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Koro-2 Airspeeder

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Craft: Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corp Koro-2 allenvironment Exodrive airspeeder
Type: Airspeeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 6.61 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: Koro-2
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: 1
Cargo Capacity: 80 kilograms
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Up to 25 kilometers
Cost: 24,800 (new), 16,400 (used)
Maneuverability: 3D
Move: 280; 800 kmh
Body Strength: 2D+1

Background: The Koro-2 all-environment exodrive airspeeder, also known as the Koro-2 exodrive airspeeder, was a model of dragster-style airspeeder that was manufactured and sold by the Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corporation. The Clawdite assassin Zam Wesell favored this type of speeder, using one of them during her work prior to the Clone Wars. The Koro-2 was an upgraded version of the original Koro-1 speeder.

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