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Bog Rat

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Species: Bog Rat
Planet of Origin: Bogano


Special Abilities:
Bite: STR+1D

Move: 8
Size: 1.5m

Background: Bog rats were carnivorous creatures found on the planet Bogano. They were quadrapeds with hardened skin and one large eye, but poor eyesight, making them easy prey for the oggdo. The creatures attacked in packs, feeding on smaller creatures such as boglings, though they weren’t above attacking sentients as well. In 14 BBY, former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis was attacked by several bog rats on Bogano while trying to reach the ancient Vault built by the Zeffonians.

Bog rats were simple predators that fed on smaller creatures like boglings and in turn were preyed upon by their natural enemy, the oggdo. Bog rats’ poor eyesight made them ideal prey for oggdos. Hyper-aggressive and territorial, bog rats often hunted in packs in order to surround their foes. This allowed them to pose a threat to larger creatures like humans. When fighting, they would pretend to retreat and burrow underground before suddenly attacking.

They were also known to gradually form mutualistic relationships with their predatory neighbors, the splox. Splox would disturb bogling nests, luring them to the surface to be eaten by bog rats. With the adults taken care of, splox would then burrow into the nests and consume the bogling eggs, undisturbed.

Appearances: Jedi Fallen Order

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