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Non-Alcoholic & Teas



This protein drink is consumed by spacers to keep their bodies healthy during long runs. It is served hot. +1D to stamina checks while running for 12 hours after
consuming drink. A glass costs between 2 to 4 credits.

Alcoari Milk
A fruit milk. Used by Wookiees for drinking and cooking. A glass costs between 1 to 3 credits.

Alphaberry Sap-Shake
Alphaberry Sap-Shakes was a green beverage with a garnish on top. A glass costs 2 credits.

Altha Protein Drink
A fairly tasty, protein-packed drink that was favored by athletic beings during the early years of the New Republic +1 to stamina when running or lifting for 6
hours after consumption. A bottle cost 1 to 3 credits.

Aquilie Water
This is a bottled spring water favored by citizens of the Empire in the Core Worlds. A bottle costs between 2 to 3 credits.

Ardees Cola
This refreshing non-alcoholic cola is carbonated and flavored by the Ardees Beverage Company, during the years following the Clone Wars. A bottle costs between
1 to 2 credits.

This was a drinkable form of bacta, developed during the early years of the New Republic. Despite its obvious healing benefits, bactade looked like muddy water and tasted like chalk. Now almost impossible to find. +1 to strength when making a healing roll for 1 hour after consuming product. A bottle costs between 8 to 14

A warm beverage, often served at breakfast. +1 to perception for 2 hours after consumption. Glass costs between 3-5 credits.

Belaria Juice
This fruit beverage is favored by the Iotran race. A glass costs between 2 to 4 credits.

Blue Milk
This nutrient-rich beverage is served on worlds where natural resources are scarce. Humans from planets such as Tatooine consume blue milk to supplement the
water-poor diets of its inhabitants. Blue milk is also rumored to have medicinal value. + 1D to stamina in a desert environment for 3 hours after consumption. A glass costs between 2 to 4 credits.

Cactus Pulque
A form of nutritious beverage, pressed from cactus plants. +2 to stamina in a desert environment for 2 hours after consumption. A glass cost between 1 to 3

This stimulating beverage, favored on Core Worlds like Stassia, is best served hot. +1 to stamina rolls. A glass costs between 2 to 4 credits.

Canteen Water
Standard canteen with a days worth of water. Usually can be found available at any trading post for 1 credit.

Calamarian Water
This filtered water was produced from the oceans of the planet Calamari, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. a bottle costs between 3 to 7 credits.

Chak juice
A beverage created by the Ewoks. Popularly sold during the Ewok Festival of Love celebrations. Chak juice is considered tasty, and is made from a substance which
Ewoks called Chak. This substance came from the Great Tree of Endor. A glass costs 2-5 credits.

A refreshing beverage made from some unidentifiable organic substance. Best served cold. A glass costs between 1 to 3 credits.

This beverage, usually served hot, is consumed on the planet Beheboth. A glass costs between 2 to 4 credits.

A non-alcoholic iced drink, favored by Bothan race. A glass costs between 4-6 credits. Must make a easy stamina roll, if failed Person must tell the truth about whatever they are being asked about. Effect lasts for 5 rounds after consumption. There is a reason why the bothans love this drink it makes it easier to extort
information from others.

A form of hot chocolate. A cup costs 2-5 credits.

A strong, hot, stimulating beverage. +1D to Stamina rolls for a 3 hour period after drinking. A mug costs 1-2 credits.

Corellian Noale
A non-alcoholic version of Corellian ale. A glass cost between 3-5 credits.

Deb-deb Juice
A milky, sweet liquid

Drath Coke Classic
The company, after a huge galactic out cry, has gone back to the original formula for Drath. Now many Bothans will not have to die without their favorite soda.
A glass costs between 1 to 2 credits.

Duncow Milk
Milk from the Duncow, a milk-producing bovine. A glass costs between 1-4 credits.

Elba Water
A non-alcoholic beverage created from Elba. A bottle costs 2-5 credits.

Endrolian Ground-apple Juice
This beverage is supposedly non-alcoholic, but it can be quickly fermented into a fine spirit. A glass of apple juice costs 1-2 credits.

A particularly dark, rich variety of coffeine. It is usually consumed in small quantities. +2D to stamina rolls for 4 hours after drinking. A shot costs 4 to 7 credits.

This is a carbonated beverage enjoyed throughout the galaxy. The Squibs use empty Fizz-Pop cans as the badges of their most trusted diplomats. A can costs
between 1-3 credits.

Fizzroot Shake
The Fizzroot Shake was a purple beverage available to humans at the Hap’s Sap Tap eatery on Tenoo. A glass costs 2 credits.

A carbonated beverage, popular with children during the last years of the Old Republic.

