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Hush-98 Comlink

Model: SoroSuub Hush-98
Type: Personal comlink
Skill: Communications
Cost: 4,000
Availability: 4
Range: 100 kilometers over land and up to low orbit

Game Notes: Encryption technology requires a Heroic communications roll to decrypt if intercepted. The Hush-98 also creates a tiny field of white noise around the comlink and whoever holds it, making it difficult to overhear what
is said into the unit (-2D search penalty to overhear) or sounds coming out of it (-3D search penalty).

Background: The Hush-98 comlink was a model of handheld comlink manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. It featured a 100-kilometer range, variable frequencies, encoding, a sound-reproduction matrix, a reception antenna, and built-in silence projectors that allowed the user to maintain stealth. The Hush-98 was also capable of sending complex information, such as blood sample data. The comlink could be paired with SoroSuub’s Imagecaster Personal Holoprojector in order to allow live broadcast or recording of holograms.

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