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Skill Descriptions 

Time Taken: This is generally how long it takes to do something with the skill. Many skills (especially combat skills) can be used in one round. More complex skills, like computer programming/repair, may take a round … or minutes, hours or even days to do something.

These are general guidelines; the gamemaster can always customize the time taken depending upon the situation.

Specializations: Characters may choose a specialization for a skill. The kinds of specializations are explained, and several examples are provided in italics. The skill description tells you what the skill covers and gives a few sample difficulties and modifiers. 

Dexterity Skills

Skill NameDescriptionTimeSpecializations
AcrobaticsTumbling, leaping gracefully, and other gymnastic skills—-—-
Archaic GunsUsing old-style black powder weapons1 rdType or model of gun: matchlock, musket, etc.
Blaster Using character-scale energy weapons1 rdType or model of blaster: blaster pistol, BlasTech DL-44, etc. 
Blaster ArtilleryUsing heavy mounted support weapons1+ rdType or model of artillery: anti infantry, surface-to-space, etc. 
BowcasterUsing the Wookiee bowcaster 1 rd—-
BowsUsing bow-type weapons 1 rdType or model of bow: long bow, crossbow, etc.
Brawling ParryDefense against brawling or melee attacks 1 rdAgainst specific type of brawling: boxing, martial arts, etc.
DancingMoving to a musical beat and looking good while doing it1+ rd—-
DodgeDefense against any attack, and getting out of the way1 rdAgainst specific type of attack: energy weapons, grenades, etc
FirearmsUsing non-archaic projectile weapons1 rdType or model of weapon: pistol, machine gun, etc. 
GrenadeThrowing a portable explosive at a target area1 rdType or model of weapon: thermal detonator, anti-vehicle grenade, etc
LightsaberUsing the ancient but powerful weapon of the Jedi Knights1 rd—-
Melee CombatUsing hand-to-hand weapons1 rdType or model of weapon: club, vibro-blade, etc
Melee ParryUsing a melee weapon to defend against a melee combat attack1 rdAgainst specific type of weapon: lightsaber, club, etc.
Missile WeaponUsed to operate a missile and missile launchers1+ rdType of model or missile: concussion missile, grenade launcher, etc.
Pick Pocket Picking pockets at sleight-of-hand tricks1 rd—-
RunningMoving quickly1+ rdLong distance, short sprint, etc.
SlingshotUsing a slingshot; useful for slaying giants 1 rd—-
Thrown WeaponsUsing a non-projectile missile weapon, usually primitive or improvised1 rdType or model of weapon: knife, javelin, etc.
Vehicle BlastersUsing vehicle-mounted energy weapons1 rdType or model of blaster: blaster cannon, laser cannon, etc

Knowledge Skills

Skill NameDescriptionTimeSpecializations
AccountingNumber crunching
AgricultureKnowledge of farms and farming techniques
Alien SpeciesKnowing facts and hearsay about other species 1+ rds  Species: Wookiees, Mon Calamari, etc.
Artist  The ability to create aestheticallypleasing works of art (subjective, of course)  1 minuteto severalmonthsor moreType of art or culture: painting,Twilek art, etc.
BureaucracyFamiliarity with the whys and hows of government organizations1 rd toseveraldaysSpecific planet oradministration: Tatooine, Bureauof Ships and Services, etc.
BusinessKnowledge of industry and/orbusiness1 rd toseveraldaysField or organization: starships,Stenar Fleet Systems, etc.
Culinary ArtsKnowing how to prepare a mealwithout poisoning anyoneaccidentally1 minuteto severalhoursType of dish or culture: pasta,Ewok cuisine, etc.
CulturesKnowledge of another culture1 rd toseveraldaysPlanet or social group: Corellians,Alderaan royal family, etc.
EconomicsManagement and production ofmaterial goods and services1 minuteto severalmonthsor more
IntimidationThe ability to threaten someonephysically, verbally, or with bodylanguage1 rd toseveralhoursSpecific type ofintimidation: interrogation,bullying, etc.
LanguagesComprehending and speaking alien or secret tongues1 rdSpecific language: Wookiee,Bocce, etc.
LawEnforcementKnowledge of law enforcementpractices and procedures1 rdSpecific planet ororganization: Tatooine, the RebelAlliance, etc.
Military HistoryKnowledge of military battles andtactics used in them1 rd toseveraldays
PlanetarySystemsSpatial, navigational, and physical information about an area or system1 rdSpecific system or planet: Hoth,Kessel, etc.
StreetwiseHow to make contact withinformants or to conduct illegalactivity. It also grants knowledge of crime bosses and gangs, and their activities1 rd toseveralhoursPlanet or criminalorganization: Corellia, Black Sun,etc.
SurvivalHow to locate food, water, andshelter in hostile climes or areas1 rd toseveralhoursType of environment: desert,poisonous atmosphere, etc.
TacticsKnowledge of how to place troopsand materials to attack the enemy1 rd toseveralminutesType of military unit: squads,fleets, etc.
ValueSetting the cost or worth of aparticular object or service1 rdType of goods or planet’s markets: starships, Kessel, etc.
WillpowerMental resistance to outsidecoercion1 rdType of coercion to be resisted

