GC / 7987 CRC)

– CS-9147 is born in the Otomok system.
– HF-3311 is born on Gannaria.
– Shara Bey dies of bloodburn.

11 ABY (1011 GC / 7988 CRC)
– Births of Rose Tico, of Hays Minor, and Finn.

12 ABY (1012 GC / 7989 CRC)
– Korr Sella is born to Sondiv Sella and a fellow New Republic politician.
– Tallissan Lintra is born.

13 ABY (1013 GC / 7990 CRC)
– Births of ST-I4191, Kadara Calrissian, and Kaydel Ko Connix; the last on Dulathia.

14 ABY (1014 GC / 7991 CRC)
– Naka Iit begins a career as a scavenger on the planet Jakku.
– Births of Devi, Strunk, and Kazuda Xiono; the latter is the son of New Republic Senator Hamato Xiono.
– Finn is abducted by the First Order at the age of three from his family.

15 ABY (1015 GC / 7992 CRC)
– Rey is born from Dathan and Miramir on Hyperkarn.
– Luke Skywalker restores the Jedi Order.
– Ben Solo begins training with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.
– Kadara Calrissian is abducted.

16 ABY (1016 GC / 7993 CRC)
– Izal Garsea is born on the Meridian.
– Luke Skywalker teaches his new padawans in the ways of the Force.

17 ABY (1017 GC / 7994 CRC)
– NK-Witell-class freighter is introduced.

18 ABY (1018 GC / 7995 CRC)
– Torra Doza is born to Venisa and Imanuel Doza.
– Jac Lodain is born.
– Poe Dameron leaves New Republic service and joins the Spice Runners of Kijimi.
– Ransolm Casterfo leaves Riosa’s planetary security force to start a career as a politician.

19 ABY (1019 GC / 7996 CRC)
– Yama Dex is born on Corellia.
– Exantor Divo graduates from the Hosnian Prime Academy of Law Enforcement.
– Tomasso dies.
– Sela Trune is born.
– Mission to Elphrona; during his attempt to rebuild the Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker visits the Elphrona Outpost with his Padawan Ben Solo and the explorer Lor San Tekka, encountering Ren and the Knights of Ren, who also wish to claim the artifacts inside the outpost.

20 ABY (1020 GC / 7997 CRC)
– Mattis Banz is born on Durkteel.

21 ABY (1021 GC / 7998 CRC)
– Sith loyalist Ochi of Bestoon kills Rey’s father and mother after the pair sold Rey to Unkar Plutt on Jakku in hopes of isolating the youngling from the reach of the Sith.
– Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian undertakes a mission to Pasaana, in which the duo tracks Ochi of Bestoon after Skywalker sensed a disturbance in the Force. The two fail to find Ochi, who eventually dies on Pasaana. Calrissian stays on the planet after finding peace and a sense of community amongst the local Aki-Aki.
– The First Order is formed.
– The First Order begins using Rinnrivin Di’s cartel and the Amaxine warriors to procure funds for constructing its navy.

22 ABY (1022 GC / 7999 CRC)
– Egil dies on Parnassos.

23 ABY (1023 GC / 8000 CRC)
– Poe Dameron leaves the Spice Runners of Kijimi and returns home.
– Captain CD-0922, the bodyguard of Brendol Hux, lead stormtrooper trainer of the Finalizer, and formerly the Jakku orphan Archex, is presented a personalized set of red stormtrooper armor and given the name Cardinal by Hux, his father figure.

24 ABY (1024 GC / 8001 CRC)
– Aboard the Naboo yacht of the late Emperor Palpatine, Brendol Hux and a small group of stormtroopers crash on Parnassos. They leave Parnassos after recruiting the Scyre warrior Phasma, who betrays her people to seek a better life, and the girl Frey, who is placed in the stormtrooper training program.
– Cardinal is tasked with introducing Phasma to First Order technology and protocols, and Cardinal’s duty as the lead stormtrooper trainer is split with Phasma. Cardinal is transferred to the Absolution, and Brendol Hux acquires a new bodyguard.
– Joph Seastriker enrolls in the New Republic Academy.

25 ABY (1025 GC / 8002 CRC)
– Phasma forges her stormtrooper armor from chromium salvaged from the Emperor’s favorite yacht, sparking greater jealousy from Cardinal.
– Greer Sonnel is diagnosed with Bloodburn syndrome.
– Ten-year-old Rey crafted a toy doll of a Rebel pilot using debris she found in the junkfields of Jakku.

26 ABY (1026 GC / 8003 CRC)
– Rose and Paige Tico crash a Z-95 Headhunter in a flight simulation.

27 ABY (1027 GC / 8004 CRC)
– The New Republic issues a wanted poster for crime lord Rinnrivin Di.
– Temmin Wexley joins the New Republic Defense Fleet.
– Poe Dameron joins the New Republic Academy.

