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Pergitor Coup Leaves Thousands Dead

Pergitor Coup Leaves Thousands Dead

MINOS CLUSTER NODE — The exiled leaders of the Church of Infinite Perception have reclaimed rule of the planet Pergitor in a bloody coup, ending what they call years of “liberal decadence.” The planet had been under strict authoritarian rule for years until a popular revolution of young liberals claimed the world fifteen years ago. Public backlash against the disorganized rule of the younger generation allowed the Church of Infinite Perception, a rigid fundamentalist sect, to gain momentum. Reports indicate that thousands were killed in the coup, and that the former ruling family is now in exile. Given the remoteness of the Minos Cluster, Pergitor’s nebulous affiliation to the Republic and the fact that the Church has a strict rule condemning the display of paranormal activity, it is unknown how the Jedi will resolve this issue.

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