Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Cybot Galactica Tries Proprietary Limbs

MONDDER, ETTI IV – For the first time in 300 years, Cybot Galactica will manufacture droids that do not comply with the Universal Socket Interface standard. The company announced today that select units shipped later this year will instead utilize their proprietary Advanced Appendage Bus to connect limbs, heads and other appendages to the central processor.

Competitors claim the move by Galactica is an attempt to leverage their market share to cut smaller operations out of the lucrative droid replacement part business. Where today the parts of most commercially manufactured droids can be freely exchanged without even having to restart the system, only Cybot Galactica parts will function with the new sockets.

Cybot Galactica Chairman Illia Setag denies the allegation, saying, “The transition to AAB is all about moving forward with technology. USI has served well, but its time has passed. AAB more than triples the data-flow which will allow advancements in sensory input, perhaps allowing advanced tactile functionality for droids and prosthetics in the near future.”

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