Mechanical Skills 

Skill NameDescriptionTimeSpecializations
Airship OperationPiloting airship vehicles
Aquatic ShipOperationPiloting navel surface vehicles1+ rds
Archaic StarshipPilotingPiloting primitive or ancient starship design1+ rdsType or class of ship: Celaya class courier, Corillian solarsails, etc.
AstrogationCalculating and making a jump into hyperspace1 minuteto severaldaysTrade route: Kessel run, Tatooine to Coruscant, etc.
Beast HandlingThe ability to keep an animal under control
Beast RidingRiding an animal1+ rdsType of animal: bantha, tauntaun, etc.
Capital ShipGunneryFiring capital starship-scale weaponry1 rdType or model ofweapon: concussion missiles,ion cannons, etc.
Capital ShipPilotingPiloting capital starship-scale starships1+ rdsType or class of ship: Imperial Star Destroyer, Corelliancorvette, etc.
Capital ShipShieldsOperating capital starship-scale shields1 rd
CommunicationsOperating communications systems, from Commlinks to Capital Ship Scale.1 rdType of model ofcommunications unit: Comlink, subspace radio, etc
Ground VehicleOperationUsing a wheeled or tracked vehicle1+ rdsType or model ofvehicle: compact assault vehicle, Juggernaut, etc.
Hover VehicleOperationUsing a ground effect vehicle1+ rdsType or model ofvehicle: hoverscout, etc.
Jet PackOperationUsing a jet pack1 rd
MachineryOperationUsing heavy industrial machines1+ rds
PowersuitOperationUsing a powered space suit1+ rdsType or model of suit: servo lifter, spacetrooper armor, etc.
RepulsorliftOperationUsing a repulsorlift vehicle1+ rdsType or model of vehicle: XP-38 landspeeder, snowspeeder,etc.
SensorsOperation of scanner and sensorequipment1+ rdsType or model ofscanner: hand scanner, heatsensor, etc.
SpaceTransportsPiloting small freighters and lighttransports or shuttles1+ rdsType or model of transport: YT-1300 transport, Gallofreemedium transport
StarfighterPilotingPiloting starfighters and snubfighters1+ rdsType or model of starfighter: X-wing,TIE-fighter, etc.
StarshipGunneryFiring space transports and starfighter weapons1 rdType or model of weapon: ioncannon, proton torpedoes
Starship shieldsOperating starship-scale shields1 rd
SwoopOperationUsing a swoop, scout or speeder bike1+ rds
WalkerOperationUsing a mechanical walker1 rdType or model of walker: ATAT,AT-PT, etc.

Perception Skills

Skill NameDescriptionTimeSpecializations
BargainThe art of negotiating over goods and services1+ rdsKind of merchandise: droids,spice, etc.
CommandGiving orders to those under yourcommand1 rdType of unit: Rogue Squadron,Imperial Stormtroopers, etc.
ConLying or giving misleading information1+ rdsType of conning: fast-talk, disguise, etc.
ForgeryForging a document or making aduplicate of a written or drawn item1 rd toseveraldaysType of document: starshippermits, security codes
GamblingPlaying sabacc and other games of chance, and detecting cheatersLength ofgameGame of chance: sabacc, Trin sticks, etc.
HideHiding and object, including oneself, so it cannot be found1 rdCamouflage
InvestigationThe ability to gather and make use of information regarding a person or organization’s activities1 rd toseveraldaysLocal or field ofinvestigation: Imperial City,criminal records
PersuasionUsing language (including bodylanguage) to sway the opinions ofothers1+ rdsForm of persuasion: debate, flirting
SearchThe ability to search a room, area, or person1+ rdsTracking
SingingThe ability to sing wellLength ofsong
SneakThe ability to move without otherpeople noticing1 rdType of terrain: jungle, city, etc.

