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Bantha Burgers
A bantha burger was made from the grilled haunches of a bantha, served between two pieces of bread.

Bantha Rump
Also known as bantha surprise, this rump roast was prepared using cuts of meat from the bantha tenderloin, and stewed in a broth of various seasonings and vegetables native to Kashyyyk.

Bantha Steak
Bantha steak also known as bantha beef was the edible meat of a bantha and a type of steak.

Banzon was a spicy food on the planet M’haeli.

Bivoli Tempari 
Bivoli Tempari was a very expensive, sweet dish with toughened meat in a syrupy sauce.

Braxas Special
The Braxas special was a food dish on the planet Solay named after the information broker Braxas. It consisted of a bowl of different meat chunks with a live scorpion inside.

Bruallki was a herd animal used for food, sometimes served for semi-formal or formal occasions. It was usually prepared braised, and many believed it was best served with Menkooro whiskey.

Canron was a jellied meat which was carefully braised and seasoned. It was a popular food, and due to its high price, it was often smuggled around the Outer Rim. It costs 75-100 credits per loaf.

Chandrilan Squall Tendermeat
Chandrilan squall tendermeat was a form of meat from the planet Chandrila. A dish composed of Chandrilan squall tendermeat with fresh colla sauce was served in restaurants across the Core.

Channelfish Sandwich
Channelfish sandwich was a type of sandwich made by using channelfish as one of its ingredients.

Sushi was a dish that features grain rice cooked in vinegar, served with raw or cooked seafood and various toppings or fillings. They cost 1 credit each.

Tenooan Channelfish Dumpling
The Tenooan channelfish dumplings were a type of dumpling created by the Latero chef Hap. The dumplings were a special menu item served in Hap’s Sap Tap.


Mudhorn Egg
The mudhorns of Arvala-7 laid fur-covered eggs that Jawas favored. The have a trade value of 700 credits.


Glowblue noodles
Glowblue noodles were a blue-hued noodle dish created by the chef Gormaanda, who demonstrated her adaptable recipe in one of her cooking holovids. The dish costs 3 credits.


Bantha Steak Soup
Bantha Steak Soup was a soup made primarily from Bantha steak.

Blood Chowder
Blood chowder was a healthy meal favored by Princess Nampi. It was made of soypro cooked in purified animal blood.

Bloodsoup was a type of soup traditionally eaten by the Sith, who began consuming it after encountering the Anzati.

Bone Broth
Bone broth was a type of broth soup made from local animal bones and various vegetables. A bowl costs 5 credits.

Cho Nor Hoola
Cho nor hoola was a Hutt stew made of sour milk, powdered bones, and protatoes. It smelled quite vile, so it took a strong willpower to eat a full serving without feeling ill. Some ingredients acted as antitoxins. It costs 5 credits per bowl.

Pog Soup
Pog soup was a type of soup eaten by Mandalorians. According to Bo-Katan Kryze, most Mandalorians were raised on pog soup from a young age.