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Whether you are looking for a non player character or building a player character from scratch, there are special base states for those species of Alien. For a full list of Aliens, see our section in the templates, Aliens.

The following is a general breakdown of Alien species for quick reference.

Many people live in the galaxy use the word “race” when referring to various aliens. While this usage is common, it is also incorrect. The proper term for each alien is “species”, as “race” is also a term used to denote different sub-groups of a particular species, distinguished by different physical characteristics. This distinction is an important one because, like humans, many alien species have a number of races.

Human2D2D2D2D2D2DThe dominant species in the galaxy.
Baragwin1D+21D+12D+12D2D+22DFavored: Weapon or Armor Repair; Thick Hide:+2 Armor
Bothan2D2D1D+13D1D+22DEmo Fur: ripples according to emotional state
Besalisk1D+22D+11D+22D2D+21D+2Extra Limbs: +1D Climb and Brawl; Food Stores (1 week)
Culisetto2D+21D+22D2D+21D+12DEctoparasite: drink blood to heal (treat as self admin Medpac)
Devaronian2D3D1D2D+22D+11DFavored: Intimidate or Stealth
Dug2D+11D+22D+11D+22D2DFavored: Athletics or Intimidate; Bellow
Duros2D1D+13D1D+22D2DFavored: Astrogation, Pilot Starship, Sensors, or Ship Repair
Gand1D+22D1D+22D+22D+11D+2Gas Breather; Chitin +1D Armor; Findsmen ritual +2D Search
Gigoran2D1D1D+11D+23D+22D+1Gas Breather; +1D Stamina to resist cold
Gran2D1D+22D2D+22D1D+2Infrared Vision; +1D to Search (visual)
Harch1D+13D1D+22D+11D+22DExtra Limbs: +1D Climb and Brawl; Venom (3D Dam/d6 Days)
Hutt1D+12D+21D2D+23D1D+1Slow, can’t run; +1D Str vs physical damage; Resist Force +2D.
Iktotchi1D+22D2D+12D2D2D+1D to Initiative; Favored: Pilot Starship or Starship Repair
Ithorian2D2D+21D+12D+12D1D+2Peaceful; Favored: Survival; Bellow (Str Sonic Damage)
Jawa2D2D2D+11D+21D3DFavored: Tec Skills
Lasat2D1D+21D+22D3D1D+2Favored: Athletics
Karkarodan2D1D+12D1D+23D2DAquatic; Bite for Str+2D Damage; Favored: Search (Scent)
Kubaz1D+22D1D+23D1D+22DFavored: Stealth; Nightvision
Mon Calamari2D2D2D+11D+12D2D+1Aquatic; Hatred: Slavery
Nautolan2D2D2D2D2D+11D+2Aquatic; Low-Light Vision; Emo Sense (+1D to interaction)
Nemoidian1D+22D+12D2D+21D+22D+2Favored: one Tec Skill
Ortolan1D+22D1D2D+12D+22D+1Foraging: +1D to Search for Food; Iron guts: +1D vs Poison
Rodian3D1D+21D+22D2D+21DFavored: Intimidate; Nightvision
Sakiyan2D2D2D2D1D+22D+1Favored: Repulsor Skills
Skrilling1D+21D+22D2D+22D+21D+1Favored: Bargain; Acid Spray: 2D Damage
Talz2D1D+21D+22D3D1D+2Hatred: Slavery; Favored: Survival
Tognathian2D+22D1D+21D+22D+11D+2Gas Breather; Chitin +1D Armor; Telepathy w/ Tognathians
Togrutan2D+22D2D2D1D+21D+2Echolocation; Teamworkers (double assist points)
Toydarian3D2D2D+11D+11D+12DFlight; Resist Force +2D.
Trandoshan2D1D+11D+22D4D1DInfrared Vision; Clumsy (-1D to fine motor); Regeneration
Twi’lek2D1D+11D+23D+12D1DSecret Headtail Communication.
Whipid2D2D1D+22D+13D1DFavored: Survival; Claws: Str+1D Damage
Weequay2D+11D+22D2D2D+11D+2Telepathy w/ Weequays; Horned Hide:+1 Armor/Dam
Wookiee2D1D2D1D4D1D+2Favored: Athletics or Brawl; Climbing Claws: +1D to climbing
Zabrak2D1D+22D2D2D+12DFavored: Stamina; Horns: Str+2 Damage.

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