Strength Skills

Skill NameDescriptionTimeSpecializations
BrawlingAttacking without a weapon1 rdAttack style: boxing,martial arts, etc.
Climbing/JumpingUsing physical prowess to climb or leap over obstacles1 rdClimbing / Jumping
ConstructionUsing physical prowess to construct a building, bridge orother major construction.1+ rds
StaminaThe ability to resist exertion or attacks on a character’s Strength, or to resist the effects of alcohol1+ rds
SwimmingThe ability to swim over long distances, or using equipmentto swim underwater1 rd to severalhours

Technical Skills

Skill NameDescriptionTimeSpecializations
Aquatic VehicleRepairFixing or modifying naval surface or submersible vessels15+minutesType or model of vessel
Archaic GunRepairFixing or modifying black powderweapons15+minutesType or model of gun: black powder pistol, wheel-lock, etc.
Armor RepairFixing or modifying body or protective armor15+minutesType or model ofarmor: stormtrooper armor, etc.
Blaster ArtilleryEngineeringCreating or modifying blaster artillery support weapons
Blaster RepairRepairing or modifying blasters and other energy weapons15+minutesType or model ofblaster: blaster pistol, blaster artillery, etc.
BowcasterRepairRepairing the Wookiee bowcaster15+minutes
Bow RepairRepairing bow-type weapons15+minutesType or model of bow: long bow, crossbow, etc.
Capital ShipRepairRepairing a capital-scale starship15+minutesType or class of ship: Victory Star Destroyer, Nebulon Bfrigate
CommunicationsRepairRepairing portable or character-scalecommunication devices
ComputerProgramming/RepairOperating a computer or dataterminal, or modifying computerprograms or systems15+minutes
CyborgTechnologyKnowledge of biomechanicalenhancements
DemolitionsSetting explosives to destroy an object or area
Droid RepairRepairing a droid15+minutesType or model of droid: probe droid, protocol droid, etc.
EncryptionSecuring and decoding a computer system or individual file
Firearms RepairFixing or modifying firearms andslugthrowers15+minutesType or model of gun: pistol, rifle, etc.
First AidThe ability to perform emergency lifesaving field medicines1 rdSpecies of patient: humans, Wookiees, etc.
Ground VehicleRepairFixing or modifying wheeled or tracked vehicles15+minutesType or model ofvehicle: compact assault vehicle, Juggernaut, etc.
Hover VehicleRepairFixing or modifying hover vehicles15+minutesType or model of hover vehicle: hoverscout, etc.
Jet Pack RepairFixing or modifying jet packs15+minutes
LightsaberRepairRepairing the age-old weapon of the Jedi15+minutes
MachineryRepairFixing or Modifying industrialmachinery15+minutes
MedicinePerforming complex operatingprocedures15+minutesField of medicine: medicines, cyborging, etc
Melee WeaponRepairFixing melee weapons15+minutesType or model ofweapon: vibro-axe, knife, etc.
PowersuitRepairRepairing powered suits15+minutesType or model ofsuit: stormtrooper armor, etc.
RepulsorliftRepairRepairing repulsorlifts15+minutesType or model ofrepulsorlift: landspeeder, etc.
Rocket PackRepairFixing or modifying rocket packs15+minutes
SecurityBypassing security systems, coded alarms, locks, and the like1 rd to several minutesType of securitysystem: retinal locks, blast doors, etc.
SpaceTransportsRepairFixing or modifying space transports15+minutesType or model of ship: YT-1300transports, etc.
StarfighterRepairFixing or modifying starfighters15+minutesType or model of ship: X-wing,TIE-fighter
StarshipWeapon RepairFixing or modifying starship weaponry15+minutesType or model ofweapon: laser cannon,turbolasers, etc.
Walker RepairFixing or modifying walkers15+minutesType or model of walker: ATAT,AT-PT, etc.

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