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B3 Ultra Battle Droid

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Type: Baktoid Combat Automata B3 Series Battle Droid
Degree: 4th degree
Class: Battle Droid
Sensor Color: Red
Plating Color: Dull Silver
Gender: Masculine programming
Personality Module: Elementary

Blaster Cannon: 4D
Dodge: 3D
Missile Weapons: 4D
Plasma Cannon: 4D+1
Search 3D

Equipped With:
• Humanoid Body (two arms, two legs, head)
• Two visual and two auditory sensors – human range
• Limited Intelligence VibroBrain
• Density projector (Attaches droids feet down using a tractor beam projector)
• Tight-spray flamethrower (5D first round, 3D for next five rounds unless extinguished, range: 3-4/5/7)
• Wide-spray plasma cannon (6D, range: 0-5 cone is 0.5 meters wide)/15 cone is 1.5 meters wide/30 cone is 3 meters wide)
• Two rapid-fire blaster cannons (5D, range: 3-30/100/300)
• Brilliant homing missile launcher (TD, range: 5-50/150/400, missile guides itself with a skill of 4D+2)
• Low-light vision (+2D to search in low-light conditions)
• Armor (+1D to Strength to resist damage)
• Vocabulator (the droid can replicate organic speech)

Move: 14
Size: 5 meters tall
Cost: 13,400 credits

Background: The B3 ultra battle droid was a powerful prototype battle droid designed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and deployed approximately five months after the Battle of Geonosis.

The B3 ultra battle droid was based on the B2 super battle droid model, though it was far larger and bulkier than the B2, and boasted more substantial armor. The B3 had two large primary arms: the right arm, containing a tight-spray flamethrower; and the left arm housing a wide-spray plasma cannon. Two smaller secondary arms, located underneath the primary limbs, featured deadly rapid-fire forearm blaster cannons, similar to the B2 battle droid.

Built into the droid’s left shoulder was a missile launcher containing brilliant missiles, capable of highly sofisticated target acquisition and tracking. The design also featured a Density projector, a device capable of increasing the droid’s weight twenty-fold. This enabled it to lock itself in place and made it nearly impossible to topple over, counteracting the droid’s high center of gravity, although doing so would make it an easier target for Republic heavy weapons.

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