Wednesday, July 24, 2024


The probe droid is going to shoot at you. Your best bet is to try and dodge out of the way. You’ll need to make two rolls here, one for the probe droids action and one for your dodge. The droid has a blaster skill of 4D: roll 4 dice, add them up and remember the total (in the game the gamemaster would normally make skill rolls for the enemy).

Now you need to make a dodge roll for yourself. Dodge is a Dexterity skill — Cara’s dodge has been improved to 3D+2. Don’t let that +2 worry you: it just means that you roll 3 dice and add 2 to the total. Now compare what you rolled for dodge with the total you rolled for the probe droids blaster:

• If the probe droid ’s blaster is higher than your dodge roll, you’ve been hit: go to Part 8.

• If your dodge roll is equal to or higher than the droid’s roll, you’ve dodged its blaster shot. Now you can return fire with your own blaster: go to Part 2.