28 ABY (1028 GC / 8005 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 580 released
– The Bail Organa statue-dedication ceremony occurs.
– Amaxine warrior crisis.
– The mission to Bastatha occurs.
– The mission to Sibensko occurs.
– Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy is destroyed
– Hennix killed
– Voe killed
– Ben Solo becomes Kylo Ren joins First Order
– Luke Skywalker goes into exile on Ahch-To
– Han Solo and Leia Organa drift apart
– Napkin Bombing occurs
– Arliz Hadrassian killed
– Tai-Lin Garr killed
– Senator Leia Organa resigns from the Galactic Senate
– Resistance formed to counter the First Order
– Carise Sindian is expelled from Elder Houses
– Resurgent-class Star Destroyer introduced
– Allegiant General Enric Pryde is issued the Steadfast Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Supreme Leader Snoke.

29 ABY (1029 GC / 8006 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 581 released
– BB-8 is created on Hosnian Prime
– Worlds secede from the New Republic to join the First Order
– R2-D2 goes into low-power mode
– The Resistance is staffed to operational levels.
– Leia Organa begins to search for Luke Skywalker.

30 ABY (1030 GC / 8007 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 582 released
– BB-8 is assigned to Poe Dameron
– Brendol Hux is killed

31 ABY (1031 GC / 8008 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 583 released
– Hunt for Dooku’s Treasure occurs
– Poe Dameron and BB-8 leave the New Republic for the Resistance
– Gannis Ducain steals the Millennium Falcon from Han Solo

32 ABY (1032 GC / 8009 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 584 released
– Poe Dameron forms Black Squadron

Rise of the First Order: 33 – 35 ABY (1033 – 1035 GC / 8010 – 8012 CRC)

33 ABY (1033 GC / 8010 CRC)

– HoloNet News Vol. 585 released
– Senator Lanever Villecham is elected Chancellor of the New Republic
– Suraz engagement
– Muran killed
– Skirmish in OR-Kappa-2722
– Republic pilot Kazuda Xiono delivers secret information to Poe Dameron
– The mission to Taul occurs.
– The rescue of Admiral Ackbar occurs.
– The mission to Ovanis occurs.
– The mission to Megalox Beta occurs.
– Operation Sabre Strike

34 ABY (1034 GC / 8011 CRC) Star Wars Resistance
– HoloNet News Vol. 586 released
– Kazuda Xiono embarks on a mission to spy on First Order activity at the Colossus platform on Castilon
– Rey saves the junk boss Unkar Plutt from a kidnapping by the Zendiat Collective.
– The skirmish on Pheryon occurs.
– The mission to Kaddak occurs.
– L’ulo L’ampar sacrifices himself to protect innocent lives in a battle over a desert planet.
– The funeral of L’ulo L’ampar occurs.
– A mission to obtain fuel occurs.
– The mission to Spalex occurs.
– The mission to Cato Neimoidia occurs. Terex travels to the Absolution to meet with Captain Phasma.
– The mission to Pillio occurs.
– Rescue of Lor San Tekka occurs.
– Missions against pirates in the Cassander sector occur.
– Paid by the First Order, Kragan Gorr leads a pirate raid on the Colossus, and the Order’s Baron Elrik Vonreg attempts to coerce the station’s Captain Imanuel Doza to accept First Order protection.
– Xiono saves refugees Eila and Kel from the First Order’s Commander Pyre.
– A second raid on the platform occurs.
– The Platform Classic takes place.
– Xiono spies on negotiations between Captain Doza and Baron Vonreg.
– Xiono and Dameron destroy Station Theta Black.
– The All Aces Battle Royale takes place.
– The Bibo incident occurs.
– Xiono stops the First Order’s theft of a phase connector.
– Gorr’s Warbird gang abducts Torra Doza, Captain Doza’s daughter, forcing him to accept the First Order occupation of the Colossus.
– Attack on Tuanul. The village of Tuanul is sacked by the First Order, which had been pursuing a clue to the missing Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s location.
– FN-2187 and Poe Dameron escape from the Finalizer.
– The scavenger Rey, the former First Order stormtrooper Finn, and the Resistance astromech droid BB-8 escape from Jakku aboard the retrieved Millennium Falcon, previously stolen by Unkar Plutt, to evade the First Order.
– Skirmish aboard the Eravana.
– The mission to Athulla occurs.

