Human2D2D2D2D2D2DThe dominant species in the galaxy.
Baragwin1D+21D+12D+12D2D+22DFavored: Weapon or Armor Repair; Thick Hide:+2 Armor
Bothan2D2D1D+13D1D+22DEmo Fur: ripples according to emotional state
Besalisk1D+22D+11D+22D2D+21D+2Extra Limbs: +1D Climb and Brawl; Food Stores (1 week)
CulisettoEctoparasite: drink blood to heal (treat as self admin Medpac)
DevaronianFavored: Intimidate or Stealth
DugFavored: Athletics or Intimidate; Bellow
DurosFavored: Astrogation, Pilot Starship, Sensors, or Ship Repair
GandGas Breather; Chitin +1D Armor; Findsmen ritual +2D Search
GigoranGas Breather; +1D Stamina to resist cold
GranInfrared Vision; +1D to Search (visual)
HarchExtra Limbs: +1D Climb and Brawl; Venom (3D Dam/d6 Days)
HuttSlow, can’t run; +1D Str vs physical damage; Resist Force +2D.
Iktotchi+1D to Initiative; Favored: Pilot Starship or Starship Repair
IthorianPeaceful; Favored: Survival; Bellow (Str Sonic Damage)
JawaFavored: Tec Skills
LasatFavored: Athletics
KarkarodanAquatic; Bite for Str+2D Damage; Favored: Search (Scent)
KubazFavored: Stealth; Nightvision
Mon CalamariAquatic; Hatred: Slavery
NautolanAquatic; Low-Light Vision; Emo Sense (+1D to interaction)
NemoidianFavored: one Tec Skill
OrtolanForaging: +1D to Search for Food; Iron guts: +1D vs Poison
RodianFavored: Intimidate; Nightvision
SakiyanFavored: Repulsor Skills
SkrillingFavored: Bargain; Acid Spray: 2D Damage
TalzHatred: Slavery; Favored: Survival
TognathianGas Breather; Chitin +1D Armor; Telepathy w/ Tognathians
TogrutanEcholocation; Teamworkers (double assist points)
ToydarianFlight; Resist Force +2D.
TrandoshanInfrared Vision; Clumsy (-1D to fine motor); Regeneration
Twi’lekSecret Headtail Communication.
WhipidFavored: Survival; Claws: Str+1D Damage
WeequayTelepathy w/ Weequays; Horned Hide:+1 Armor/Dam
WookieeFavored: Athletics or Brawl; Climbing Claws: +1D to climbing
ZabrakFavored: Stamina; Horns: Str+2 Damage.

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