An intergalactic carbonated beverage favored on Nar Shaddaa and many backwater worlds. A glass costs between 2-3 credits.

Fruit Fizz
A non-alcoholic drink favored by many of the New Republic’s starfighter pilots. A glass costs 4-8 credits.

Galactic Cola
In a unique approach to marketing, Galactic Cola comes flat. A can costs 1-2 credits. About 5% of cola drinkers like flat soda unless youre a Rodian they love flat soda it’s no wonder Rodia is the only place that Galactic Cola has the biggest share of the soda market.

Ganessa Juice
A fruit juice. A glass costs 2-5 credits.

Ganno Juice
This thick, black, syrupy juice was favored by the Jawas, but its bitter taste was hated by most other races. A glass costs 1-3 credits.

Green Milk
Green milk was a salty, nutritious green-colored milk produced by female thala-sirens for their children. A glass costs 1-2 credits.

Grumph Egg Juice
Tastes not unlike battery acid. An Egg costs 3-8 credits. Why anyone would order this is beyond me, even a dare would be too much.

Hap Shake
The Hap Shake was one of the daily specials at Hap’s Sap Tap. A glass costs 2 credits.

Haven Water
This was the name of the pure, spring water bottled by Mister Mxil on the planet Port Haven. It came out of the ground at incredibly cold temperatures, which resulted in a low mist hanging over the spring when it hit the warm jungle air. A bottle costs between 3 to 6 credits . A good story but something tells me it just comes out of a tap.

Ho Din herbal Tea
A steaming beverages. Hodins often used their skills in herbal medicine to cultivate addictive qualities in the teas,

HorstBerry Cider
Non-alcoholic cider. A glass costs between 1 to 3 credits. A delightful berry taste.

Hot Chocolate
Pretty much what it sounds like. A mug costs 1-3 credits.

Hoth chocolate
A variant of hot chocolate containing Tauntaun milk, and a number of different spices mixed with cocoa and boiling water. Hoth chocolate is associated with the
Wookiee Life Day.

Jaffa Cider
This pressed, mulled juice was known for its rich fragrance. A glass costs 2-4 credits.

Juma Juice
This non-alcoholic beverage was favored by many Jedi Knights, during the last years of the Old Republic. A small flask was reputedly sufficient to render Kath
hounds unconscious. A difficult stamina roll against guard animals. If failed the animal passes out for 3D rounds. A flask cost 10-20 credits.

This spiced fruit juice was a favorite among the Bothan natives of the planet Bothawui. A glass costs between 3 to 6 credits.

Krayt milk
A drink. It was served with dianoga pie. Aglass cost 1-2 credits.

Lactil Milk
Milk from the bovine Lactil. A glass costs 1-4 credits.

This orange-flavored cinnamon drink was favored by the natives of Meirm City, on the Copper Coast of Sriluur. A glass costs 3-7 credits.

Lerothek Milk
Tastes like sour milk. A glass costs 1-2 credits.

Mattberry Juice
Juice made from the sweet berry of the Mattberry plant. A glass cost 2-4 credits.

Mineral Shake
Has a gritty texture to it, but tastes fair. +2 to stamina for 8 hours after consummation. A glass cost 4-6 credits.

This was the name used to describe the ultra-pure water condensed from the clouds of the planet Barnaba. It was bottled and sold throughout Tapani
Sector, and commanded a high price during the height of the New Order. A bottle cost 12-25 credits.

Mupple juice
A beverage popular on Roon during the early years of the Galactic Empire. A glass costs 1-3 credits.

Muja Juice
This juice was created from the berries of the muja tree. A harmonious combination of strong fragrance and light flavor. A glass costs between 4 to 9 credits.

Orgone Bubbler
a fizzy, fruity drink favored by the upper class. A glass costs 10-15 credits.

A barely-palatable beverage, orotay found acceptance among the armed forces of the New Republic because it helped them stay alert. Ronks were found to be allergic to it. Following the Battle of Endor, orotay production fell off, and the price began to rise. + 1D to stamina for 24 hours after consumption. 2-5 credits Pre Endor, 4-10 credits Post.

A drink brewed from the paricha root, usually served spiced. It is described as having a soft flavor A glass costs 4-11 credits.

PassionFruit Syrup
A very thick, sweet, red syrupy drink. A glass costs 3-5 credits.

Pawei Juice
A tart drink. A glass cost 1-2 credits.

This was a soft drink favored by the youth of the galaxy, during the height of the New Order. A can costs between 2-4 credits.

