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Arajen Turman

Name: Arajen Turman
Type: Imperial Pilot
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Dexterity 2D+1
Blaster 5D
Dodge 4D+2
Vehicle blasters 5D

Knowledge 3D+1
Intimidation 6D
Languages 4D+1
Planetary systems: Tatooine 5D+1
Scholar: military 7D
Survival 5D+2
Willpower 6D+1

Mechanical 3D+1
Astrogation 5D+1
Capital ship pilot 6D
Capital ship shields 5D+1
Starfighter pilot 6D+1
Starship gunnery 5D+1
Starship shields 5D

Perception 3D+1
Con 5D+1
Investigation 4D+2
Persuasion 5D
Search 4D

Strength 2D+2
Brawl 4D+2

Technical 3D
Computer programming/repair 5D

Background: Arajen Turmen was an Imperial pilot and gunboat commander during the Galactic Civil War. He was stationed on Tatooine during the Battle of Endor, and later became the leader of the settlement created from the former Eidolon Base facility after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

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