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Stun Gauntlets

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Model: Palandrix Personal Protection Gear Stun Gauntlets
Type: Hand-to-hand stun gauntlets
Skill: Brawling
Ammo: 10 charges
Cost: 300
Availability: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: STR+2D stun

Background: Shock Fists were insulated heavy-duty gloves that delivered an electric shock upon striking a target with an unarmed attack. Due to circuitry interwoven throughout the stun gauntlet, electricity was transferred from the energy cells to the impact point, causing the weapon to glow with electrical energy when activated. Because of their design, these gauntlets could not be disarmed or dropped.

One of the known manufacturers of stun gauntlets was Palandrix Personal Protection Gear, which claimed to have made a stun gauntlet variety for virtually all known sentient species.

Appearances: The Bad Batch

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