30,000+ Flavors (partial listing)

  1. Dobian Creme Chill
  2. Mog
  3. Galactic Egon Juice
  4. Flexian Flax
  5. Yanoo Zop
  6. Galactic Moon Juice
  7. Corellian Crisp
  8. Skoran Fizz
  9. Spran Slam
  10. Cherry Blast
  11. Mr. Carbo
  12. Molnoc Berry Bash
  13. Galactic Saper
  14. Sun Spot
  15. Abizan Gan Slam
  16. Galactic Lofel Juice
  17. BoSS Leaper
  18. Sun Fizz
  19. Bonix Mellon
  20. Okak Olak
  21. Slap Tap
  22. Koac Krush
  23. Satellite Blast
  24. Kojenkian Fott
  25. Corporate Crystal
  26. Tiny Brocca
  27. Tatooine Twist
  28. Fandel Squirt
  29. Gleez Weez
  30. Kwenn Stout
  31. Kalidrian Juice
  32. Rub-a-Zoon
  33. Durian Spratz
  34. Parrcous Floderious
  35. Loopadoopa
  36. Guada Fruit Slam
  37. Galactic Papel Juice
  38. Emperors Elixir
  39. Guada Naznior
  40. Galactic Luin Juice
  41. Coruscant Crush
  42. Vanilla Fresh Zine
  43. Galactic Volic Juice
  44. IRG Elite
  45. Fraggle Natch
  46. Galactic Motol Juice
  47. Thunder Slush
  48. Dony Sats

Quarren Sea Dew
Honey-like in taste, watery in body. non-alcoholic. A glass cost 1-3 credits.

Rancor Aid
A drink developed by escaped Nightsister slaves on the planet Dathomir. It was a tasty beverage made from the skin of local Rancors that replenished the body’s
electrolytes. A glass costs between 10-14 credits. A +1 to stamina for 8 hours after water has been consumed.

Ragnook Spring Water
This refreshing water was captured from springs hidden in the Ragnook Mountains of the planet Kothlis. A glass costs between 5-8 credits.

Ralla Water
The sweet, clear water found in the mineral springs of R’alla. It is very expensive, due to its purity and taste, and was often smuggled off-planet for sale at cutthroat
prices. After the rise of the New Republic, the water was made more plentiful by an increase in trade with R’alla. A glass costs between 15 to 35 credits during the
Imperial Era. The price dropped between 7 to 20 credits a glass during the New Republic.

Reythan Berry Juice
A fruit juice, produced from fruits native to the planet . Noted for its sweet aroma and flavor. A glass cost 2-6 credits.

Ruby Bliel
This non-alcoholic drink is a favorite of young children. A can costs 1-2 credits.

This warm beverage was a staple on the planet Exocron, and was often drunk in the mid-afternoon. A glass cost 5-8 credits.

A highly-charged, carbonated beverage, Rush contained enough natural stimulants to keep the average human wide awake for several days. +1D to stamina for 48 hours. A corresponding -1D to stamina for 60 hours afterwards. A glass cost 5-8 credits.

Single-celery Soda
This is a favored beverage of the Ugor race. A glass costs 2-4 credits.

This is a strong form of caf, brewed to provide an instant burst of energy. An energy drink. +1D to stamina rolls. A glass costs between 2 to 4 credits.

This was a form of synthetic milk, developed to provide calcium and other nutrients to beings who lived on planets which had no source of natural milk. A glass
costs 1-2 credits.

TGM Protein Fruit Concentrate Refresher
This beverage, produced by the technology corporation TransGalMeg Industries, is a staple of the company’s employees. + 1D to stamina for 24 hours after
consumption. A glass costs 3-6 credits.

Vitamin Shake
Tastes horrible, but provides a lot of energy. +1D+2 to stamina for 4 hours after water has been consumed. A glass costs 8-14 credits.

A pure, distilled water which was fortified with vitamins and sold by the bottle. A +2 to stamina for 24 hours after water has been consumed. A bottle costs between
2-4 credits.

Wampa Milk
Not really wampa milk, but a name used to represent any native milk drink A glass costs between 1 to 3 credits.

Yartigan Well Water
This sparklingly clear mineral water was served in many bars throughout the galaxy. A glass cost between 1-3 credits.


Adira VineSpider Tea
Strange, almost mossy tea. Very narcotic hallucinogen, not for humans at all!!! Very difficult stamina roll, Heroic stamina roll for humans. A cup costs between 2
and 4 credits. I saw a human drink this once. Afterwards he kept screaming that he was a toydarian prince who needed to get b ack to his people and k ept
leaping off the tables trying to fly. He eventually did fly when I threw him out of the bar. About 4 feet if I recall, not my best throw.

Ardees Beverage
Ardees Beverage was a branded version of Moogan Tea produced by the Commerce Guild after it took control of the planet Mooga. The Ardees Beverage Company was created to produce the newly-trademarked beverage from its now-proprietary recipe. It costs 1 credit per bottle.