34 ABY (1034 GC / 8011 CRC) The Force Awakens
– Attack on Tuanul
– FN-2003 killed
– Lor San Tekka killed
– Poe Dameron captured
– Rey finds BB-8
– FN-2187 Finn and Poe Dameron escape from the Finalizer
– Rey and Finn meet, escape in Millennium Falcon
– Skirmish aboard the Eravana
– Tasu Leech killed
– Razoo Qin-Fee killed
– Volzang Li-Thrull killed
– Crokind Shand killed
– Tolomar Reez killed
– Mission to Athulla
– Leema Kai killed
– Hosnian Cataclysm
– The battle of Kestro occurs.
– The Colossus resistance led by Kazuda Xiono, Jarek Yeager, and Captain Doza expel First Order forces from the Colossus and take the station into hyperspace. Tamara Ryvora, a mechanic working for Yeager, joins the First Order.
– Battle of Takodana. The First Order sacks Takodana Castle, searching for Resistance astromech droid BB-8.
– Battle of Starkiller Base. Resistance forces engage with First Order at their stronghold, destroying the Starkiller Base superweapon.
– Kylo Ren murders his father, Han Solo.
– The skirmish on the Retribution occurs.
– The hunt for Rivas occurs.
– With the exposure of their base on D’Qar, the Resistance begins evacuating. The First Order attacks in the midst of the evacuation, but the Resistance fleet escapes.
General Leia Organa sends Inferno Squad and Black Squadron on a mission to the Outer Rim Territories to find allies of the Resistance.
– With the First Order in need of refueling stations to supply their of conquest the galaxy, Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny aboard the Star Destroyer Thunderer hunt for the Colossus, which roams the galaxy for a safe haven. In order to supply the Colossus, its crew steal coaxium from the wreckage over D’Qar.
– Battle on Pastoria. Black Squadron fails to persuade King Siroc to ally with the Resistance against the First Order.
– Rey and Chewbacca find Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To, a planet in the Unknown Regions. Skywalker briefly trains her before she departs to try to redeem Kylo Ren.

34 ABY (1034 GC / 8011 CRC) The Last Jedi

– Battle of D’Qar
– The First Order fleet ambushes the fleeing Resistance
– Fulminatrix Destoryed
– The Resistance mission to Canto Bight occurs.
– Goneril Killed
– Suday Bascus Killed
– Moden Canady Killed
– Nix Jerd Killed
– Edon Kappehl Killed
– Paige Tico Killed
– Ben Teene Killed
– Finch Dallow Killed
– Spennie Killed
– Zizi Tlo Killed
– Jaycris Tubbs
– Battle of Crait
– Rey is captured by the First Order
– The Skywalker lightsaber is destroyed
– Gial Ackar Killed
– Guila Angira Killed
– Idrosen Gawat Killed
– Amilyn Holdo Killed
– Tallissan Lintra Killed
– Stomeroni Starck Killed
– Captain Phasma Killed
– Snoke Killed
– Luke Skywalker joins the Force
– Raddus Destroyed
– Ninka Destroyed
– Anodyne Destroyed
– Vigil Destroyed
– Supremacy Crippled
– Fulminatrix Destroyed
– 20 Resurgent-class Star Destroyers Destroyed
– Battle of Grail City
– Blockade of Kashyyyk
– Battle of Batuu
– Walfgar Kath Killed
– Finalizer Destroyed
– Battle of Ryloth
– Hahnee Brethen Killed
– Destruction of Tah’Nuhna
– The First Order Hunt for the Colossus
– The Battle of Jakoosk
– Venisa Doza is captured aboard the Thunderer.
– Ace Squadron takes part in the Voxx Vortex 5000
– The Colossus moves through Guavian Death Space
– Xiono and his best friend and engineer, Neeku Vozo, and CB-23 infiltrate the Titan to secure a trans-binary deflector
– Resistance agent Norath Kev is rescued on Varkana
– Kragan Gorr’s Warbird gang stages a mutiny on the Colossus that fails
– First Order forces attack Aeos Prime, devastating a local village
– Colossus arrives at Aeos Prime
– Xiono leaves tio join the Resistance near Batuu.
– First Order’s blockade of Dantooine is broken.
– The First Order bombards Aeos Prime.
– Tamara Ryvora defects from the First Order
– The Thunderer is destroyed.
– The Battle of Grail City occurs
– The Resistance launch a mission to Corellia and a mission to Bracca to secure a list of people targeted by the First Order
– After fleeing Ryloth, the Resistance move to a Collective safe house on Helmaxa
– The Resistance then relocates to Anoat
– Allegiant General Enric Pryde is given a seat on the First Order Supreme Council.
– The First Order annihilates Tah’Nuhna.
– Black Squadron secures munitions from the moon of Avedot.
– Leia Organa leads a mission to Mon Cala, securing their people’s support and Aftab Ackbar’s ships
– The First Order invades Mon Cala
– Blockade of Kashyyyk occurs
– The Resistance stops the First Order on Minfar
– Strono Tuggs sets up shop at Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost and publishes his cookbook The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook.
– Resistance spy Vi Moradi and former stormtrooper Archex journey to Batuu and establish a Resistance base at the galaxy’s edge.
– Battle of Batuu occurs
– The First Order’s 709th Legion occupies Black Spire Outpost.
– The Resistance and the First Order compete over Batuu.
– The Finalizer is crippled in battle above Batuu and is retired from service.
– Kylo Ren transfers his command to Allegiant General Pryde’s flagship, the Steadfast.
– Kylo Ren orders the ruins of Skywalker’s Jedi Temple to be bombarded

