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Yag’Dhul Secedes

DODECAPOLIS, YAG’DHUL – As is becoming increasingly common during these turbulent times, the Republic was dealt a major blow with the formal secession of Yag’Dhul and its domains today. Yag’Dhul, a very prosperous world, takes with it valuable technological, scientific and mineral resources from the Republic to the Separatists.

Senator Daggibus Scoritoles transmitted Articles of Secession via HoloNet to the Senate this morning, making the separation official. The statement was also silmulcast along the broadcast towers of Yag’Dhul’s largest civic shelters. The transmission was accompanied by numerous charts and graphs as explanation of the action.

“It is not without regret that the Body Calculus and the collected domain and range of the Givin people have decided to leave the larger Republic. But the threats of remaining are greater than or equal to the threats of secession,” Scoritoles said.

According to the broadcast, the Body Calculus’s most revered mathematicians developed working models of the Republic’s current political situation. By advancing along the time axis of the model, the resultant figures indicated a bleak future for the Republic and for Yag’Dhul specifically. “The discriminant of the quadratic never lies,” added Scoritoles.

“The Loyalist Committee is dismayed by the secession, though we will respect the beliefs of the Givin theocracy,” said Bail Organa (Alderaan) at a conference after Senate session today.

Others in the committee weren’t as measured with their statements. “Sure, the numbers are dismal if they factored in their own cowardice,” said Ask Aak (Malastare). “I’d invoke the Corellian proverbs about odds, but now with even the Corellians hiding their heads, I’m hesitant to do that.”

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