Calamarian Tea
Also know as C-Tea, this beverage is brewed from sea plants of the planet Mon Calamari. +2 to stamina on water planets. A glass costs between 2 to 5 credits.

Chandrilan Herb Tea
Brewed from leaves grown on the planet Chandrila, this tea is known for its soothing properties. Served hot. A glass costs between 2 to 3 credits.

Cyanoberry Tea
Tea made from cyanoberries. Perfectly safe for most species it is deadly for Ithorians, Bothans and Verpines. A cup costs between 2-4 credits. A very difficult stamina roll for the affected species. If failed they suffer 4D damage.

Dianogan Tea
A steeped beverage, usually served hot, considered a delicacy by the Muun race, stains lips and mouth of those who drink it. They were easily identifiable by
purple lips, purple teeth, and black gums, although the staining effect was temporary. They found the stains a small price to pay for the flavor, aroma, and mildly
narcotic effect of the tea. Named for the fact that it was brewed from a chemical found in the spleen of a dianoga. A glass costs 9-13 credits. I dont know how
anyone can look at the spleen of a dianoga and say lets make a tea out of this but it takes all kinds.

Doxxen Tea
A steep brew favored by the Shashay. A spicy milky blend. A +1 to stamina rolls for 8 hours after consummation. A glass costs 3-5 credits.

This was a bitter-tasting brew, steeped from the dried shells of insects native to the planet Geonosis. A glass costs 5- 7 credits. Popular among those races that like
to eat insects. Just dont order it next to a Verpine, they take offense usually with a blaster.

A spiced tea, favorite beverage of the Ithorian. A glass costs 4-9 credits.

Jeru Tea
A syrupy, sweet tea that has a calming effect when imbibed. A cup costs 4-7 credits. A moderate willpower is required to initiate combat. Increase difficulty by every cup taken by 3. Person may still defend themselves.

Kopi Tea
This steeped tea was brewed on the planet Frego. When properly brewed, Kopi tea is a deep orange color. It has a malty yet delicate flavor. A glass costs between 1 to 3 credits.

Moogan Tea
Moogan Tea was a beverage that was popular throughout the Outer Rim. It was brewed daily at drinking establishments using a spiced syrup or tea concentrate. The drink was sweet, spicy, and frothy. It costs 1 credit per bottle or glass.

Naris-bud Tea
A stimulating drink. Highly aromatic and completely lacking in astringency. + 1 to stamina roll for 24 hours after consumption. A cup cost 1-2 credits.

Pepper Tea
A strong, stimulating variety of hot tea. +1D+2 to stamina for 4 hours after consumption. A cup costs between 4-8 credits.

Rek Tea
This was one of the many kinds of tea which were brewed by the Korunnai from the leaves of plants found in the jungles of Haruun Kal. +2 to stamina for 12 hours.
This drink usually can only be found in the deep jungles of Haruun Kal.

A highly effervescent tea could be served cold or boiled, depending on the drinker’s tastes. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Its quite good actually. Non-alcoholic. A glass costs between 1 to 3 credits. A good way to clear your sinuses.

Spidervine Tea
A tasty tea with a spicy bite to it. A cup costs 4-7 credits.

Stim Tea
A strong, steeped beverage that has the side effect of raising a person’s alertness, much like coffeine. +1D+1 to stamina rolls. A cup costs 3 to 6 credits. Add 1 partPawei Juice, 2 parts Charde, and 1 part Snig to 3 partsof this tea makes an excellent hangover remedy.

Tanque Tea
A Corellian steeped beverage. Murky liquid with root fragments in it. A cup costs 3-9 credits.

Tarine Tea
A drink brewed on Kuan, it has been made for many generations. Custom dictates that the leaves be first scraped, then arranged in a certain pattern in the pot
before boiling water is added and the leaves steeped. +1D to stamina for 4 hours after drink is consumed. A cup coasts 3-6 credits.

Tatooine Hkak Bean Tea
A stimulating, brewed tea. Made from the beans of the h’kak bush. Distinguished by its intense, orange color. +1D to willpower for 4 hours after consuming product. A cup costs 3-7 credits.

Ti il Tea
This is a hot beverage brewed from the t’iil plant’s leaves. An earthy aroma and a nutty flavor. A glass costs between 2-5 credits.

Wake tea
A stimulating, hot beverage.+2D to stamina for 4 hours after consumption. A cup costs between 5-9 credits.

Yara Leaf Tea

The yara plant was a rare plant growing on a particular giant Tenoo tree. Tea made out of yara leaves could heal the sniffles. A cup cost 50 credits.

Droid Drinks

Nepenthé was a viscous lubricant used to protect against mechanical wear while delivering program patches. On the planet Plazir-15 a batch of Nepenthé was tempered by Commissioner Helgait to cause multiple droids to malfunction.