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Blinding Dust

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Device: Blinding Dust
Skill: Thrown weapon
Cost: 50
Availability: 2
Difficulty: Moderate
Range: 1 meter
Game Notes: The target rolls Perception opposed by the attack roll to close their eyes, negating the effect. If the target fails they are -4D to all skill checks for 2 rounds and -2D to all skills for an additional 2 rounds before they can clear the dust from their eyes. If the attacker fails by 10+ they have botched the attempt and must roll a Moderate Perception roll to avoid the effects.

Background: A crystal compound used by the Kage Warriors of the planet Quarzite by the time of the Clone Wars. The dust blinded its target for a short period, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Bossk was stunned by blinding dust during a job for Lord Otua Blank on Quarzite.

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