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Type: Arakyd Industries Cam Droid
Degree: Second Degree
Class: Cam Droid
Sensor Color: Purple
Plating Color: Orange / White
Gender: Masculine Programming
Personality Module: Simple

Dodge: 3D

Scholar: Wildlife: 3D+2
Survival: 4D

Holorecorder Operations: 5D
Repulsorlift Operation: 2D
Space Transports: 2D

Hide: 4D
Search: 6D
Sneak: 4D

Brawling: 2D
Stamina: 2D


Equipped With:
• Repulsorlift engine
• Transmission antenna
• Grappling hook
• Extendable arm
• Multiple video receivers (holographic, telescopic, infrared)
• Improved sensor package (+2 bonus to all search skill rolls)
• Infrared vision (the droid can see in the dark up to 30 meters)
• Low light vision (the droid can see twice as far as a human in dim light)
• Motion sensors (+2 bonus to search checks against moving targets)
• Self-destruct system (the droid will self-destruct/explode under predetermined circumstances)
• Telescopic vision (the droid’s visual sensors include a long-range capability)

Special Abilities:

Move: 16
Height: 22.9 cm
Cost: 800 credits
Availability: 4

Background: CAM was a cam droid associated with the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts. CAM and the Safari droid SF-R3 traveled to different planets to document the abundant wildlife. CAM broadcasted the footage across the HoloNet and shared the findings with the Society. The droid was equipped with a grappling hook to pull SF-R3 and an extendable arm that could be used for piloting ships, grabbing objects, and fighting small creatures.

During or after 34 ABY, the cam droid CAM was a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts alongside the Safari droid SF-R3. They traveled the galaxy in a starship to learn about several wildlife species. CAM broadcasted footage of their interactions with creatures and returned their findings to the Society.

The Society tasked SF-R3 and CAM with a mission to visit Hoth and learn how to tame tauntauns. When they arrived on Hoth, SF-R3 activated CAM and explained their purpose. He mentioned that tauntauns were known to be gentle creatures. Later, while observing tauntauns eating lichen using macrobinoculars, SF-R3 shared his idea of riding one of the creatures. However, his attempt to lure a tauntaun with a slice of jogan fruit pie failed. CAM recorded the incident as the tauntaun eventually ate the rest of the pie.

SF-R3 and CAM traveled to a cave on Hoth inhabited by a wampa, a carnivorous mammal native to the planet. CAM recorded SF-R3 stating that the wampa was ill with the common cold, and he vowed to find a cure. While CAM hovered nearby, SF-R3 attempted to cure the wampa but was unsuccessful. SF-R3 then started a fire, causing the wampa to sneeze loudly, which resulted in snow falling on both the droids and the wampa. They emerged from the snow; surprisingly, the wampa was now cured of the common cold.

On the planet Dathomir, CAM recorded SF-R3, explaining that the Society was interested in the dental hygiene of rancors, so they sent SF-R3 there to research how to clean a rancor’s teeth. While SF-R3 was speaking, a rancor appeared behind him and trapped him in its mouth. After spitting SF-R3 out, CAM watched as SF-R3 cleaned one of the rancor’s teeth. SF-R3 then fainted after observing several birds cleaning the rancor’s teeth, and CAM utilized a grappling hook to drag SF-R3 away from the rancor.

SF-R3 and CAM traveled to Tatooine to find a bantha and learn how the Tusken Raiders keep them clean. While grooming a bantha, SF-R3 removed a scurrier from its hair. Afterward, they saw a Tusken Raider walking away with a cleaned bantha, and SF-R3 declared that they were now experts in washing banthas.

On the Forest Moon of Endor, SF-R3 accidentally released a pen of blurrgs while riding a speeder bike. He then tried to herd them back into the pen with the help of CAM. After several failed attempts, SF-R3 used music to herd the blurrgs successfully.

