Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Prison Ship Murder, Criminal Escapes

The New Republic Prison Ship, BOTHAN-5, was raided by criminals in a daring plan to breakout the criminal labeled as X-6-9-11, was a Twi’lek male mercenary from Ryloth that was arrested by the New Republic earlier this year.

The raid occurred while the prisoner was transported to a New Republic internment camp. A New Republic Officer was killed during the escape, and several droids were destroyed.

In what has been called a double cross, several of the criminals were found locked in a cell. New Republic Sector Officer Carson Teva stated, “We have several members of the raiding party in custody, and New Republic patrols traced the escaped craft to an outpost that was destroyed after a brief fight. No other New Republic members were hurt”.

The criminals in custody will be charged for the murder of a member of the New Republic and sentenced to hard labor.

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