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Species: Milodon
Type: Carnivorous insect
Planet of Origin: Quarzite


Special Abilities:
Speeder-scale: Because of their size Milodon are considered Speeder-scale.
Enhanced Senses: The Milodon suffers no penalties for poor lighting.
Clinging: Milodon can scuttle along vertical surfaces and across ceilings.

Move: 30; 90 kmh
Size: 25 meters long
Orneriness: 1D

Background: Large, swift-footed centipede-like non-sentient insects, milodons had a pair of glowing eyes on either side of their heads. Carnivorous creatures, they had 24 legs that moved at high speeds and could keep pace with subtrams, in addition to four sharp mandibles with pincers, as well as feelers. Milodons found on Quarzite had mottled purple and brown carapaces with yellow eyes, while those on Hissrich had a green carapace with light green eyes.

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