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Would-Be Saboteur Captured

Jedi Apprehend Attempted Terrorist

YAG’DHUL EMBASSY, CORUSCANT – The vigilance of a civilian Givin worker and the swift response of two of the most renowned Jedi Masters averted disaster today, as a would-be saboteur was apprehended at the Yag’dhul Ambassadorial Landing Platform.

Gavrilonnis Tejere, a 22-year old Givin maintenance worker, was spotted by co-worker Jujiran Halbeet working on the repulsor assembly that kept the landing platform aloft.

“I thought it odd, since the maintenance of such systems was not among his assigned variables,” said Halbeet. “I processed it several times, but kept coming up with an irrational remainder, so I queried him. That’s when he fired.”

Tejere drew a blaster pistol and fired, injuring Halbeet, and sending the wounded co-worker reeling off the platform, tumbling into open air.

It was at that exact moment that an air taxi ferrying Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu entered the area. Using their supernatural abilities, the Jedi were able to save Halbeet, and safely deposit him on an adjacent rooftop.

The Jedi were returning from a meeting in the neighboring Ansion Embassy when they noticed the disturbance. Security holocams recorded the subsequent confrontation as the two Jedi directed their vehicle to the surface of the platform.

“Put the weapon down,” Master Windu commanded. Tejere fired two shots, the first going wide the second harmlessly deflected into the landing pad by Windu’s laser sword.

When Tejere attempted to fire a third time, his weapon flew from his hand, toward the Jedi. Master Yoda caught the weapon, and Master Windu strode toward the now unarmed assailant. Though holo-records are sketchy due to their angle of recording, it appears Windu knocked Tejere unconcious through pressure applied to his clavicle.

The saboteur was taken into custody to the nearest Judiciary processing station where he was questioned. The Judicial Department has yet to reveal the details of the questioning, though Master Yoda offered a brief summary. “No connection to Separatists, had he. A lone agitator, he was. Investigate this matter further, we shall.”

The Yag’dhul Ambassadorial Landing Platform has been closed down as Judicial representatives continue to carefully examine it for further evidence of sabotage. Sources tell HoloNet News that Tejere’s sabotage consisted of a programmed malfunction of the primary repulsor modulator of the platform. Had the program executed, it would have crippled the platform, bringing the entire structure crashing down below.

Givin representatives are upset over this current development. Senator Daggibus Scoritoles sent the following holographic missive from the Givin Senatorial Tesseract on Yag’dhul. “That one of our own species-set could act against his fellows is incomputable. We are in agreement with findings that this was the act of a lone integer. We have faith in the Judiciary to find an answer, no matter how asymptotic the course may be.”

Despite assurances from the Judiciary and the Jedi that Tejere was not part of the organized Separatist movement, the Senate Bureau of Intelligence is taking threats against Coruscant seriously. “From our viewpoint, it’s irrelevant if he acted alone or was part of an organization. The end result is the same -– there is a threat extending even to here, the heart of the Republic, and we will work to eliminate that threat, by any means necessary,” said SBI Director Armand Isard.

The investigation into Tejere’s activities has been appointed to a special joint taskforce consisting of Judiciary and SBI agents, supervised by Jedi Knight Qu Rhan.

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