Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Shock Collar

Model: Standard shock collar
Type: Personal restraint device
Cost: 1,000
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes: Security collars have a Strength of 7D to hold individuals. If the collar takes any damage, or if a security attempt to escape (Heroic+10 difficulty) fails by more than 5, it delivers an extremely painful neural shock, (2D damage, victim must make a Difficult stamina roll or fall unconscious). Most security collars come with remote triggers or voice activation.

Background: A device placed around the neck of a captive individual or creature in order to shock them into submission.

Emperor Ollie

Emperor Ollie, AKA Oliver Queen & Shooting Wamprats, has published several fan made source books for Star Wars The Roleplaying game including Ahsoka the Novel Sourcebook, Star Wars Rebels Sourcebook Season 1 & 2, The High Republic: A Test of Courage Sourcebook, Splinter of the Mind's Eye Sourcebook and countless others.

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