IFTS Tracking Gun

Type: Handheld tracking scanner
Model: IFTS-4800 Tracking Gun
Scale: Character
Skill: Search, sensors: handheld scanner
Cost: 500
Availability: 2, F
Range: 300-600m/6km/12km (user may scan only one fire arc per action)

Game Notes: Electromonoscope grants user a +3D bonus to search at medium range or greater, in one fire arc only, in addition to the special game effects described below.

Background: Equipped with an electromonoscope and calibration dials, IFTS handheld trackers were used to sweep the horizon for incoming ships. Capable of being preloaded with a suite of starship profiles, of relaying alerts to select comlink frequencies upon registering matches, and of tracking a craft’s flight vectors and trajectories, various models of the IFTS tracking gun saw use by both sides during the Galactic Civil War, as well as long afterward.

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