35 ABY (1035 GC / 8012 CRC) The Rise of Skywalker

– HoloNet News Vol. 587 released
– Sheev Palpatine Addresses the Galaxy
– Kylo Ren travels to Mustafar to find a Force-imbued Sith wayfinder.
– Kylo Ren travels to Exegol
– The Mission to Sinta Glacier Colony occurs; the First Order Supreme Council recognizes a hidden spy within a their ranks.
– Leia Organa Solo Dies
– Festival of the Ancestors begins on Pasaana
– The First Order tracks down Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, BB-8, C-3PO, and Chewbacca to Pasaana.
– Chewbacca gets captured by the First Order
– The mission to Kijimi occurs.
– Armitage Hux Killed
– The crew of the Millennium Falcon conducts a mission to Kef Bir in search of the Emperor’s whereabouts.
– Rey takes Ren’s starfighter and attempts to exile herself on Ahch-To
– Luke Skywalker gives Leia Organa lightsaber to Rey
– The X-Wing Red 5 is pulled from the sea of Ahch-To. Rey uses it to fly to Exegol
– Lando Calrissian broadcasts to the galaxy the First Order plans and gathers thousands of ships to travel to Exegol.
– Allegiant General Enric Pryde assumes control of the First Order and pledges himself to Darth Sidious
– Destruction of Kijimi by the First Order
– Ben Solo arrives at the Sith Citadel to assist Rey, battling through defending Knights of Ren
– Battle of Exegol
– Darth Sidious fights against Rey and Ben Solo before the Throne of the Sith.
– Rey is empowered by the force energy of thousands of Jedi in her fight to end the Sith.
– Rey is mortally wounded in the fight with Sidious.
– Sheev Palpatine Killed
– Ben Solo sacrifices himself to revive Rey by giving her what remains of his life Force.
– Solo becomes one with the Force together with his mother, Leia Skywalker Organa Solo.
– Tantive IV Destroyed
– Finn successfully leads a raid to destroy the Sith Fleet ability to communicate.
– Steadfast Destroyed
– The Sith Fleet of Xyston-class Star Destroyers crash down upon Exegol’s surface as the Resistance claim victory over the First Order
– Enric Pryde Killed
– Frantis Griss Killed
– Vicrul Killed
– Cardo Killed
– Ushar Killed
– Trudgen Killed
– Kuruk Killed
– Ap’lek Killed
– Seftin Vanik Killed
– Kallie Lintra Killed
– Temmin Wexley Killed
– R6-D8 Destroyed
– Urcos Furdam Killed
– Nien Nunb Killed
– An uprising against the First Order takes place across the galaxy, freeing the once Imperial / First Order held systems.
– The Restoration of the New Republic occurs

New Jedi Order: 35 ABY – ? (1035 GC / 8012 CRC)

– Rey finalizes the construction of a yellow-bladed lightsaber—her new personal weapon.
– Rey and BB-8 arrive at Tatooine with the Millennium Falcon. Rey buries the Skywalker twin’s lightsabers by the Lars Homestead and, with the blessing of Luke Skywalker and Leia Skywalker Organa Solo, recognizes herself as a Skywalker.
– Rey Skywalker works to restore peace in the galaxy as a Jedi Master.

50 ABY (1050 GC / 8027 CRC)
– HoloNet News Vol. 602 released
– Rey Skywalker establishes a new Jedi Order.


– Fey Zara operates a cantina in a distant corner of the galaxy that hosts a series of holotables upon which patrons may play games based on pivotal conflicts of galactic history.
– An artist, possibly Gammit Chond, creates maps based on tales of the galaxy, and his works end up in the Shadow Stacks of the Graf Archive. Later, the drawings are exhumed by a trainee archivist.
– An archival task force led by archive droid TR-33NA scours the Graf Archive in a restoration effort for artifacts of historical importance. Within the library, they find an old illustrated journal of galactic species and cultures. TR-33NA identifies the drawing style to be similar to that of Gammit Chond.
– A Whill is asked by other Whills to chronicle events that transpired in the galaxy into the Journal of the Whills. After a lifetime of preparation, the Whill begins writing an entry titled “Episode IV” for an audience far away from the galaxy.
– A dissatisfied Whill instead writes about how Chewbacca’s family celebrated Life Day in another journal while the former Whill goes on to write how the Empire strikes back in the next episode.

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