Species: Iskalonian
Home Planet: Iskalon

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Swimming Ability: Iskalonians gain a bonus of +3D to their Swimming skill.
Swimming Speed: Base speed for an Iskalonian in water is 14.
Water Breathers: Iskalonians cannot stay out of water for more than an hour at a time, unless they employ special rebreather gear that allows them to do so (see article, SWG#1 page 59, for details).
Poor Vision: When out of water, Iskalonians are unable to see very well (Perception dice pools related to sight are halved). Their rebreather gear, however, compensates for this as long as it is worn.

Move: 10/12 (14/16 in water)

Background: Iskalonian was the general term for the different aquatic sentient species who lived in the oceans of the planet Iskalon. All seventeen of these species were relocated from their own homeworlds to Iskalon circa 5000 BBY.

The six main species in the School were the Inleshat, Chuhkyvi, Stribers, Graygl, Nejma, and the Frid.

Among the other species represented in the School was that of a female Iskalonian named Dania Francis. Dania Francis’s species had a humanoid torso, a horse-like face, a fish-like lower body featuring a finless tail carried curled forward, wing-like fins attached to her shoulders, and additional fins running the length of her lower body. Francis also had purple skin, white hair, and white eyes.

Another Iskalonian of unidentified species had a fish-like appearance (distinct from that of a Frid), green skin, large white eyes with thick eyelids, and a fin on his or her head which formed a spiny crest. This Iskalonian had a face resembling a dog’s muzzle.

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