Liquid Storage Pod

Model: SoroSuub Liquid Storage Pod
Type: Storage Pod
Cost: 125 credits
Availability: 1
Game Notes: A 1 meter long tank, with back straps used to transport the offspring of many species over long distances. It can be locked with an electronic combo-lock (Moderate to pick), sealed against vacuum, and is quite durable: 5D Strength. When traveling in space the contents spoil if traveling through hyperspace.

Background: SoroSuub produced a number of Liquid Storage Pods for the transport of offspring for various species. Many amphibian species preferred to hatch their eggs on their home planets and required a means of transportation. In 9 ABY (1009 GC) the Mandalorian Din Djarin was contracted to transport a amphibian species and her eggs in a SoroSuub Liquid Storage Pod to the planet of Trask in the Kol Iben system.

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