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Force Powers

Echoes in the Force

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Force Power: Echoes in the Force
Sense Difficulty: Difficult +1 per day
Required Powers: Farseeing, hibernation trance, life detection, life sense, postcognition, sense Force
Time to Use: Once per day
Effect: A Jedi can use this power to look at what happened in the past at a certain location, just like a Jedi would use postcognition to discern an object’s past. When using this power, the Jedi must be standing at the location being viewed. The Jedi must then declare how many days he or she wishes to look in the past. The exact time isn’t necessary – only the number of days. Using echoes in the Force, the Jedi can see everything that happened at that location only on the day in question.

Background: A Jedi can use Echoes in the Force to look at past events at a certain location.

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