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J-10 Dual Blaster Cannon

Model: Baktoid Armor Workshop J-10 Dual Blaster Cannon
Type: Blaster Cannon
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: blaster cannon
Ammo: 75
Cost: 6,750
Availability: 3, R
Range: 3-75/150/450
Damage: 7D

Background: A Separatist design, the J-10 dual blaster cannon was essentially a pair of scaled-up reciprocating E-5 blaster rifles, which were commonly used by battle droid infantry. The E-5’s design scaled poorly, however, with its minor heating issues becoming a major problem for the J-10. The dual blaster cannon glitchy Galven pattern programming often led to power fluctuations. In addition, inferior-quality materials contributed to poor accuracy, with imperfections in the J-10’s focusing crystals causing shots to drift without regular maintenance.

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