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Species: Kybuck
Type: Praries Dasher
Planet of Origin: Kashyyyk



Jumping 6D
Lifting 4D

Special Abilities:
Charge Attack: Using horns to charge deals STR+2 damage.

Move: 30
Size: 1.5 meters
Orneriness: 1D

Background: Kybucks were ungulates native to the Woolwarricca prairies of Kashyyyk, and similar in appearance to the tauntauns of Hoth.

Their swift speed, along with the cover of their natural environment, allowed them to be able to run from predators. Kybucks could run at up to 90 kilometers per hour. Males had short horns sitting atop their head. There were many different breeds of kybucks, often identifiable by relative size and form of their horns.

Kybucks mated for life. They raised an annual litter of two or three foals in rearing grounds protected by a barb thicket. Kybucks tended to flee from enemies when alone, but if a foe threatened a kybuck’s offspring, the parents would fight to defend them. Kybucks attacked using leaping kicks and horned head-butts to fight off enemies. Judging by the way Yoda spoke to his kybuck, these creatures appeared to be quite intelligent.

The Wookiees of Woolwarrica adored the kybuck for having protective familial instincts that resembled that of the Wookiee culture. The Wookiees did not hunt the creatures. Some chieftains often domesticated kybucks as a symbol of status.

Grand Master Yoda of the Jedi Order received over thirty three kybucks during the time period from before the year 115 BBY until 19 BBY.

While patrolling on Korriban, one of Yoda’s kybucks was attacked and killed by an enraged tuk’ata. In approximately 32 BBY, Yoda recorded this event in Sorzus Syn’s chronicle and noted that he had not yet replaced it.

By 19 BBY, however, Yoda had a new kybuck, received as a gift as a token of gratitude for saving the life of a Woolwarricca princess. The creature would assist the Jedi during the Battle of Coruscant.

A colony of kybucks was established on Felucia during the battle there by Confederate mercenaries, including Vazus Mandrake, who tended to the creatures after the war’s end.

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