Thursday, July 25, 2024
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IA Caps Droid Rocket Warranty at 20 Years

RORDIS CITY, NUBIA – Rescinding previous consumer documentation that guaranteed a “lifetime” of reliability in their after-market astromech hover rockets, Industrial Automaton has now capped the warranty at 20 standard years. This decision affects all optional R2, R3 and R4-adapted leg-bracket and barrel-housed propellant rocket systems. IA is instead recommending feature swap outs after 20 years, regardless of actual logged hours of operation. The decision stems from a costly out-of-court settlement IA paid to a Sump port worker injured by a falling droid. CEO Julynn Kentas was light-hearted in deflecting media accusations of consumer fraud. “The term ‘lifetime’ has always been vague at best,” she said. “Twenty years is still a long time. That’s almost two Devlikk lifetimes, after all.”

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