January 2021 Site Update

Hello Everyone!

I have been quite busy with the website over the past month. I’ve started updating the template featured photos so that they load faster than the default post links. It’s going to take several weeks to get all of them updated so please be patient.

Character updates include Din Djarin, Gorgu aka The Child, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, and Migs Mayfeld with new information gathered from season 2 of The Mandalorian. I have a target date of Spring 2020 to have season 2 done of The Mandalorian Source Guide. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Ultimate Visual Guide is due out June 6th, 2021 so I expect to add a lot more information, updated stats, and loads more equipment once that is released.

I have started gathering data on the Star Wars High Republic series including character bios, ships, and equipment. Look for those to start appearing in March 2021 on the site.

The Longbeam was a type of starship utilized by the Galactic Republic, a brand-new design at the time of the Great Disaster during the High Republic Era. They were multi-purpose craft that could be used for combat, search and rescue, transport, or other purposes. Longbeams were constructed at the Republic shipyards on Hosnian Prime. Their shape reminded Nautolan Captain Finial Bright of the hammerfish of Glee Anselm: a blunt “skull” tapering into a sinuous shape reminiscent of a tailfin. Longbeam armaments included a total of six missiles. Many of the ships, including Bright’s Aurora IX, were used during the Republic and Jedi effort to save the Hetzal system during the Great Disaster.

Jedi Vectors were a model of starfighter utilized by the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era. The craft could accommodate either one or two passengers, allowing for Jedi Masters to be accompanied by their Padawans. Vector weapons systems could only be activated with the use of a lightsaber, to prevent non-Jedi from using the ships and to ensure that the weapons were being used in well-considered actions. Numerous Vectors were used during the Jedi and Galactic Republic effort to save the Hetzal system during the Great Disaster.

Lots more to come from the High Republic Era. Once we have enough data and resources gathered I’ll put together a source guide for Game Masters to use.

I’ll keep plugging away on new content for all you Game Masters out there to use. I have a huge set of Y-Wings to upload from those used during the Clone Wars all the way to The Rise of Skywalker. No timeline on when I will have time to finish those up. If you do have items that you have made and want them to appear on the site, please feel from to reach out.

Thanks for viewing everyone and as always, keep reaching for the stars!


PT White

I've been involved in creating content for Star Wars The Role Playing Game since 1992 and consider myself a Star Wars Super Fan and knowledge bank for the Star Wars Universe.

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