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Force Powers

Retain Consciousness

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Force Power: Retain Consciousness
Control Difficulty: Heroic (Lost Ability)
Required Powers: Accelerate healing, concentration, control disease, control pain, force of will, remain conscious
Time to Use: This power may be kept up
Effect: The Jedi can retain full consciousness regardless of their situation.

Game Note: Lost abilities are powers rarely seen amongst Force-users regardless of affiliation and/or tradition. The only way for a character to learn one of these lost powers, let alone learn of its existence, would be to find a lost Holocron or some other teaching device containing information about this power and/or instructions on how to perform it.

Background: The Jedi can retain full consciousness regardless of their situation. Though this power has only been witnessed once in galactic history, the circumstances surrounding its appearance warranted its entry into the Jedi Archives. During the Sixties Wars, a Jedi was infected with the Technobeast virus. Somehow, the infected Jedi, whose original name has been lost to history, was able to use the Force to prevent the nanovirus from lobotomizing the frontal lobes of his brain. This allowed him to retain his sense of self-identity. He went on to fight against the Sith in the New Sith Wars and served the galaxy for many decades. He has since been known as the Technobeast Jedi.

After successfully utilizing this power, the Technobeast Jedi could describe how he used the Force to combat the nanovirus and retain his identity. Since the nanovirus responsible for the creation of the Technobeasts hasn’t been seen since the end of the New Sith Wars, this power has been stored within the archives and holocrons of the Jedi Order and hasn’t been used since.

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