Later, they traveled to Cholganna to study a nexu in its natural habitat. While observing a nexu’s nest, they were attacked by a nexu. They then witnessed poachers trapping a nexu and transporting it on their speeder bikes. SF-R3 and CAM decided to help the nexu escape from the poachers and successfully freed it by distracting the poachers. They left Cholganna with Aree, the nexu they had freed, who explained that making a fierce friend could keep travelers safe.

Later, the Society sent SF-R3 and CAM to Naboo to train a voorpak to be a guard. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he stood beside a sleeping voorpak in a cage and explained why the Society sent them to Naboo. CAM recorded SF-R3 unsuccessfully attempting to get a voorpak to march. While being recorded, SF-R3 shooed away a fly distracting the voorpak, but the creature opened his cargo compartment. The voorpak played with a firework, but SF-R3 kicked it away, causing it to chase SF-R3. CAM then hovered in front of the voorpak, and it stopped running. SF-R3 realized the voorpak wanted to play, and he used CAM to play catch with the voorpak. Later, CAM ordered the voorpak to sit. CAM recorded SF-R3, explaining that voorpaks were great at guarding and wasting time. CAM then used an extendable arm to wipe its photoreceptors.

CAM and SF-R3 then traveled to the planet Lothal. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he said he would foster a loth cat until he can give it a permanent home. While on their ship, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he tried to give food to a loth cat, though it refused to eat the food. SF-R3 then placed a plant on a food bowl and presented it to the loth cat. It then smacked the bowl at CAM. CAM hovered nearby as SF-R3 prepared a much larger meal that the loth cat refused to eat. The loth-cat then jumped around in the cockpit and attacked SF-R3 and CAM. Later, SF-R3 and CAM watched the loth-cat press several buttons in the ship, causing the ship to launch missiles. CAM later recorded SF-R3 as he explained what was needed to be a foster parent. An individual then adopted the loth cat, and SF-R3 was very sad over being separated from the loth cat. CAM then comforted SF-R3.

The Society then sent SF-R3 and CAM to Elphrona to learn if wild charhounds played fetch. SF-R3 explained this while being recorded by CAM. CAM then recorded SF-R3 when he found a charhound in a cave. SF-R3 was scared at first and grabbed CAM. SF-R3 let go of CAM after realizing that the charhound was playful. CAM recorded that SF-R3 threw a rod at the charhound, and it accidentally burned the rod in its mouth. CAM then gave SF-R3 several rods from their ship, and the charhound burned all of them. SF-R3 asked CAM where the rods came from, and CAM pointed to their ship, which collapsed from its weight. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he discovered that the cave had heat-resistant crystals. He threw a crystal at the charhound, and it didn’t burn in its mouth. SF-R3 then accidentally punched CAM in excitement. CAM then recorded SF-R3 as he explained that he became friends with the charhound, and they then played fetch.

SF-R3 and CAM landed their ship in an asteroid field to find a mynock. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained their plan to lure it out with batteries. They succeeded in luring the mynock out, but it drained SF-R3’s power. SF-R3 and CAM rushed to their ship and discovered that more mynocks were draining its power converter. CAM fought off the mynocks while SF-R3 opened the airlock. They were swept into space, but CAM managed to grab SF-R3 and bring him back to the ship. Later, CAM charged SF-R3 with a large battery and recorded him explaining that droids should avoid mynocks.

The Society sent SF-R3 and CAM to Kowak to learn if they could befriend Kowakian monkey-lizards. Upon arrival, several monkey-lizards stole equipment from their ship. SF-R3 decided to offer them fruit in exchange for the parts, but the monkey-lizards threw CAM around. Eventually, they repaired the ship, and SF-R3 learned that the best way to befriend them was through humor.

In Batuu Wilds, SF-R3 attempted to teach porgs new tricks but failed. While in a cave, he got one to wave, but it flew out of control and hit CAM. A braga bear chased them, and SF-R3 learned to run away upon hearing its growl.

Appearances: Young Jedi Adventures

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