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Krykna (Knobby Spider)

Type: Arachnid predator
Habitat: Arid deserts and caves
Homeworld: Atollon



Brawling 4D+2, climbing/jumping 5D

Special Abilities:
• Mandibles: Does STR+1D damage.
• Six Legs: Due to their number of legs, krykna receive a +2D modifer to climbing and +1D+1 to brawling.
• Carapace: Te krykna’s thick, rock textured carapace grants it +7D versus physical and energy attacks. The exposed head and eyes below the carapace are vulnerable points on the krykna (+2D difculty modifer to hit, on result of Wounded or better the kryknas is incapacitated).
• Natural Camouflage: Krykna burrow into the ground during the warm days, blending into the natural desert and rocky areas of Atollon (+2D to hide sneak skill checks).
• Darkvision: Can see up to 20 meters in total darkness.
• Webbing: Kryknas can weave one web a round; creating up to three webs per standard hour. The abdominal sac typically holds up to 10 webs. Breaking out of the webbing is a Very Difcult Strength or lifing (or body/hull) task. Normal webbing lasts up to two hours, although kryknas can produce a preservative saliva that allows a web to last for several weeks. For every three webs weaved the scale increases one level, up to a max of starfghter.
• Force Resistance: Kryknas have an innate defense against Force-based mind manipulation techniques and roll double their Perception dice to resist such attacks.

Story Arcs:
• Krykna have highly developed senses and will avoid equipment or that gives off a strong signal, like perimeter sensor suites (within 5-10 meters radius).

Move: 8

Size: 2.4 meters

Scale: Character

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