Perfect Telepathy

Force Power: Perfect Telepathy

Control Difficulty: Moderate. Increase difficulty by +5 if the Jedi cannot verbalize the thoughts he is transmitting (he is gagged, doesn’t want to make a sound). Modified by proximity.

Sense Difficulty: Easy if the target is friendly and doesn’t resist. If the target resists, the difficulty is the target’s Perception or control. Modified by relationship.

Required Powers: Receptive telepathy, life sense, projective telepathy

This power may be kept up.

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to communicate with his comrades over distances through the Force. It allows him to communicate beyond emotions and short phrases to communicate sentences or complicated ideas. This power may be “kept up” to continue sending thoughts and ideas through the Force for several rounds in order to maintain conversation. A target will immediately understand that the mental messages are not her own thoughts, and that they belong to the user of the power. If the Jedi does not identify himself, the target may not know who is projecting the thoughts to her. This power can only be used to communicate with other minds, and cannot exercise any level of control over them.

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