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Force Powers

Dark Deception

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Force Power: Dark Deception
Control Difficulty: Difficult
Required Powers: Sense Force
Time to Use: Must be kept up
Effect: The Jedi Shadow can cloak his or her intentions with a veil of anger and hate. When another Force-sensitive tries to sense the Jedi Shadow in any way, the other individual will sense that the dark side was in the Jedi Shadow. It would be as if the Jedi Shadow had Dark Side Points equal to the number of pips in his or her Perception die over 1D. For example, a Perception of 1D would equal to no Dark Side Points, 1D+1 would be 1 Dark Side Point, 2D would be 3, 3D would be 6, etc.

In addition, the Jedi Shadow immediately picks up the con skill, with a die code one pip higher than his or her Perception die. That is; unless he or she already has this skill, regardless of the die code.

Background: Dark Deception allows a Jedi to cloak their intentions with a veil of anger and hate.

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