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Capital Ships

MC75 Star Cruiser

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Craft: Mon Calamari Shipyards MC75 Star Cruiser
Type: Star Cruiser
Scale: Capital
Length: 1,204.44 meters
Skill: Capital ship piloting: MC75
Crew: 3,255, gunners 246, skeleton: 730/+10
Crew Skill: Capital ship piloting 5D+2, capital ship shields 5D, sensors 3D+1, astrogation 4D, capital ship gunnery 5D
Passengers: 800 (troops)
Cargo Capacity: 10,000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 years
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x9
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D
Space: 2
Atmosphere: 225; 650 kph
Hull: 5D+2
Shields: 3D
Passive: 40/1D
Scan: 60/2D
Search: 120/3D
Focus: 5/4D

20 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: 5 front, 5 left, 5 right, 5 back
Crew: 1
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 4D
Space Range: 1-3/10/20
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1/2 km
Damage: 6D
12 Turbolaser Batteries
Fire Arc: 6 left, 6 right
Crew: 1 (3)
Scale: Capital
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 3-15/35/75
Atmosphere Range: 6-30/70/150 km
Damage: 4D
4 Heavy Ion Cannons
Fire Arc: 2 left, 2 right
Crew: 2
Scale: Capital
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 3D
Space Range: 1-10/25/50
Atmosphere Range: 2-20/50/100 km
Damage: 3D
12 Proton Torpedo Launchers (10 torpedoes each)
Fire Arc: 6 left, 6 right
Crew: 1 (3)
Scale: Capital
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 2-12/30/60
Atmosphere Range: 4-24/60/120 km
Damage: 9D
6 Tractor Beam Projectors (fire separately)
Fire Arc: 1 front, 2 left, 2 right, 1 rear
Crew: 1 (10)
Scale: Capital
Skill: Capital ship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D+2
Space Range: 1-5/15/30
Atmosphere Range: 2-10/30/60 km
Damage: 4D
Vehicle Complement: 12 X-wings, 2 shuttles

Game Notes: Mon Cal star cruisers have 3D backup shields. When a die of shields is lost, if the shield operators can make an Easy capital ship shield total, one of the backup die codes of shields can be brought up to increase the shield back to 3D. The ship has a quad-docking located in the ventral area.

Background: The Peaceful Mon Calamari learned harsh and costly lessons during the Clone Wars. So when the Empire brought them more subjugation, the aquatic race was ready. A launch of spaceworthy structures that the Empire mistook to be city buildings heralded a mass exodus from the watery world to safer shoals in the depths of space. The Mon Calamari converted these transports and passenger liners into capital ships, with Admiral Raddus’ Profundity one of the first read for battle.

The blade-like fins extending from the tapered hull are deliberate design choices that trigger deeply coded fears of predatory fish on Mon Calamari. The dorsal mast is a sensor cluster and transmission mast that keeps Admiral Raddus keenly aware of shifting battle conditions. The ventral mast suspends the command bridge beneath the bulk of the vessel.

What was once an enormous civics atrium has been hollowed out of the primary hull and converted into a docking bay and starship service area. Magnetic containment fields keep oxygen and pressure in the hollow, while overlapping deflector shields prevent enemy fire or ordnance from breaching what would otherwise be a vulnerable break. Service lifts lower starfighters from interior hangar decks for an immediate scramble into combat zones.

Twelve repurposed Kuat Drive Yards sublight thrusters propel the massive warship through real space, giving it the cruising speed required to stay apace with its escorting swarm of starfighters.

Pre-war, the profundity was the civic governance twoer of Nystullum-an, an underwater city beneath the planet’s northern ice floes. Much of the crew consists of the city’s defense staff, led by its former mayor and now fleet commander, Admiral Raddus.

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