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Name: Algnadesh
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Gravity: Standard
Length of Day: — Standard Hours
Length of Year: — Local Days
Physical Diameter: — km
Sapient Species: Near-Human – Hapan
Points of Interest: Algnadesh Ship Graveyards
Planet Function:
Official language: Galactic Basic Standard & Hapan
Government: Hapes Consortium
Major Cities:
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

System: Algnadesh system
Sun: 1: Algnadesh
Moons: 0
Sector: Hapes Cluster
Region of Space: Inner Rim

Background: The Algnadesh system was a star system that was a part of the Rifle Worlds, an area of the Hapes Cluster located within the Inner Rim and the Slice regions. The system was connected to the Wodan system by a hyperlane and shared its name with the Algnadesh Ship Graveyards, a legendary collection of disappeared starships.

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